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Is it possible to move on from your partner..

| .. while being in a relationship with them?

| And if so, is it selfish to immediately see someone after you've broken up?

| That all depends a lot on your situation and what your current relationship with them is. With so little information it's hard to help here.

| >>c28e36 we've been on a long distance relationshil for two years. We've never met. I guess the constant disappointments had really run it to the ground. Im waiting on the feeling of "i should be heartbroken" by now but it never came. So i'm not sure if i've moved on from them already.

| >long distance
>never met
>doesn't feel heartbroken

I question if you were ever in love in the first place. I don't know what you mean by moving on. Drift apart from each other? Yeah, sounds like it. Just talk it out with them

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This thread is permanently archived