If money wasn't an issue

| What would you really want to do with your life? Honestly. Where would you want to live and how would you spend your time?

| Become an writer, or an artist maybe. I just get this really nice feeling by creating and having my creations recognized. I don't want fame, I want my work to be famous.

| I would want to study to become a composer for video games and start a band. After that I would retire early and build a small school/orphanage that specializes in music, foreign language and arts. I always wanted to visit Italy or Japan so maybe I would build there? But of course it's just a dream lol

| I would live in a big modern house close to nature with several dogs and maybe some horses. I would also get a personal trainer and a chef to make me as healthy and ripped as I could possibly be.

I would also travel a lot and do a lot of peacocking until I find a loving wife.

| I would probably be working on music, writing and game development. Those are the things I'm trying to do now, well, not really the music part, but still. If I had a nice place to do it, like a decent appartment or nice little office or something. Money to maybe travel around a bit while I do it. That sounds like it could help me a lot with my motivation so I could finally start getting shit done and improve more, so that's probably what I'd do.

| I... I honestly have no idea. Money isn't going to help me from being a talentless socially inept hack. It'll be good to not have to worry that I'll be a leech off of my family though.

| Paramotoring, a modest cabin in the woods, hobby-grade machining shop. And a giant deadmau5-esque modular synth room. Or, if I'd grew some balls and braincells, I'd try my hands at politics and/or science. But no amount of money can get rid of big dumb in me, so - cabin in the woods.

| I'd buy a boat and go sailing. Cross the seven seas and find the person waiting for me.

| I would have a small comfy hoose in some warm country. Maybe with a coffeshop at the first floor. I would become a mangaka and a lewd artist. I would spend my free time growing berries and learning to play cello.

| I’d own and run a food truck. Hire one or two good people I can be friends with and tour in a constant loop of all 50 states. I love to drive, I love to cook, and I am constantly irritated by staying in one place for too long.

| I would probably spend all my free time in a self-sufficient home 3D-printing parts and mechanisms, automate and improve my home while staying under the radar.
Also learn as much as I can, I want to push myself to the limit.

| I would still work for fun in my own espresso bar and work on two-stroke motorcycles in free time.

| I'd consume media, and program which is honestly what I already do, just maybe with slightly more expensive hardware

| get a hat and put it on

| >>7e0803 a simple g/u/rl with simple needs. I like it!

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