how big are dicks of polar bears?


| Polar bear sex organ sizes are actually reducing due to the many contaminants in their evironment. Thanks to the data gathered by Sonne et al. (2006) for the topic at hand, we know that the average baculum length for adult East Greenland polar bears are a little over 172mm, or 6.8 inches.

| Huh. That's a lot smaller than I expected. That's, like, the same as black people.

| That's just the gross average, btw. There's going to be a Chadbear with a 12 going around smacking Milfbears.

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| Idk how big it is but you know what's the most intriguing dick of all? Duck dicks. Duck dicks have a corkscrew shape to them that just coils into itself. Why do ducks have penises? They're birds. Do birds have penises? Why did God intend this to happen?

| >>637656
don't tell me you've never thought about being dicked down by a fucking duck

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| New tounge twister: how many dicks could get dicked down if a dog sized duck dicked a dick with their duck dick?

| >>6cf2eb Nah because there's spikes at the tip of their penises. Either that or i'm confusing it with cat dicks. You know, cat dicks are also very interesting as they have spikes on their penises. That's why female cats fight back when getting penetrated because the male's penis literally has thorns on it to help it stay in the vagina. They go on top of female cats and bite on their neck while raping them bc it makes them calm down. If ure into forced penetration, cat dick ftw

| >>637833 i want both!

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