| How do I confess my feelings towards a fellow g/u/rl? She likes me and I love her but problem is that I'm too shy to ask her to be my second half. What do I do?

| Link her to your post.

| >>637515 too embarassed

| This is a refreshingly straightforward problem. To hell with your embarrassment and shyness. Just ask her.

| Straight up asking is always the was to go. It might be awkward, or, well, no. It will be awkward, guaranteed, but it will feel great afterwards.

| Dude you have the whole set ready, just show your feelings stop being a bitch, god I wish I knew someone liked me go get the gurl I belive in you

| I love sex.

| gibe her a good ole massage. then do it in the swimming pool, even better sauna

| Just tell her how u feel tbh. No other way around it. If you want to advance your relationship with them then u gotta take that initiative my g/u/rl

| If you feel it's too awkward to confess mid-conversation wait til something like 3am and send a text written before hand. If it doesn't work out you'll save the awkwardness of knowing they just saw the message and didn't reply.

"Yo g/u/rl I'm really gay for you but couldn't really say it in person/ didn't know how to say it before. If you feel like you and I could be more than friends smash that like button and subscribe"

You get the idea.

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