Life is dumb

| Recently I cant stop thinking about sex or having someone to love or something, like thats the only thing that i could feel satisfied with, though i also dont want anything to do with anybody cause i fuckin despise the human race and im terrible at communicating but it sucks like is being with someone the only way to feel fulfilled in life?

| I feel like the only reason we're here is just to fuck, have kids, and then die and i hate it

| But it feels so empty without someone else

| Well ig feelin empty is my fault for not wanting to experience anything

| I dont even remember what i was trying to say my thoughts have gotten ridiculously unorganized

| Life is a shit but if u want it to be good u have to make it good yourself

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Yeah, pretty much. If you decide there is no purpose then there is none. If you find things that make you happy and set goals you genuinely want to achieve, then life feels a lot more worth living

| Humans are stupid

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Have you heard the Good News?

| I love sex.

| I wanted a girlfriend badly until I got one. Then I got bored of the relationship and her in ~3 months and didn't even realize it until over a year later. Now, two years later and after having been single for about a month, I want a girlfriend again. But this time I know it's not a honest desire - it's just some chemicals in my brain driving me towards it. I really don't give a shit about sex or relationships though, it's boring as hell.

| >>639330 maybe u havent found the one for u my g/u/rl

| >>639493 I thought I did, we had so much in common, we thought so similarly, it's like I found my lost sister or something. But I dunno, it just faded as regular relationship stuff took place. Getting used to each other, running out of topics and activities, starting to argue a bunch.

| OP sure is horny

| >>6e15ba what is the Good News

| >>639622
God died for us, was buried and rose again. The world is full of evil and sin, and we're all fucked up in different ways, but that's okay because God loves us, you included, enough to send his Son to die for our sins. To accept all punishment in our place. No matter how awful or terrible things are, no matter what you are going through, the Son of God, Jesus Christ, died and rose again to get you through. He beat death and sin, for you. All you have to do is believe in Him

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That ain't really news homies. That's a pretty old story by now

| god is gay and all that follow god are homosexuals. nothing wrong with loving a good dick tho, keep bein gay brothas

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Just because it is not new to you does not make it any less Good.
Although I recall another name for it that the gospel was sometimes called, in order to address your complaint; the Good Word.

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I will not give my opinion on the quality of the message, but news it is not. That is my only point and stance.

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News is just information, g/u/rl. Only 2k years old, which is either a long or short period of time, depending on your point of view.

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From a humans point of view 2k years is a pretty fucking long time. You ain't talking to no higher being right now homie.

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