prefetcher is overrated

| yes


| fuck that idiot

| bruh

| >>636823 yeah, I want to fuck him too

| >>eab1fd >>8dcde5 shut up you both

| >>636842
>literally a loli goddess from Osaka
Check your FACTS

| Fuck danger/u/

| Shut

| I want to adopt Prefetcher and have the osaka loli call me mommy

| >>636953
Can I be the g/u/rl dad?

| >>637058
And I'll be the g/u/rl version of that weird uncle who comes by once in a while to play the guitar and drink all the beer in the fridge. You know the type.

| >>636953 >>637058 >>637076 if you're looking for a big sister for pref, I gotchu.

| >>637079

| Why does pref only reply in threads about him

| >>637134 Because he's a narcissistic bastard with a massive ego boner dripping precum at every mention that puts him in the spotlight. This site/app is his attempt at trying to gain a following of pedophile orbiters to juice money from by roleplaying as a 10 year old Japanese girl. It's honestly disgusting what he's been doing. Just watch as he deletes this thread and goes back to figuratively sucking your dicks while literally sucking Lain's dick. I miss when anon e was admin. :/

| >>637140
nice try anon e but I've read the fanfics

| >>637140 pref's boner dripping precum. <3

| >>637140 god i came from reading your description of pref

| >>637156 I bet pref's cock throbs too...

| >>637140 where the fuck have you been browsing

| >>637140 100% agree

| Ironically, the replies to that comment only solidify what you say. I feel it's about time I leave this website and stop supporting prefetcher, he has enough pedophiles wiring him money anyway and I'm sure he'll keep trying to rack up more

| >>637188
You're trying too hard, sweetheart.

| >>637188
Okay, see you tomorrow.

| >>637140 I agree

| >>637188 jokes on you, the money we wire to pref came from selling you and your family's personal data

| fuck pref

| But pref is my favorite jewtuber/streamer!

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