LDR activities

| My best friend and the one im dating's currently in different countries and id love to do something with them besides facetiming and videogames. What kind of ldr activities and gifts can you suggest?

| Go visit them.

| >>637186 just start movies at the same time and Skype while watching

| >>637224 there's something for that. It used to be called rabb.it, now it's called Kast. Take a look into it OP.

| >>3ce8c4 lockdown my g/u/rl. The one i'm dating's flight got delayed bc of it so...

| My LD partner broke up with me after cheating with tinder and college guys, so the best LDR activity is to not have a LDR... Jokes aside games, video calls, watching movies, play stuff like board games, drawing Pokemon so you can guess each other's, playing online games or simply go out to cool places on your city and video call/send pictures so you can share the moment is nice and cute. Then again... That didn't work for me (〒īšã€’)

| >>0c6629 man g/u/rl, im sorry to hear that. I was on an LDR relationship for two years and we broke up officialy last december. But then again idk why im clowning around and trying it the 2nd time around lol

| lemme tell you about my FDR partner

| >>34c7b6 what does FDR mean haha

| >>637835
Franklin Delano Roosevelt, duh.

| Oh I had a Franklin Delano Roosevelt partner in the past those were the times

| i will stop replying to ID quoting retards

| >>08c061 ok

| >>08c061 ok

| >>08c061 ok

| >>08c061 ok

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