Ask a question, answer another #3

| Same rules as the other time, answer the last question posted and then provide a new one. I'll begin.

If you suddenly gained super strength for a period of only 1 day, what would you do with this power?

| Probably nothing, anything I'd want to do with it would leave me in trouble when I lost it.

Who's your favorite guitarist?

| I'm not that big into any sort of music genres that uses guitars, but I remember that Mikio Fujioka was really fucking good. RIP.

What's a sauce or seasoning you put on almost everything you eat?

| Pepper.

How many more of these threads will be made before it finally dies?

| Last time we had this thread I think it made it past 3 threads? It was definitely around for a while.

Another thread of old or from another place you want to try on danger/u/?

| I really wish that guy with a cute coworker to show up again.

Could you give me one music video from your YouTube recommendations?

| First thing that shows up in my recs is Shunkan Sentimental by SCANDAL

What's the very first movie you ever remember seeing?

| The Cat in the Hat staring Mike Myers

What's your favorite movie?

| I don't really watch movies, but "The Hateful Eight" was fun.

What do you think about legalization of cannabis?

| It should be done posthaste considering the negative aspects we create by keeping it illegal.

It is not in our mutual interest to enforce laws and bans based on unscientific reasoning and especially not if it creates a black market that costs us money while simultaneously giving large sums of it to criminal enterprises.

Would you give up one of your feet and sleep with an old mad German scientist for the exclusive rights and possession of the first flying car?

| it will just fuck society up, that's all. all drugs should be banned save for very specific ones like maybe maybe DMT (if you have a job that includes it)
why did "New replies detected - reload?"-chan appear just as i was writing a fucking reply?

| >>643011
Because I posted a reply while you were writing yours.

Is it a cultural thing in parts of America to always have an opinion no matter what regardless if you're well read about the subject or not? And do you get frowned upon for admitting that you don't?

| I know some Americans through the internet, and they're not like that at all, so I'd say no. Though there are definitely some toxic people who are like that, but it's probably not the majority. Like, if they don't know something about a subject they're just completely honest about not knowing it, or if the only thing they know about it is something they read once, they don't pretend like they know it well or at all.

What are you doing to entertain yourself during quarantine?

| >>643026
I'm playing a lot of warthunder, grinding the top of the British plane tree.

What was the last thing you cooked from scratch that you were happy with?

| I don't really cook. But the last time I made eggs they cams out really well.

How do you get away with murder?

| Aside from the obvious advice about the best way to dispose of bodies, you gotta pick a target nobody will miss.

What's a food that everyone likes except for you?

| Olives apparently.

When do you feel the most confident?

| I seem to be the most confident after clearing up something in my mind. Like, I have a lot of mental struggles, but when I figure out something new about that, like, what it is I have, or I get to clear up some problems or get some stuff of my chest it often helps my confidence a lot. I'm normally a very confident person, so the closer I am to a normal/regular state of mind the more confidence I have I guess.

What's something you do to help yourself calm down?

| >>643161
I know it's a meme but first I breathe deeply, and then I think about how I can't remember anything I did two years or longer ago. All angry feelings will pass, and you can always move on from something.

Do you enjoy drinking straight liquors? Or do you prefer light and mixed drinks?

| I greatly prefer mixing my spirits with mentha or salty licorice. But straight is fine too as long as it's not cheap vodka or cheap burboun. Bleeehh

What's the most cyberpunkish thing you ever did?

| For three years I worked sub rosa as an investigator for the biggest corporation on the planet. And got let go because I reported someone for taking kickbacks, but they had friends who made my report disappear.

In that same vein, what's the biggest mistake you've made in your professional life?

| Not finding a job sooner to be frank.

How do you nail a job interview?

| Get in touch with people in the field. Ask them about their interviews. Make a list of possible questions and then answer them in text. Seriously, practice answering everything you can think of.
On a more personal level, please be yourself. It sounds cliché but if you present a facade that isn't you both the interviewer and you wouldn't know if and how you'll be able to fit in.
Pee before starting.

What bad habit are you trying to break?

| Procrastination maybe? I've got a lot of bad habits, but smoking and procrastination are probably the worst ones. Smoking is way too hard, and I'm currently trying (and miserably failing) to be productive, but that's probably the easiest one to get sorted out.

What's the last book you finished reading?

| Genuine fraud, it was a cute book id guess tackling the...Surprisingly saying what the book is about would ruin it, I found it interesting how the chapters go in reverse, you go from the last chapter to the first and thats how the story unravels bassically. Not the best not the worst (and occasionally I curse) but I'd recommend it if you like to see the truth unravel like some crime scene breakdown, 7/10

what's your favorite album of all time? As hard as it is to decide, pick one

| Deep Purple in Rock. Many fond memories, many hours of comfort when i needed it. It was one of the first rock albums my father gave me. It's so intimate to me that i can't listen to it when not alone. I don't own that cassette anymore, unfortunately.

What do you do? Are you satisfied with your job?

| I fix slot machines. The work itself is fun, electronics repair, network maintenance and all. Some of the personalities I have to deal with aren't.
My last job was as a water plant operator. Being the person responsible for making sure all 750,000 people in my city had clean drinking water in the morning was satisfying, because it mattered. Before that I did some sub rosa work as a p.i., and prior to that I was army recon.

Do you have a good relationship with your family?

| Both yes and no. My father is autistic and I am as well, so interacting with him isn't always that easy and he's asshole and can be very self centered at times. I love my mom, but I have a hard time talking to her about stuff. My sister means the world to me, but I don't really spend time with her at all and can sometimes be a bit of an asshole towards her, which I hate. The rest of my family I ignore. So, it's not the worst, like, it's not abusive or anything, but it's not great.

| Do you enjoy life? Obviously there is a lot of negative stuff, but do you have positive things you spend your time on that makes everything feel worth it? Could you give some examples?

| It's hard to say. I like being alive of course. But I feel very purposeless. I need to find something I can commit to, and be happy doing.

What do you think life means for us? How do you suggest getting the most out of it?

| That's a sort of heavy question, and I'm probably going to run long.
On an individual level, life has no inherent meaning. We exist, whatever meaning or purpose beyond that someone has is something they found for themselves.

As for on the level of species, so far as we are aware we are the only example of developed intelligence (one capable of general sentience and sapience) in existence. As such, we have a moral imperative to preserve and attempt to advance the state of

| that intelligence. By that I mean as a species we need to continue to push for more complexity of intelligence and preservation of the same. In that vein, supporting education, actions that increase the population's general health, and preserve the species are all important.

We exist to exist, and to allow our group to continue to rise. And planet-wide, we are rising. Life is better overall than it has ever been in the past, and our continued development of technology and

| science will only continue to improve it. Even the megerist hunter in Africa has an easier life, and more opportunities for education and advancement, than someone in their equivalent socioeconomic position 100 years ago.

There is meaning in that, in recognizing that regardless of what form your contribution makes, or how indirect it feels, we are all part of the growing colossus that is mankind.

| What interests you? I don't care if you're good at it or not, what subject draws your interest and passion, what sparks your imagination more than anything else?

| Stories that involve killing gods or higher beings. I'm religious, but I'm always strangely drawn to this storytelling trope.

Are you religious?

| No. After watching Lain I tend to think about groups of people or societies as collected entities so that might come close, but in the end I don't take anything like that seriously enough to be a religion.

Have you been working on any projects recently?

| Sort of. I am starting work on an online Godot engine course very soon, so I'm probably gonna attempt to make one of the many games I have ideas for. I've also been writing som lyrics, but I don't know shit about composing and stuff, so probably won't make the actual, finished song.

Are you healthy, or are you working towards being healthy?

| I'm physically healthy and not overweight or anything.

But I've been diagnosed with depression. It's gotten worse since last winter because I flunked out of hacker school and now I'm in debt with no job or future. After Corona hit it's gotten even worse because people distance themselves so I can't make any new friends or meet women and I'm worried about the economy making it even harder to find a job. I'm friendless, lonely, isolated, poor and jobless. It'll be a tough year.

| What's your nerdiest fascination/interest?

| Critical Role. There is a lot of nerdy deep-fried shit that I'm into, but nothing can compare to watching someone play DnD for 4 hours.

My country is conscripting people while a fucking worldwide pandemic is in action. I'm done. What's the best place to emigrate to and why?

| Nowhere. Stay at home. Don't help in the spreading of this damn desease. I've been stuck inside for a month.

What's the best OS and why?

| Puppy linux: small, energetic(on cheap hardware), and simple.

If you have any item from a videogame, what would it be?

| I want a sword I KNOW IT'S STUPID but I want a fancy JRPG sword. The stupid gunsword from FFXIII, the machine-ish sword from NieR, the not-actually-a-falchion Falchion from Fire Emblem.

Are you craving any specific food right now?

| I'm really craving some Burger King chicken burgers. I used to eat it almost every Friday with my homies, but I haven't had it since lockdown started. It's not a fancy or particularly special food, but I still crave it everyday now.

What is your favourite fantasy world?

| I really like Eberron. It's basically at industrial revolution standards but with magitech, and fewer gods making life hell for the common folk.

Who's you hero?

| Your hero*

| My mom is my hero

Have you read any good book lately?

| Sadly no, when I have been reading it's for class. Though I have a few Agatha Christie books I hope to read once school is done.

Do you have any tips to help someone who has trouble focusing?

| That depends on a lot, I have found that depending on the task(math) music helps alot or for other things(writing) a single beer (guiness is my preference, stay responsible g/u/rls) helps keep me from bouncing around. Sometimes it's just as simple as clearing your head too, working out can do that, or whatever else blanks you out. Rest a little bit first, then after start working

Do any of you have some wacky stories from virtual classes/business meetings?

| Zoom has a fun feature where you can set a background photo that appears behind your head. One of my friends changed his to a sexy shirtless Nick Cage inside a banana peel, and put his computer next to a fan so the noise would keep putting him in the current speaker view. Then he left the frame and let it run for the two hour zoom call.

What's something you like/dislike a lot that you think very few other people care about? For example, mine is enjoying typing 'awkward'.

| The way I speak. I pronounce "r", "z" and "l" wrong. When you hear me you wouldn't notice it and even if you did it would sound as an accent. Yet for it is very annoying.

What language do you know? If you know more than 1, how did you come to learn the other?

| I know English and Russian (Russian is my native language). Well, I really wanted to read Clannad, but there was only the English version. My brain decided that it wanted to enjoy the story more than to avoid suffering. So, I guess the trick is to consume what you want and not to learn a new language just for the sake of learning it.

What is your favourite planet?


| If I can't choose Earth, I'd choose Venus. I watched the Venusian Transit when I was in elementary school, which won't happen again until 2117. Also, King Gizzard and the Wizard Lizard wrote a really bangin half-album about it.

Has Coronachan and quarantine affected your sleep schedule yet?

| My sleep schedule is a bit tattered, but I already work from home even before coronachan, so it's probably just me.

Ever look at the night sky and recognize a constellation without looking it up?

| I only know two constellations by heart. The one we locally call Karlavagnen (Big Dipper) and Orion. Well technically I also know Orion's belt so I guess there's 3. I often use the Big Dipper to locate the northern Pole star so I can navigate at night(or at least attempt to impress people with it). Cool stuff.

Sometimes you guys posts such interesting questions and answers that I want to talk to you about it. What's the best way to do this without cluttering up this thread?

| Just make a thread about it. Maybe you could do multiple topics in one thread? As like, a little discussion side thread to these ones.

(Also, I answered to post above and I'm pretty sure I submitted, but somehow it didn't go through? Anyway.)

What is something that really interests you? Something you feel passion for, but you barely know anything about it and/or have never tried/done it?

| Biomedical technologies and the whole school of thought that encompasses transhumanism. I went to college for biomedical engineering, but realized I'm not smart enough for the higher level calculus the school wanted.

Of course, 15 years later I'm now realizing that most of the math wasn't necessary for the actual work and it's just the university wanting to fluff out the schedule.

How often do you check this board, and how do you prefer to access it?

| Every night before sleeping, accessing the app via phone.

Do you know the great and powerful Zone-tan? If not, then why don't you?

| I do actually. Though I'm not proud to.

What's your plan to save the world?

| Inspiring positivity. Might not save it, but hopefully it can improve it and one day be saved if others do the same.

What is your favourite beverages?

| *are

| I've always loved me some orange soda. A close second is herbal tea. I also like to put paprika in my tap water, but that's mostly for a joke.

Do you read every board on danger/u/?

| I mostly stick to /a/, /u/, and /v/. But I look at the others too sometimes.

On that topic, which type of board do you think should be added to danger/u/?

| /x/
also /mu/ should support mp3posting
have you ever had anything spooky happen to you, what is something otherwordly that happened

| One time the doctors gave me a codeine prescription and we didn't know I was allergic to codeine. I took a bunch and TRIPPED BALLS to the point where I earnestly believed a burned man came into my bedroom and forced me to touch his charred face. He then pointed out that I had a tail and I looked and there was one there and he laughed at me. I have never beem more terrified in my life and cried for like two hours; pure fear crying. Maybe not otherworldly but spooky.

Favorite food?

| as much as I'd like to go for the generic pizza or hamburger I guess my favorite would be a medium rare steak with shallots and wine sauce and a nice red wine to drink it with

which philosphical school is best in your subjective opinion and would you practice its teaching? (technically two question how naughty of me u//w//u)

| Ancient Greek philosophy is the only form of philosophy that has ever shown itself to have any practical value, and modern philosophy has as much to do with the ancient Greek as a house cat does with a leopard. Modern philosophers are quick to claim any logic process as philosophy in a clumsy attempt to validate their own worth, but do nothing but detract and slow any research or process they're involved in.

What is the sickest you've ever been?

| >>644916 (Our understanding of quantum mechanics is decades behind where it should be because a couple philosophers made up a experiment that couldn't be run at the time and used it as evidence for their much more complex theory.) Here's some unbiased details. It's important to note that none of the ESSW authors are physicists. Just philosophers & mathmaticians. https://www.wired.com/2016/05/new-support-alternative-quantum-view/

| One time I had bronchitis for like 3 weeks to a month in middle school. Day I came back btw was a Science test and I knew nothing on it. Got a 24/100. And somehow was one of the highest in class.

Give me a pro gamer tip.

| A 144hz monitor and a proper eating and sleeping schedule bumped my NS2 stats by 800 points in less than a week.

What are your expectations for Cyberpunk 2077?

| I'm kind of expecting cyberpunk Elder Scrolls. That's about it. It'll probably be pretty good. At least decent story, good customisation and classes and shit. Great visuals.

What's your favourite music album?

| Half of my brain, combing through my memories, trying to pick something respectable: uhhhh

What's your most exhausting dream?

| There's a flashback I have some nights from my time in Iraq that still leaves me lashing out in my sleep. Broke my headboard once because of it.

| What game have you spent the most time playing?

| osu! I've spent way too fucking much time playing it.

What's a movie you can watch again and again without getting sick of it?

| Tamala 2010: A Punk Cat in Space. I can't believe I hated it the first time I watched it but it never really left my mind. After thinking about it for a few weeks I gave it another go with a more open mind and now it's one of my favorites.
The Big Lebowski is a close follow-up.

Will you check out Tamala now that I mentioned it?

| When I'm not drowning in my homework maybe.

What are some good exercise tips, now with everyone being stuck inside? I could lose some weight.

| Google Burpees and get going!

From a standing position, squat down and place your hands in front of you. Kick back your feet into a push-up position, and then quickly bring them forward to land in a squat position. Jump up so your feet leave the ground. That’s one rep.

Even if you only exercise for 15 minutes a day you're making progress. If there's an interest we can create a thread where we remind and support each other to do our daily routine.

Does Corona-chan suck or what?

| It does. I hope everyone who is reading this stays safe, along with their loved ones. Stay safe g/u/rls.

What is something you do that you find fulfilling?

| Correcting people on the internet. Jokes aside, I find cleaning up nature like our local woods and beaches very fulfilling. But I'm also strangely embarrassed by it. I dunno why since it's such a fulfilling thing to do. I guess I'm just insecure or too self-conscious.

What are some fun facts about you?

| I have a thing where sometimes, if I'm stressed and alone, I'll randomly say the n-word then bite my hand. It's not really something I can control. Just kinda happens, probably because of autism. I guess some others would be that I wear Hawaiian shirts almost daily and I'm OP of a few threads that became board memes here.

Have you ever seen someone multiple times, thought about them often, wanted to talk to them, but never did? Not necessarily romantic interest, just fascination?

| Yes actually. There was this girl in my class a year ahead of me when I was in high school, she always stood out to me ever since I was a freshmen to the time she graduated and I was a junior. I don't know if it was a gay crush or sincere admiration, but I never really talked to her besides wishing her and her friend congratulations for graduating. I was too shy.

I've kind of lost all motivation for school. So if I may ask, how to keep your head in the game?

| Try to remember what it was about what you're studying that got you interested in the first place. Go back to things you thought were cool before and look at them with the extra knowledge you've gained. Reassess projects you did that you were proud of, look at what you'd do differently now.

Coffee or green tea?

| Green tea. Coffee is just like tea but bitter and worse.

Do you deal with stocks?
I just invested in a high risk high reward company that's testing a drug called Sepranolon and it looks like I lost a lot of money. Gotta wait until tomorrow morning to find out for sure.

| I was going to attempt day trading, but then coronachan came and everything tanked so I decided not to. I might give it a go once people are sane again.

Have you considered selling oil storage space/'buying' futures?

| I assume this is something to do with the tanking price of oil? Capitalism is bad, so I don't want anything to do with that shit

Do you consider yourself rich or poor?

| Finantially? I mean, I'm not very far into debt like most others (haven't bought a house yet, or a super expensive car, and the student loans are pretty minimal at this point, especially now that the government has froze interest, so I can just pay it back). Not rich, but not drowning. I'm rich in a lot of other ways too. I've got some really great people in my life.

What's the confiest place you'd like to be right now? With friends? Video games? Alone? Etc. Etc.

| The comfiest right now would be out with my friends. There is a place in my town that we use for having evenings where we hangout and play Smash and entire days for D&D. Being there with them, doing those things, it's the comfiest shit ever and I would give a lot for that to be possible again right now.

What's your favourite art style? When it comes to games, anime, paintings, drawings, whatever. What is an art style from any medium that you just absolutely love?

| I like Art Noveau but few games incorporates it. Abyss Oddyssey did it best though. Here's to hoping we see more of it in the future.

When visit another country what kind of local custom or delicacy did you try that's worth mentioning?

| >>646580 I was in Thailand and they have one special fruit called durian that has very... specific taste and smell. It reminded me of old socks that were worn for like a month. But tastes sic I should say

What's the most strange place where you had to be?

| Not my best example, but off the top of my head being in another state away from my home state. Due to the virus situation.

What's behind Door #3?

| >>646918 the goat. Its always the goat.

Should I let my little sister paint my nails?

| Yes. Saying no should be considered a crime against humanity.

What aspect of a person turns you off the most?

| Lack of emphatic responses or people who complain a lot. Most of the time they use whining as a way of hiding their lack of knowledge on a particular matter. It doesn't make you sound interesting or smart. Instead it makes you tedious and obnoxious.

What aspect of a person turns you ON the most? Not necessarily sexual.

| When someone is accepting and kind, I'm automatically drawn to them. I also enjoy people who are themselves and do what they want, despite how it's viewed by others. An example of that would be a friend of mine who's a furry, who sometimes wears a tail while we're in public. It might sound cringy to some, but I have nothing but respect for it.

What aspect of a person turns you ON the most? Sexually.

| Sexually, I like petite tan girls, even more so if they're goth. Ideally like a Taiwanese or latina goth girl, 4'11" to 5'8", with some perky A or B cups, and an ass that's not too big. So sorta a sporty body type.

| What's the worst sexual encounter you've had?

| I haven't had one yet. So I'll probably count the time my sister walked in on me masturbating. Not fun.

Favorite conspiracy theory?

| 5g cellphone towers. There's someone in my town who pastes printouts of anti 5g propaganda and sticks them to the back of stop signs, and I take them off and bring them home. My favorite is one that says 'take the red pill' with a picture of a pill, but they have a black and white printer so it came out grey.

Do you collect anything? If you don't, what would you want to collect if I forced you to?

| I collect nice memories. Well I try to at least. Or good books. Not very interesting answers considering most people do the same.

If I was forced to collect something more tangible I guess it would've been rare houseplants or a botanical garden.

Do you have a dopamine-detox day? That is a day every week where you don't do stuff that gives you quick dopamine fixes like playing videogames, surfing the web, jacking it or using your phone?
[Spoiler]I'm thinking of starting.[/Spoiler]

| I don't know shit about the science behind it, but that sounds kind of nice in a way. I'm addicted to nicotine though, and can't go more than a few hours without smoking before getting fucked over for it. So, well, I would need to quit that first. It also sounds extremely hard to do if you're depressed.

What's something that keeps you going in life? Something that gives you drive and motivation?

| My main motivation when my depression gets strong is just outliving everyone who cares about me, so I won't feel guilty for dying or hurt them more than I have already. After that, I'm excited with the advancements we, as a species, are making with BCI technology, space travel, and life extension. My dream is to one day upload a digital version of myself into a interstellar exploratory vessel and travel the galaxy and beyond.

Do you think romantic relationships are necessary?

| Personally, i don't be they are, sure, being in a relationship is something that fulfills you, and your partner, but it shouldn't be a necessity, to find fulfillment should be done by the self, of course being in a relationship, that both parties want, is one of the best feelings there are

What would you say it's the biggest/ worst mistake you've ever done? What would you have done differently?

| >>648171
i think i would go back on being born
i don't see any negative aspects of not being alive

what should i do right now?

| Answer the question above correctly, because being born was not your choice homie.

How do you chill?

| >>648243
you could have tried to make a simple goddamn effort.

| >>648243 By submerging myself in the coldest waters of Antarctica. Of course.

Got any non-traditional predictions for what you expect the afterlife to be?

| Eternal mahjong battle royal.

Favorite music band?

| I Don't Know How But They Found Me. So catchy~

What's one valuable lesson you've learnt that changed your life?

| >>147228 You can get a great read on somebody's character by finding out what they're willing to lie about.

What's your most unpopular opinion?

| It's not as uncommon nowadays, but I never got into Rick & Morty. Which is heresy to my sisters.

Imagine you are a superhero. What's both your superpower, along with a major drawback that holds that power back?

| For any object in sight, I can manipulate them or lock them in place while making them unbreakable, but I will be stunned afterwards for double my usage time. Longest continuous uptime of it is 1 minute.

What superpower is the best for being a lazy fuck?

| Some basic telepathy/psychic shit. Just moving objects and shit with your mind sounds chill, but it would probably make you extremely lazy.

Solo or Fanta?

| Fanta because we don't have Solo here. But our Fanta is different. The one they have down in Germany tastes better.

Favorite pasta dish?

| I really like French Onion Chicken which is basically like French onion soup as a pasta dish with chicken. My local restaurant makes it and it's really good.

What's your deepest desire that may never come true?

| Deepest desire? To get isekai'd into a universe that has magic.

| What's your favorite book or series of books?

| Gotta go with Snow Crash. Catch 22 is a close second.

What's the longest time you've been upside down?

| For the entirety of my Golden Deer run for Three Houses. Had to fit the mood somehow.

What's a video game you love that you know needs improvement? And what aspects would you improve on/ideas you'd introduce?

| Warthunder. They need to do away with the ultra low quality mode, as it makes camouflage useless, letting players see tanks beyond the terrain's render distance. And they need to adjust the cost of using the Ka's missiles, make them something cost !ore to restock than kills are worth.

If you only have 6 minutes to live, what song are you listening to? Mine would be the muppets cover of Kodachrome.

| Owl City - Fireflies though that answer would probably change on another day.

You can wish for one selfish thing what would it be?

| A romantic relationship with my sister. Don't judge me. She's cute.

You like Astro Boy?

| I hope your wish comes true. Astro Boy never caught my interest.

If you had to choose a country to wander/track through in nature, where and why?

| Canada. The mountains are beautiful, the lakes are beautiful, the plains are beautiful... Canada's beauty is unparalleled in my experience (and I've been a lot of places)! Japan might be my second choice.

What are a few priority items on your bucket list?

| Purchase a small house close to the woods
Visit Ankhor Vat
Fall in love
Go skydiving
Try medical grade DMT(maybe) or at least a large dose of psychedelic mushrooms
Go to a Vampire LARP

If you could know the absolute and total truth to one question, what question would you ask?

| Is there a real God, and if so why does it ignore our prayers?

Do you want to be involved in politics?

| No. Fuck that shit. Way too brain dead and intense for me. I'd rather let other people take care of that.

Do you try to be a good person?

| Always. I care a lot about people and I help whenever I can as much as I am able to. The World needs some love and so do its inhabitants.

What's your dream job?

| Researching, probably in linguistics or microbiology. I'd like to be able to learn things without grades, which often just feel like measures of whether or not I do busy work.
Alternatively, being an electrician and working on power lines has always had a bit of an allure, since I watched SEL.

Is there an event or thing that changed your life?

| taking a chance and making a niche but popular website.

your waifu?

| >>649485

i don't know what to ask you! would you want a futagf?

| No, thanks. Not into it.

Favourite music genre?

| breakcore. absolutely love that shit.

favorite IDM artist?

| >>650251
obviously witch house

say something about you

| >>650332 >>650352
Datach'i, who is somewhere between IDM and Breakcore. Alternatively, B12.

I think I've been tricking myself into thinking my video game addiction is getting better when I've actually been getting worse.

What is your opinion on brightly dyed hair? Best color?

| I don't like dyed hair at all. I'm a touch-type, and dyed or bleached hair has worse feel when you touch it.
It also looks ridiculous.

What's your last great discovery? Like an album by some obscure band, or book you can't put down.

| Probably finding Devil Survivor and playing that. Even some life long SMT fans I know haven't played it.

What do you think makes a person attractive?

| Intelligence, good health and friendly personality.

Whats the most interesting field in science?

| >>650455
Genetics. for... reasons...

what would your new country be like?

| A benevolent AI dictatorship that focuses on advancing humanity to the stars.

Do you have a plan for your life?

| Yes, both with shortterm goalposts and a longterm goal. I know exactly what I have to do and in what order to build the life I want. It's going slowly especially now during the Corona crisis but It's going forward.

Are you happy?

| No, I feel incomplete and broken.

What is your favourite drink?

| Infuse 1 liter of black tea.
Mix in one cup of coffee.
Add sugar.
Add lemon juice.
Agitate util homogenous.
Put in fridge.
Serve very cold.

How to achieve maximum comfiness in a sofa ?

| Maybe change your sitting position, use extra cushions, and consider the temperature of the room too.

How to stop feeling insecure about your own artworks?

| A good way is to realise that you are different. Your artwork will never be just like those you look up to, and just because it is not what you imagined does not mean it's bad. You will have your own style, and even if you don't notice it, you do improve over time. It's just not conscious. So if you choose to not take things too seriously and just make whatever you feel like, it'll eventually stop bothering you.

Do you like Dark Souls?

| A lot. Loved to explore its story and fighting my way through a masterpiece. Loved the narration, liked the mechanics, really enjoyed it from the bottom of my heart.

Do you like Sherlock Holmes?

| On a scale from 0 to 10. About as much as Holmes says "Elementary, my dear Watson" in the books.

Why is it that humans can see more shades of green than any other color?

| Because we evolved in an environment that had more green than anything else.

What's your favorite alcohol?

| Whiskey, having a burn go down with every sip / gulp is a good way to make your self not drink too fast or too much.

If your birthday was coming up very soon and you were promised 1 present what would you ask for? (Nothing too big but you get some flexibility)

| If talking materialistic, I would like a PlayStation 5 when it comes out (I'd wait for it's release of course). I never had one before. Though most of the time I am content just being with my family.

Describe your hypothetical archnemesis. Their goals, objectives, why/how they oppose you, powers, etc.

| Probably a scuffed clone of myself or something. Like, basically just me but morals removed. His objective would probably just be to do whatever the fuck he feels like, criminal or not. We would most likely oppose eachother because I know I would hate having to deal with someone identical to myself, and I know that fucker would be hellbent on doing whatever the fuck he wanted, and I would be hellbent on stopping him, but it would probably mostly be mind games instead of violence.

| So if there was going to be some sort of show based on this question, it would probably be some Death Note style shit with me and my clone trying to outsmart eachother and be right next to eachother pretty often and shit without it getting violent. Just waiting for the perfect moment for an assassination or something, probably with some plot twists.

What is your favourite type of cake, and why?

| chocolate mousse any bready cake doesn't go down well and chocolate is just good

do you have any life goals?

| Become important and known around the World.

Why do we live?

| cuz we aint ded yet
is this thread boring because we just try to squeeze questions out our brain?

| It's not boring. It's one of my favorite threads. There are tons of interesting questions that's worth pondering even if you didn't get a chance to answer.

If you could meet one person from history who would it be?

| >>651321
everyone you can find in a history book.
strong, influential people, philosophers, people that shaped the world, people of decisive moments, some randos...
but asking for one person is kinda...
i dunno... Markus Aurelius? maybe Adolf Hitler... or... i dunno...

| question what is your favourite music genre

| Metal. Mostly Viking Metal.

Best Inquisitor?

| Big Joe

Favorite fictional monster?

| Xenomorph queen

5th favourite video game?

| Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines

Favorite fictional woman?

| Squigly. Them zombie hips are to DIE for (sorrynotsorry)

Best weapon? (fictional or otherwise)

| Gunblade.

Best RPG?

| Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines

Do you always ignore obvious trolls/bait?

| No, because they're not obvious unless the OP gets 100% cancerous right from the start.
When the motive of the presumed baiter is established, either you entertain them after asserting your knowledge of their mascarade, or you abandon the lonely bloke to their demise.

How are you ?

| I'm pretty alright. Really tired, but I gotta get up early tomorrow so it works to my benefit. Kinda craving some nicotine. Not necessarily happy, but not sad either.

What is the scariest experience you've ever personally had?

| That video when I was just a kid: https://youtu.be/Wz1W_omigwg

Do you enjoy the feeling of despair?

| No.

I think people who claim they do don't know true despair. They probably come from a middle class communities and likes disaster movies too much. I'm generalising of course, but they're certainly not third worlders.

What's/who's your biggest influence in life?

| >>652114 Probably my mom. I love both my parents dearly and equally though.

>>652112 You wouldn't be any chance be the Ultimate Fashionista, would you?

On that note, for Danganronpa's 10th year there is going to be announcements every month. What do you guys predict is coming?

| Well, the creator said that Danganronpa is finished, so probably nothing interesting. Also, I am not the Ultimate Fashionista, but I kinda like cosplay.

What is your favourite stuffed animal?

| Either the big frog or the big lion. The big frog has a mouth you can open with a zipper and shit, so I've got some condoms and stuff in there, so he's a homie. The big lion is just chill though. He's an old friend you know? While the big frog is, like, the new kinda shady homie that's still weirdly wholesome.

What do you most appreciate about the outside/nature?

| A beautiful sunset, is mesmerizing to witness. That or if more practical, the many foods it to provides to the creates of this world.

How does one achieve "inner peace"?

| Through giving as few fucks as possible.

What beer would you recommend me to try tonight?

| Franziskaner.

What are you really good at?

| I think I'm really good at predicting what my opponent will do in a fighting game, but I tend to suck at every other aspect of the game.

If you were given the chance to ask one question to someone, and they have to answer the complete truth as they know it, who and what would you ask?

| I would ask about your most embarassing memory growing up.

Speaking of which, what's your most embarrassing memory growing up?

| Probably going through with a >double dog dare
in elementary and looking up a girl's skirt. Kids are dumb.

Is that something I should be embarrassed about or can I just chalk it up to ignorant adolescence?

| It would be better to say that you were just being a dumb kid. Hell we were all dumb kids when we were young.

What is your most effective stress reliever? Aside from masturbating, that is.

| Gaming, and doing my hobbies (drawing, or writing) but the most effective one is searching for any memes in the internet, or watching funny videos in YouTube.

What does it take to improve our skills effectively? (it applies to every skill)

| By pushing forth with determination and continuing to hone that skill, even as you fail along the way to improve.

What gives you hope?

| My friends. That's about it. I just really love my friends and want to have fun with them and make them happy, so that's what pushes me forward and what I look forward to.

What's your stance on meat alternatives? The factory made stuff that tastes like meat but isn't. Have you tried it? Do you think it's a good or bad thing?

| I haven't tried it but people say it doesn't taste very good. I know Burger King claims there's no difference but their meat doesn't taste like meat in the first place.

However it's a step in the right direction because growing real meat is pretty taxing on the climate so any healthy replacement is appreciated.

There exist some companies that makes "real" lab grown minced meat from scratch without any animals at all. It's cool as fuck but supposedly it tastes kinda basic.

| Would you agree to become an astronaut and go live on a Marsian colony if it meant that you can never return to Earth?

| Probably no, but that's also dependent on if I can take my loved ones with me. I'd be completely frightened if I meant I had to be without them. Which if I trained to be an astronaut sounds likely.

Speaking of space, what's your stance on the existence of alien lifeforms?

| Alien lifeforms can exist. We are the living proof of that.

Wether or not our existence is unique is still unconfirmed but considering the scope of the universe and the fact that organic molecules needed to create life as we know it has been identified on asteroids, I find it likely that some form of life may have evolved elsewhere.

I don't believe space faring lifeforms has visited us though.

Have you ever read any of Philip K. Dicks books?

| No, sadly. I obviously know of them, he's a legend, but I have yet to read any. I really want to though. I should.

What is the food you eat the most/most regularly?

| >>f5b1d0
Chocolate cookies for breakfast and pizza for lunch, because I can barely cook and everything is closed due to quarantine...

What makes you keep coming back to danger/u/?

| Being such a slut for dicks and weird threads

What's the thing you're doing the most in this convoluted times?

| Finishing up my schoolwork. Honestly I wish I was completely off at the moment, I have a lot of things I actually want to do during this time besides that.

I have ADHD. Any tips focusing?

| Get treatment from a Doctor in the form of a short acting pill. That's what I'm waiting for right now that I got my diagnosis.

Same question as above because I also need tips besides medication.

| Go to therapy. Legit. Most therapists should know how to do it and should be able to give you techniques on how to focus better, though, at the end of the day you just have bad focus when it comes to most stuff. That's just how your brain works. It's fucking annoying, but you just gotta accept it. Medication helps a lot though.

Are you dyslexic?

| Nope, but sometimes when I type on a phone words gets autoerected to words I didn't mean to type.

I master my native laungage but my other spoken ones, even English, has gaps in how I handle grammar. I guess I should just look it up once and for all since they're minor errors but I know they're there and I'm kinda too lazy to fix it.

How to stop procrinasting?
There's supposedly a good TED talk about the subject but I haven't watched it yet...

| >>653978

| >>653978 Don't worry fam. Sometimes I get autoerected too. *snicker snicker*

| >>653978 Jokes aside, keep yourself focused. Put away most things that distract you - make sure they are out of arms reach. Put on some chill music to listen to in the background. I have been doing much of the same to get myself to finish my 3 papers.

What are your plans for world domination?

| I planned to come from the sea to invade humanity as punishment for them polluting the sea. However, after causing damage to a beach house, I was forced to work as a waitress to pay for the damages and that's as far as I've come.

What is your second favorite Japan animation television show?

| Good question. Perhaps as of right now, Saiki K.

Who or what do you think controls the universe?

| An intricate series of causality generated by life and nature, the scale of which is often incomprehensible and perceived as a greater force.

If you had to have one cybernetic enhancement what would you choose?

| A nose that smells crime.

Serious answer, a cybernetic heart that can boost the output of oxygen rich blood to my muscles and brain. I'm also fairly sure I'll die from heart disease when I'm old so being immune to that would be dope. Heart failure is the most common cause of death after all.

Cybernetic arms/legs are cool and all but waking up shivering next to 40kg of cold metal sounds unpleasant.

I liked this question so I'm gonna pass it on to the next person.

| Actually I'm gonna copy-paste the question to /cyb/ and see if it catches on.

So I'll post a new question. What do you believe the world will look like 30 years from now?

| I'd say a more exaggerated version of our time now (with better tech), but honestly I think I'd have to judge my answer based on what the world is like when the lockdowns end.

Speaking of which, when is your lockdown end prediction?

| Well, it's not that much of a prediction, but sometime in June I believe. That's at least what the government here is aiming for.

Do you love your parents?

| Not really. I mean, I appreciate them for all they did to me, but I also don't have any strong emotions about their existence. Kinda sad since they do love me a lot.

Tea or coffee?

| That is indeed sad. Maybe it'll come around when you're older and wiser.

I chose tea. Coffee is just like tea but bitter and worse.

| Fail. You forgot to ask a question.

What's the worst you ever been hurt, emotionally?

| By someone else or in general? Because I very rarely get hurt by others directly, luckily, but I have had way too much emotional pain. The worst was most likely around summer time last year. My anxiety that had been slowly appearing for a while suddenly became very apparent and very fucking strong. At the times I was struggling with stuff relating to my sexuality, and I just constantly felt hated and depressed and had constant panic attacks. It was hell.

| To give an answer in case you meant hurt by someone, it might be when my mom has complained about me or shit I do. I know she loves me, but sometimes she has a bad day and snaps about something that's a flaw of mine and it hurts so fucking bad. Even if it's something minor, that thing is usually linked to a big flaw of mine or my mental issues, so it really gets to me. I know she's not aware of that and doesn't mean to be rude, but it still hurts because she's my mom.

| So, speaking of flaws, what's one flaw that you have that often fucks things up for you? Like, something you do or something about your way of thinking or behaviour that has caused you a lot of pain?

| Thank god you didn't ask for help worst flaw, that'd be hard to answer. My alcoholism is def one. I started drinking instead of talking to a councilor when I got back from Iraq in 2009. That led to drugs and a general discharge from the army. Of course, I was hurting so bad I couldn't talk about it without alcohol for years.

To continue my theme, what's the worst you've ever been hurt physically? And yes,I mean in general and overall.

| It wasn't very bad for me, I fell down some stairs and even though it hurt then I just got back up perfectly fine.
So then, what do you think is something you've never done, but would like to do and feel like you lost the chance?

| Pursue martial arts of some kind. My mom suggested it as a kid, but my sisters and I weren't interested. From someone like me who struggles with their weight and is naturally clumsy, I think taking up a martial art could of prevented a lot of my health issues (and taught me to be more graceful).

How do you cope when it turns out you made bad decisions?

| I always have a plan in case of the worst case scenario, so it is rare when I have to cope with something unexpected. If you are talking about the mental part then it is quite simple. Brain is a survival tool which makes only the best decision out of the information it has on the moment. So, biologically speaking, I can't make a "bad" decision.

How gay are you?

| I mean I could probably fuck a trap.
Do you drink soft drinks and what?

| Yeh, but I shouldn't since sugar is bad for you in so many ways.

Can you name a good documentary?

| Fantastic Fungi
Seriously, pirate it and watch it.

What's the most bad-ass thing you've ever done?

| Stopped a taxi from tailgating on a crosswalk. WITH ONE HAND. (honestly I just extended my hand so fast I spooked the guy. But seriously, it's rude to try tailgating when people are on the crosswalk)

Worst cock block you've ever experienced?

| When that motherfucker Cloud_Strife68 donated A SINGLE fucking dollar more than me on a Pokimane stream two years ago. I had been saving up money for three months to be the highest donor on a stream, and that UGLY DIRTY DESPERATE SIMP CUCK BASTARD donated my exact amount just one dollar more. He made it so fucking obvious that he just wanted to take my spotlight. I hope he gets depression and kills himself.

Any advice for dealing with depression? I'm not doing well lately.

| Turn off all social media, eat healthy food, or change your environment.

Can you use spoilers on dangeru?

| I dont think I can and if I can I don't know how
How was the worst day on you had in your life?

| Pretty fucking terrible honestly. Some things about my family came to light which still bother me to this day.

On that note, how do you move on from the past?

| >>656758 no, there is no spoiler text available on danger/u/.

| By looking towards the future and living in the present. Looking at ones present and living in your past only enjoying your memories and not the life you have now will now allow you to live a fullfilling and happy life.
How do I find a roommate?

| Advertise for a roomate in the paper or on the Internet. https://www.wikihow.com/Write-a-Roommate-Wanted-Ad

Are you politically active?

| >>4e9a51 >>657415

How come FreeBSD doesn't support nouveau, even though NetBSD supports it?

| The developers of FreeBSD thought about clearing up their busy schedule to implement noveau support but then they thought your question in this thread was so stupid that they decided not to.

What's your favorite cyberpunk aesthetic?

| >>4e9a51 >>657501
I actually expected a technical answer, but oh well, I guess assuming good faith isn't for everyone.

| >>657537
You should probably ask in /tech/ or the FreeBSD forum. Questions like those tend to stop the flow of these threads.

| >>657604
yeah, this thread is dead now

| >>657501 Power lines. Better than the lain-style metal towers, the suburban wooden poles are cool. They don't look at all organic, but at the same time humans don't make anything else that looks like them. The long empty curves and the densely clustered nodes always looked otherwordly to me.

What do you think is your most unique opinion?

| That people should be judged purely based on behaviour. Not their sexual preferences, not their nationality, gender, physical shape, illnesses (both physical and mental), interests, job (or lack thereof), etc. So basically just some gay shit that everyone says but don't actually mean, which makes be not unique at all, but at the same time, kind of? I'll go die.

How many times have you seen someone give birth and/or die?

| I haven't seen anyone give birth. But I did witness the death of my grandma. It was heartbreaking to realize the moment it started. I never want to relieve that moment again, but unfortunately I probably will with my grandma in the future.

On a much lighter note than that, what cheers you up when down?

| The warm embrace of my pillow. They don't judge me for being a degenerate.

What is the best type of cookie?

| chocolate chip cookie

would you rather have three arms or three legs ?

| Having three arms what's your fetish?

| well... i'm submissive... and i like white people a lot... also futanari

what is the best city to see a sunrise through blurred dusty plexiglass panels through from inside a neet den including PC and bed made in a metal sheet shack located in the sneaky ground-is-dirt backstreets of the industrial district?

| oddly specific but honestly any kind of city that has large glass buildings and good looking skyscrapers would be ideal for me, i love cityscapes lol

are you into rhythm games? if so, what games do you play? if not, why not?

| I'm not really into them. I think it's just because I don't have the reaction time for it and not the patience to learn them properly. I enjoy the occasional Beatsaber though.

What's your best memory/experience?

| When I had the ability to jump really high in a dream.

Knock-knock. Who is there?

| it is I, the pizza delivery g/u/rl.
one large pepperoni delivered to this address

favorite DOS game?

| The secret of Monkey Island.

What is the true secret of Monkey Island?

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