Sad isolation times

| This shit is really getting to me. I'm sad as fuck.

| send me titty pics and be less sad

| >>637977
I'll consider it if you send first, but only if you're okay with very flat, kinda hairy, underage g/u/y chest.

| >>637981 ew guy on u ew

| >>637984 Impossible, there's no such thing!

| >>637990
I'm sorry. I should be clear. I'm a g/u/rl g/u/y. A subspecies of g/u/rl. Don't be scared. There exists no such thing as g/u/y.

| >>22c422 ew wtf??? A g/u/y???

| >>0c0312 youve been exposed u trap!

| >>638113
I have not been exposed, I have simply exposed myself.

| Expooooooooosed

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