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People you love and why

| I would love to hear about the people you have in your life that you love, either platonically or sexually, and what makes those people so great.

| None were great except 2, both kind and gentle girls from highschool who were really smart and talented

| My e-girl. She's sweet and kindhearted. She is cute, loving and all in all the best girl I've met.

| Not me. (^:

| There's someone i like. We're polar opposites in terms of belief, personality and what we like. We're like the alternate versions of each other. We argue all the time but for some reason we genuinely click. At the end of the day, i love him for him and he fascinates the hell out of me. And though we're SO different and drive each other nuts, there's this unexplained assurance that we love each other despite everything falling apart.

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This thread is permanently archived