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I've taken my phone out of its bumper case and it's great

| I've forgotten how light&thin my phone is without the bulky case, it feels absolutely amazing. The downside is I can't just toss my phone on the bed/table knowing that it'll be okay. But I don't have to worry about it breaking if I accidentally drop it because I've needed an excuse to get a new phone for a while now. So it's a complete win-win.

| fuck youre so dummm

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I mean, you're not wrong, but please do elaborate.

| Rich people, rich problems

| phone with case=better handling.
phones nowadays are way too slippery in hand.

| Well I have my phone case that is starting to break to the point that I can take off some of the plastic and use it as a psudo holder. Plus this cover keeps it safe. Why would you intentionally break you phone if you have a perfectly good one. Unless you are trying to scam phone companies insurance or something for a new one? Which I would totally understand the second reason.

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Not really

>Why would you intentionally break your phone
I'm not going to break it intentionally. It's not like I'm gonna drop it on purpose or anything.

>if you have a perfectly good one
It's a pretty old phone that's long overdue for an upgrade, but I can't really justify getting a new one while I still have this.

| Well I would suggest if you want a new phone. Not letting that one break and saving up some money then buying a new phone instead of using the breaking of your current phone as an excuse to get a new one. Then you have the old still functional phone in case the worst possible thing happens and your new phone gets lost or stolen or just breaks. My sister recently lost her phone and we still have an older one which will work great until she can get a new one.

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Well, that would be a smart thing to do. Unfortunately, as >>89ce9e has pointed out already, I am anything but smart.
I guess I shouldn't really have to justify the purchase that way, huh. If I WANT a new phone because the old one is too slow/weak for my needs and I can comfortably afford it since it's only a small fraction of my savings and only happens once every 5-6 years, then I can just get it even if I don't necessarily NEED to, right?

| Going back to the original point of this thread, the phone just feels super nice and slim and light without the case, that's pretty much all I wanted to say.

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