| Y'all got it? I have mild OCD, so it's not a huge problem, just annoying at times. Was curious if any of you g/u/rls got it though.

| How did you get diagnosed?


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Well, I went to therapy because I was mentally fucked, and then I did a lot of different tests for lots of different diagnosis, and the test for OCD came out positive but mild.

| Not sure that you can call it a real ocd, but when I'm leaving home without deliberately remembering that I locked the door, I just can't, umm, remember if I locked the door or not. Deliberately is the thing. I can be pretty sure, I can even have a strong picture of me locking the door, but I'm not sure, and it feels unsettling. I can make peace with this unsertainty, but it's still feels bad, that's for sure.

| The only cure for this is thinking while I'm locking the door:"Here. You've locked the door, good, remember it".

Also, when I'm eating m&m's, I'm always sorting them by colour and size. I think I can eat them randomly, but I never do, it just feels wrong.

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The door think definitely sounds pretty OCD, especially if you're like that with locking the door and not with other security measures. The second one I feel like is pretty normal though. Everyone has eating habits like that.

| I can remember going back half way from school to check if the door is locked.
I can remember going back from the lab to check if my air conditioner is off.
I can remember checking if I have my keys during meetings.
When I have something to copy, I must check while I'm copying, and after I'm copying, multiple times.

All these things I do, I have proved myself at least 100 times that I don't need them.
And every time, I was always right before checking.
Still do them.
Not OCD tho.

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Yeah, that ain't OCD. If it was only the door it very well could be but all of that, no.

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