Another /u/

| iik. moe
## Admin: kitekii ##
| This is an anonymous chat wall , and you are welcome to leave your own footprint.
What can I do?
 A fishing empty their tree holes ;
 with a polite and friendly exchanges with you;
 do not send in violation of local laws text (uh-huh)
who are here? Cultivators from
 all corners of the country ;  forced student parties ; what are you talking about? Sand Sculpture scripts;  autistic legend;  cure memes ;

| occasionally Gangster Hair se chart ; how to make big money?  Find a softer cloth ;  cover your body;  lie flat
Has image support, what do you think?

| what

| >>9d6771 it's a translation from Japanese

| but from where

| >>636912
it's the first line in the OP, guy

| ok wtf this is actually kind of dope. is this a chinese only version of /u/?

| >>636915 it's just another textboard built off Awoo 1.0.0.

| Now we have a sister site, how cute!
We should totally put together a gift for them!

| We should have sex with them.

| We should send them cum in mail

| We should tell them that we love sex many times

| Mother love me, long time, long time
Sucky sucky fucky fucky
Wanton, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Hong Kong, wanton, Hong Kong
One time, One time, wanton
Love me long time
Feed on my long schlong
Go back to Hong Kong gong
I'll send you back to Hong Kong
Pair a wanton, wanton

| This is literally just /u/ but Chinese. Even has some of the same banners.

| This is getting out of hand. Now there are two of them.

| Anyone want to ask any questions? I know Chinese. I can act as the bridge between the two.

| It's literally /u/ with some new banners and change the boards to chinese

| I fucking hate China! I'm going to rape Winnie the Pooh.

| >>637290 can you ask if they want to have sex with the non-chinese /u/?

| >>637313 sure thing

| They basically have 13 threads, so there is basically 1 or 2 people on that board I guess. They also have a function to send photo, don't know how it work tho.

| >>637333
Yeah, I tried to do it as you can probably tell by the two blank comments in the big thread. Didn't figure it out though.

| i posted a pic in test/290

| >>637542
Cool and good.

| >joins
>sees meatspin
fuck you

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