Ask a question, answer another #2

| Same rules as first time. Answer the question of the person who posted last (or if there is no question, the question of the person before that).

I'll start:

What's your biggest obsession at the moment?

| Wargroove, a turn based strategy game. The tournament I'm in is ending soon though so I'll probably do something else soon.

| Whoops. Is there anything you know can't happen but you still wish for?

OP, threads can hold 250 posts, so the old one could have gone a little longer.

| >>4a2562 Domestic Catgirls becoming a reality.

If science truly found a way to make this dream possible, how many souls are you willing to sacrifice to the flying spaghetti monster?

| Atleast 98 million

How are you feeling?

| I feel like catbois are unfairly overshadowed by catgirls.

I'm not good at questions, so... How are u feeling?

| Amused that >>c34cc0 >>d0721f have the same question, heh.

Surprisingly, I'm feeling pretty good today. No doubt this will change as I go back to the daily grind of work on Monday.

Do you like your current job/school?

| Absolutely hate school. To expensive, don't care enough. Can't wait to finish this semester and drop out.

What's your dream job?

| I'm unsure. Though probably being a video game reviewer if I had the option.

>>631565 My bad, I'll keep that in mind for next time.

So, how's it going?

| >>631570 My bad I meant this post

| Pretty nice, thank you. I'm right now going home after few days of vacation at my brother's flat.

Can you answer to my question?

| No

Have you read and/or watched Altered Carbon? If so, what did you think of it?

| I watched it. At least first season, don't know if the second one is out yet. It was alright. It started pretty good, but near the end it basically became like one of those anime with 50 plot twists in one and everything kind of lost meaning. Book might be better written, but idk. I mostly just popped off about them including BABYMETAL, even though it was only for half a minute or so.

Do you play any fighting games, or are you interested in them? Which ones?

| >>631772 >>631736 the book's overall plot is of similar caliber, but it's much better written than the bad episodes. also, season two came out a few days ago

| I don't play fighting games. Not really interested. More into detective or mystery games srry.

What's one thing you need to do today that you really don't want to do?

| I have a few reports I need to do. Not too. And also packing as my family is moving. Been putting off both.

Which person existing scares you the most? Who and why?

| The chinese. The suicide nets are only the top of the dystopian iceberg.
What would you do if you had a clone? An exact copy of yourself, so you can't just send him to do all the shit for you since you wouldn't want to be your twin's slave as well.
Or would you?

| I would probably kill clone me. I don't even like real me too much! Cloning in general seems like a bad idea, especially dealing with the concept of humanity.

Does peanut butter really go well with jam?

| I don't know. I never eat jam and I'm allergic to nuts.

How long is your clitoris?

| 15.5 cm
What makes you get out of bed in the mornings?

| My alarm.

What's the most a e s t h e t i c animation style?

| I really like the 2D comic book-flavored 3D that Into the Spiderverse is doing. More interesting animation like this please.

Have you ever been noticed by senpai (someone you respected who have no reason to acknowledge your existence)?

| Yes. Once. Best moment of my life hahaha. Haha. Ha. Iwannadie

Which ice cream flavor is the best and why is it chocolate?

| Because chocolate is inferior to vanilla but superior to all other flavors.

What's the best kind of sandwich?

| Either BLTs, or this fried chicken cutlet sandwich that had bacon, cheese, and tomatoes on sourdough toast. Both are very good.

Got any weekend plans?

| Just gonna chill with some homies. Probably play a bit of D&D on Friday.

Do you have any addictions? If so, what are they?

| I'm trying to ween myself off of SSRIs by lowering the dosages to micro levels until I quit it for good.
I used to be addicted to nicotine, caffeine and jacking it to porn. The latter being the hardest to quit by a mile.

Do you have a goal or a dream you're working towards?

| I want to write stories for a living, either novels or for video games. Not the clearest path to go, though, huh

Do you have any pets and do you love them?

| I used to have a cat that I loved growing up. Unfortunately he was put down due to illness a few years ago.

How do you arrive to your destination?

| With a bus. Public transportation is really comfy and relaxing at times.

If you could change anything of/in your life in an instant, what would it be?

| I would want to have motivation. Right now I can barely do anything unless it's for the sake of someone else or helps them indirectly. I want to be able to do stuff purely for myself again.

Are there any gangs near where you live?

| Nah. But syndicates? Tons.

What's one thing that you'd prefer to die instead of doing?

| Conforming myself to society, I hate mob thinking, segregation and power dynamics.

Do you think it is possible to have meaningfull relationships when you are not a kid anymore

| Yes, in fact it could be more meaningful as an adult, just because you can understand more about your relationship and why/how it works.

What's your favorite type of person?

| Someone who wholeheartedly cares about others while not throwing themselves away in the process.

Who is the best video game protag?

| Obviously Master Chief.

What is something you've been meaning to get to but haven't quite yet?

| Living. Recently, i've only been waking up to work. If this keeps up, i'd honestly want to die soon.

What's been the biggest lesson you've learned so far in your life?

| Surround yourself with good homies and don't succumb to mental illness and addiction.

What's your favourite word?

| Chucklefuck. Very versatile, can be used as an insult, a verb or an adjective.

How do you stay motivated?

| | Taking stuff less seriously and just doing my best at the time.

What's your preferred pillow softness?

| A mixture between soft with a ready amount of firmness. I like hugging my pillow as I sleep.

Where did you come from, where did you go?

| I came from the south and moved up north and have regretted every second of it.

What kind of climate do you prefer?

| Temperate.

I's the above poster named Cotton Eye Joe?

| I am not allowed to reveal their identity. I signed a nondisclosure agreement. Sorry.

How's life going? You hanging in there?

| Been hanging in there. Life just seems to be passing me by whilst I constantly indulge in video games to a really detrimental point. Been making gradual improvements though. Purged anything unnecessary in terms of apps and games from my phone to keep from distractions (other than danger/u/) hoping to actually move out come this December or January.

What's your opinion on guns? Own any? Favorite weapons?

| I love guns. They are what allow me to be free in my country. I own several rifles, a shotgun and a pistol. Planning to expand that collection. 1911 best.

If you could restart your life in any era, what era would you choose?

| >what era would you choose
probably the Ashashiya's or something

how do i OBE pls halp aaaaah i've gotten to the vibrations and initial stage and everything but i somehow don't get it done aaaa

| I have no idea but you already sound long gone.

How do you pull off a bank robbery? For... hypothetical purposes.

| You can use a nuclear bomb to start a war with the most powerful nearby country. After that, you can launch a surprise attack on a bank during the nuclear winter. Nobody will stop you because the walls would be partially destroyed by the enemy's shockwave.

What do you value the most?

| Our collective freedom and independence. Even though I live in one of the most free and healthy countries on earth we still have to fight for it every day.

Second thing I value the most would be my life.

Who do you value the most?

| My friends and my sister. They are precious to me and I wouldn't want to live without them.

What's your favourite snack?

| Cauliflower closely followed by salmiak and/or mint candies.

Have you ever played Vampire the Masquerade?

| No...

What's that?

| An RPG about vampires set in modern day New York (if I remember correctly). It seems pretty interesting.

How has your day been?

| Fucking shit. I want to fucking go home.

How the fuck do i fucking get over my whole fucking life?

| Fuck.

Do you like hugs?

| Yes I love hugs, wish I would hug more

Are you ok? (In terry's voice)

| Aside from being stressed out about college and annoyed about hypocritcal people, yes.

What's something you do to cheer yourself up?

| Petting a dog or looking at pupper pictures on the net works for me. If it's really bad I listen to loud angry music preferably with lots of guttural screams. If I'm super sad I tend to smoke lots of pot and binge play old RPG games.

What's the funniest thing you've seen or experienced?

| Watching a 7 year old kid run full tilt into a glass door.

What is your favorite colour?

| White. It is an illusion of purity, the colour that doesn't exist on its own. The colour that reflects any light.

Are you into politics?

| Unfortunately, yes, to the point that I'm studying it in college because I had terrible decision-making skill. It's a hellhole. I just want to go live in the woods now.

What's an obscure topic that you're really into?

| The Hitler's table talk conspiracy.

What coffee drink did you drink first today?

| Drive coffee, the one with the land rover on it. It's a dark roast I think.

What's your favourite favor of icecream?

| Cummies :)
Legit answer though, probably anything fruity. Strawberry, mango, that kind of stuff.

What do you do when you chill with friends?

| We smoke pot and play games. If the weather is nice we play card games in a clearing somewhere. If we're inside one of us tends to play a single player game while the rest of us watch her play while drawing or programming or something. We're not a very interesting group. Every second weekend we hit a pub and do musical quizzes and stuff.

3 things you would bring to a deserted island?

| 1: Plenty of food.
2: A pilot.
3: Working Aircraft.

I'd want to be out of there pronto.

Any tips to prevent being sick? Not corona, but flu season hits me really hard in general.

| There are some basic science proving that Vitamin C is very good at shortening the sickness so either get some supplements or eat lots of fruit.

Sleep deprivation is one of the things that wears on your immune system the most so try to avoid it. If you have to stay awake make sure to eat lots of fruit during the day.

Stay hydrated.

Make sure to cough up/sneeze out all mukus and don't forget to wash your hands. Sipping warm liquids will help mucus flow.

Your favorite movie?

| The Sunset Limited.
Samuel Jackson and Tommy Lee Jones sit in an apartmet for1.5 hours and talk.
This is thebestmovie ever.

Tell me the funniest story of your life.

| In medic school, we had this one kid. Total goof. Someone bet him he wouldn't reenact the peanut butter baby vine. One night on fireguard I hear slapping and yelling from down the hall. Go down it and this kid has snuck in 5 jars of peanut butter, stripped into his underwear and coated himself in it. And proceeded to walk down the hallway, slapping himselfn and yelling. Wild shit.

What's your favorite alcoholic drink?

| Vodka and latte is pretty gud

What was the worst investment you ever made?

| My college career. I started out undecided because I had financial aid given, thought I'd find myself. I ended up hating and flipping majors for a while and staying longer than 4 years due to changing. Even now I'm not happy with the degree I'm supposed to be graduating with.

On that note, what's the best decision of your life that you've made thus far?

| Seeking help. Calls for help I made when I was having really bad anxiety led me to a Discord server and when asking for someone to talk to for probably the 10th time on the server I met someone who has now become one of my best friends and kept me going, kept me holding on. Seeking helps also got me into therapy which has been really nice as well. I have also now been presented with life choices I normally wouldn't get if I didn't seek help.

| Who's your favourite Pokémon and why?

| Wartortle. Because Squirtle was my first pokemon ever, and I played this first game slowly for a long time, so I've got attachment to it.

I have a day off today, and I've been playing some animal crossing in the morning with a cup of coffee. How do you begin your days off?

| Celebrating that it's my day off, then sleeping some more.

How bad is your home country affected by COVID? (On a side note, stay safe g/u/rls)

| >>634137
if i go in the suburbs of a big city i can guarantee some people have it. but the big thing is we just don't know. there are some cases here and there but there are lots and lots of coofers too so no one has any idea.

how would you murder someone? go psycho on that description depth/length pls

| It's pretty fucked right now. A bunch of smart cunts who didn't want to cancel their vacations to Italy went and got it and came back and are spreading it. It was already here by that time. Everything public is shutting down. It's so fucked.

How do you deal with something like COVID?

| (oh shit, sorry, the reply didn't load)

| >>634149
i guess next person'll have to choose between >>634147 or>>634148 's questions.

| >>634151
Nah. You posted first, they gonna answer yours. That's the rules, and I honestly just really want to see a good answer for yours.

| Gonna reply both: muder people like it was a accident by making traps and destroying then later
Just washing my hands and avoiding crowds

Favourite food?

| Shrimp and field mushrooms. Or maybe Smörgåstårta.

If black magic existed would you embrace it or fight it?

| Embrace it. Enhance technology with it. Make a Frankenstein out of all the pornhub stars' parts and sell it. Black magic is fucking awesome!

What do you pirate, and why?

| Well this kind of implies that magic exists. I am assuming black magic would be more the dark arts and would be obtained through more nefarious means. Though I guess you could be offered magical powers they are just "black magic" and forbidden by most of society and kind of evil. If I got the offer I would accept and use the dark arts against the forces of evil. One must become a monster to truely fight monsters.
Speaking of monsters.You ever entertain darker thoughts you have had?

| >>634280 by entertain I mean by running with in your head and playing with those thoughts and ideas. Not acting out on them.

| Oh hey >>787299! Nice to see you again!

| >>634280 Yeah, I have on numerous occasions. Mostly in states where I feel petty or just hurt in general.

Got any weird talents?

| >>634314 I can put my leg behind my head

Favourite flavor of cup noodles?

| Chicken! Any other flavour is a sin. Especially shrimp.

Have you been getting enough sleep? I worry about you g/u/rl.

| >>634388 I never had cup noodles in my life
What's your biggest regret/embarassing moment in life?

| I never get enough sleep. 4 or 5 hours a night is all I need.

What are you doing to help Corona Chan?

| I teach at a martial arts dojo, so I'm getting touched by kids and touching kids constantly. There's no way I'm not a vector.

Do you ever do any creative writing? And can we read it??

| I do! It's a lot of fun and a hobby I really don't do enough. I don't really want to share though. Kinda embarrassing, and I don't have that much different stuff. I also have a hard time finishing stuff, so it probably wouldn't be enjoyable. Maybe one day though!

What are your favourite hobbies, and how often do you do them?

| >>634427
i teach at a martial arts dojo on the regular, my responsibilities include touching kids, i'm being touched by kids, i touch kids on the regular, i coof for coronachan

i have no hobbies

tell me about you.

| I'm 23 years old. I thankfully have people who care for me dearly in my life. I'm an avid gamer and I love books, I'd love to help write plots for games especially one day. Though I'm going to school to be a historian. Just for a basic jist about me.

If you had no problems with money or other such factors, what kind of place would you want to live in and where?

| In a mountain somewhere, not totally isolated from society,with a damn breathtaking view.

What is objectively the best: breasts, ass, or thighs?

| Thighs without a doubt. Adds oomph to the physical body tbh

| What do you do when you're tired of being a fool but your heart isn't?

| Drink myself into a coma and suck it up. Hearts are dumb anyway.

What's the greatest advice you'd been given in life?

| Pink Floyd - Time.

What do you do when people around you disregard things you care about.

| I either don't care or get sad. Depends on what kind of thing it is.

What's the longest masturbation session you've had?

| 2 hours.

Are you satisfied with what you have become?

| No. But I'm working to being someone that can someday.

What do you think about while in the shower or during sleepless nights?

| About the girl reading this.

Are you a diligent student?

| Very far from it. I'm barely considered a student any more as they've removed me from every class except two. I don't thunkt I'm a bad student. Just a depressed struggling one. Not diligent though.

What is your favourite competitive game?

| *think

| I think it's cs;go but i'm not playing a lot competitive games

What do you do when you are bored with everything ?

| I try writing about what happened over the day or week, or daydreaming. sometimes, I don't notice that I'm bored right away and start boredom eating, but I've been trying to not do that.

Do you have a "happy place" (physical or imaginary)?

| The corner of my home where my computer, amplifier, Senheiser HD 449 headphone, wifi router, a computer desk with tons of albums in my drawer situated. Turn on the computer, put on my headphones, play some Va-11 Hall-A soundtracks, bring some snacks and chill. Happiest g/u/rl in the world.

What's a cool dream you have had?

| It was something like a warfare. It was cyberpunk af, gazillion weapons and robots, me and a nice girl-warrior inside mechs fighting them. I can't explain how cool was smashing enemies inside that mech. There was even music!
I had this dream about three years ago, but it is still vivid inside my head. The fun fact, the girl appears kinda often in my dreams but I've never met here irl.

Are you happy with who have you become until today?

| >>635206
No, because I'm too lonely.

What do you get when you cross an owl with a bungee cord?

| I don't know.

What do you get when you cross an owl with a bungee cord?

| My ass! (Kung Pow!)

Are you living in the real World?

| Probably. Seems like it. Don't really care though.

You fuck with Luigi or nah?

| In all meanings of that word, yes.

What's something that's been haunting you?

| You having intercourse with Luigi is haunting me right now.

Which country/language has the sexiest accent?

| French for girls, German for boys.

I'm on a vacation starting today. What to do now?

| Nothing.

If I said that raisins are heretical, would you agree?

| Yes, and I would eat them anyway.

What's the best cereal out there?

| Chocokrispis.

Does life get its meaning at the end or during its course?

| In my opinion it is definitely during the course. The end is just that. An end. The meaning is all the stuff you do before it.

You like physics?

| A lot. It is also a very frequent subject in my studies.

Have you ever tried meditation?

| I never tried meditation but i think one day i'll try it just to see if it works on me ^^

At school what is/was your favorite subject ?

| It used to be history. After studying the field, not so much.

What's your favorite method of escapism?

| Pen & paper RPGs, reading and video games. In that order.

Have you played TRPGs/pen & paper RPGs? If so, which ones? If not, why the fuxk not? It comes highly recommend from this g/u/rl at least.

| I play D&D 5e. Absolutely love it. It's a blessing. I would like to try D&D 3.5, Pathfinder 2 and Shadowrun as well though. While what makes it so fun obviously is the social interaction and the endless possibilities, different "engines" sounds fun as hell. Also, cyberpunk is tight.

What is an obsession you have? Any object, idea, routine, act, concept, medium, whatever, that you just can't get out of your mind.

| Lately I've been constantly thinking about the inevitable end of my life and what that would mean for the people around me, how my family and close friends would be deeply affected by something like that, yet would return to their usual lives without even a second thought. How meaningless my life here seems, feeling mostly like a leech, no matter how much people around me might try to convince me otherwise.

Have you ever thought about how different the world would be without you?

| Admittingly I have at many times. I feel downright useless most of it. But by the same token, I'm grateful for my parents. I may have my fights and gripes with them, but I know that they love me and wanted me very much. So I know at least to them the world would be bleaker without me.

What's the best method to take down a giant violent dragon?

| You can't. If your dm lets you - he sucks.

How does corona-chan affect your life?

| Being segregated in my house and nothing more.

What's your favourite movie and why is it your favourite one?

| Knives Out! I've always loved detective stories and this movie just elevates that. It has lots of storytelling nuances too, delicious.

Who's your first fictional crush?

| Probably something Cristina Ricci played. Or Rita the fox.

Who are you crushing on right now?

| I am not over my ex, so him. Even though I have hurt him a shit ton and feel immense guilt over that.

Favorite music artist?

| Damon Albarn. His voice is orgasmic.

Favorite video game?

| Hyper Light Drifter. The satisfaction of cutting down your enemies continuously is just amazing.

Are you all staying safe amidst the COVID crisis?

| Yes. Sadly several of my friends are old people since I'm into mushroom gathering and to a certain extent bird watching and now we can't see each other. I never really noticed how lonely I was without being able to see them. My friends my age isn't really into anything but games and movies.

Do you spend enough time in nature?

| Not nearly enough. While admittingly I'm somewhat introverted, the problem is more that I'm very much an indoors person in general. I like really shitty weather days when I have nothing to do outside especially. I do need more sunlight and probably to be away from city lige for a while.

What does a utopia look like to you?

| An Utopia to me is a society that is not profit-focused but instead solution-oriented.
If a medicine is available for cheap it should be manufactured/grown and used instead of expensive pills that does the same.
Every decision by our chosen leaders need to be evidence-based.
Your personal freedom should extend as much as it can without you infringing on another persons freedom.

I like this question so I'll ask it again.
What does a utopia look like to you?

| It would be what you described, but additionally it would have total accept. Doesn't matter ethnicity, colour, religion, anything. You are who you want, you believe what you want, labels or discrimination. The same with sexual stuff. Everyone's attractions, preferences, fetishes and gender is fully accepted an unquestioned.

I just think the world would be ideal if people didn't give a fuck about all the ways others are different to them and focused on genuinely important stuff.

| What country do you think is closest to being a utopia?

| None, since capitalism is the fundament of almost every country. I don't even blame that, it's the way the World politics decided to go so every country must keep up with that...

What do you think about the future of cyber augmentations for humans?

| I think it's probable that they will become somewhat prominent. We can already argue that anyone with a pacemaker is a cyborg already amusingly enough. But especially as more technology is created for medical purposes I see augmentations being a real consideration.

What do you do during a crisis?

| Crying. Same as usual.

Do you think you are special?

| Yes. I believe everyone is to some extent. At the same time I believe nobody is. We're all just humans, but different ones.

Do you think discrimination is good?

| Yes. Stereotypes exist for a reason.

Do you support your local cafes in this time of crisis?

| >>636594
No, discrimination is a fundamentally flawed and contraproductive practice that only morons and simpletons adhere to.

Who's your best friend and what do you love about him/her?

| >>636747 there is not much you can do. The best decision would be to minimize the damage by isolating ourselves in our homes. It is unfortunate, but we need to sacrifice the few to save the many.

>>636869 I don't have any friends.

Would you disable an ability to lie for all humanity?

| >>636887
Absolutely not. Lying is not always bad. Sometimes it's necessary.

What's your favourite cyberpunk anime?

| I think Akira, if that counts. Movie and all is really awesome. I want to read the manga sometime.

How have you been lately, with fears of the virus and all,

| I'm doing fine in some ways. I can't get a job since no one is hiring so I'm living very economically right now.
The plus side is I'm eating more healthy because of it and my flat is super clean because of boredom.
My acne also disappeared. Probably because I wash my hands autistically often and never touch my face.
I miss not being able to visit my mom and grandparents though.

What's a good question to ask in threads like these?

| I think 'What's your favourite toothpaste flavour?' or 'Is genocide justified when we talk about furries?' are always icebreakers

Have you ever cheated on a gf/bf?

| Nope. Never been cheated on either. Have participated in some mutual swinging/groupsex together with an ex though.

If genocide is justified when it comes to furries is Rita the fox still the exception that lets you off the hook?

| Purge in the name of the Holy Emperor of Mankind.

Somebody give you the opportunity to become a full robot. You become virtually immortal due to impossibility to become older and all the stuff it embraces with its pros and cons. Would you accept it? (no danger in the procress)

| Yes. I am willing to let my ego die for the opportunity to hack myself and live forever.

<spoiler>Also the emperor is fucking deeeeaaaad</spoiler>

Nature is a problem solver. Since being able to solve problems is a sign of intelligence is it correct to say that nature is intelligent?

| No, because intelligence implies activity and purpose. By nature, nature doesn't act, it is simply a set of rules in place that run on their own and do things.

If you could immediately develop one technology, what would it be and why?

| Some shit to perfectly detect and remove cancer. Like, cancer is just annoying at this point. Human life spans would be so much longer if it wasn't for cancer, and it would probably just make people a lot more happier in general, because cancer is depressing as fuck. I also smoke, so it would be nice if I didn't have to die when the inevitable cancer hits me.

Do you prefer Fireball or Wall of Fire?

| fireball for sure. a wall of fire cant stop shit.
what would you consider the biggest flaw with your country is?

| My government manufactures hate. It constantly makes new laws that aren't based in science or have any evidence behind them and the rich are getting richer on the expense of the poorer. Otherwise it's a really great country and I love being born here.

Also did that guy just claim that nature lacks purpose?

| No he didn't claim that. Basically in his argument nature isn't intelligent because it isn't sentient. It simply however has a set of biological functions it follows which allows it to act.

How do you confront your problems?

| Either head on or not at all. The best thing is to just confront them immediately, because the longer you wait things usually only get worse unless you fix it.

Do you prefer chicken, beef or pork?

| Chicken. Faster to cook and pork doesn't taste very well.

Are you content with the hours of sleep you get daily?

| Hell no. I have two moods, to sleep permanently or to never sleep at all.

What's something you really took for granted in your life and why?

| >>637659
I took my dad's love for granted. He's still alive, but an untrustworthy alcoholic.

What decorations do you all keep up in your caves?

| My game consoles, my books (mostly lightnovels), my paintings I made while institutionalised (they're scuffed), some small cute things my sister has given me, two figurine type things and all the cups, plates and eating utensils I never wash.

What do you do to have fun?

| Mostly game, write and draw, though nowadays I'm too much of a sleepy bitch to do much. I should finish my fanfics.

Would you, given the chance, upload your mind to the internet and become an immortal program?

| What even is my mind? A set of behavior patterns for a given situation? If yes, then my patterns are nothing special to be there for all eternity.

Are you a polar bear?

| >>637728
I'm an orangutan

What's your favorite animal and why?

| Doggos because they make for great companions.

How many g/u/rls does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

| 47. Believe me I conducted all the tests.

Where do you think you go when we pass on?

| I'm neither spiritual nor religious so I believe our bodies will get eaten by fungi and rejuvenated into energy for nature until such a time comes when nature doesn't exist and our mass ends up being part of the greater cosmos.

Where do you think you were before you were born?

| Definitely in my dad's balls. Well, 50% of me at least. The other half was somewhere in my mom's fallopian tubes.

What type of apocalypse would be most suited for us filthy degenerates?

| Huxley got it good, damaging ourselves through what we learn to love, and further damage ourselves by creating chances to always get what we want, therefore never really getting satisfied, never really feeling realized, never really feeling happy. Which results in a human world that devours itself in its scherzo of loud love and silent despair.

How is the Covid19 clown fiesta treating you?

| Very confused like most everyone. My family has been moving throughout this whole process, and we don't know when we are allowed to go back for the rest of our belongings. Also my school switched to online as well. Thankfully though I've been okay compared to most others. Which speaking of, please take cares g/u/rls, stay healthy!

What do you do to cheer yourself up during hard times?

| If possible I talk and play vidya with my friends. Sometimes I just text friends who live across the ocean or if I've managed to improve my mood a bit I might watch some anime or read a book. If I'm feeling very bad I might smoke more than usual, though that's never a good idea. Some tea and snacks can help too whenever I have money for it. Cuddling with my dog too. All of it helps a little bit, which adds up and becomes nice.

Have you ever read 1984? What do you think about it?

| >>637893
I read it for school and kind of remember it. It's a good book, very scary but I don't think government control will ever be that blatant. They're too sneaky.

Do you think you would fare well in an apocalypse?

| >>638097 Frankly not very well. Though it might also depend on the type of apocalypse.

So, where'd you hide the money?

| It's distributed between cash in my currency, cash in dollars and a back account in my currency.

I'm baking a delicious loaf of bread rn. What kind of cooking do you enjoy the most?

| Soupy cooking is the best. I fucking love soup. If soup was a person I'd let them fuck me any day.

Do YOU like soup?

| yes

y my pp hard?

| Absolutely.

Do you like alcohol drinks?

| >>638189 Not really. But like that other guy I really like soup.

If you are in school, how are you adapting to the Corona situation?

| >>638216 I actually had quit school before the coronavirus got more serious.

Most schools are not closed yet, but the laissez-faire approach isn't quite working and public assemblies up to 500 are still allowed.

I live in a relatively smaller town, fortunately, some people were saying that places like Stockholm and Gothenburg should be quarantined.

| To the next person, as generic as this sounds, what's the weather like rn?

| It's so fucking cloudy. Makes the whole quarentine much more sad and miserable. I haven't seen the sun in days.

Favorite Pixar movie?

| That's a hard one. If I'd have favorites it's either Cars or Wall-E. Fantastic pieces, Wall-E makes you think about Earth sometimes and brings many interesting "Ifs" + I love the rewatch value and it never gets boring.

Q: How was your first internship and where was it?

| I can't tell you where because this is an anonymous board and all, but it was not bad since I am currently working at this company. Hope corona-chan won't change this fact because you REALLY don't want to lose your job at this time of year.

Is life overrated? I mean, what is the fundamental difference between you and a rock except you are moving in space?

| Life is not overrated. We are the universe subjectively observing itself and it's awesome to be part of it.
A rock is just inert. It does not observe or experience.

Asuka or Rei?

| Misato.

What were you doing today?

| >>638740
your mom

If God exists, why does he.

| That's assuming there is a specific reason for God to exist. For all we know, he could just be there same reason like we are.

Best relaxation tip?

| >>638775 leave your worries temporarily and zone out

What's the dumbest thought or idea to ever formulate in your head?

| Thought that everything will get better.

What is your favourite season?

| In summer, I look forward to winter, and in winter, I look forward to summer. Fall is nice, but only because here, fall is like summer and winter but going back and forth every three or four days.

Are you lookind forward to something?

| 1+2=25 severely overworked needed sleep. Spend the past 36h playing pokemon go. That was why we called it a day hat day.

| >>639736 The end of the semester. Hopefully it'll be my last one.

Got a favorite comfort food?

| Cheeseburger

Or fried rice with vegetables and maybe meat or shrimp with an egg cover like omurice

Ever done drugs under an open sky?

| I'm not a druggie. I'm already big on video games, last thing I need is another addictive and expensive hobby to pay for.

What do you think the world will be like in one year?

| >>639910
it will be a different world.

is there anything left in the world to make me happy

| People. You'll eventually meet them.

Would you like to become a lich?

| I already am a lich.

Any necromancers there? It sure got lonely because of the isolation and stuff.

| God I certainly could use a necro man right about now.

Weirdest game ever played/show ever watched/book ever read/etc?

| >>640449
tough to decide. there are many.
Beyond the Black rainbow.
recommend. absolutely
i love the God scene.
ask me for more reccs

most outlandish thing you've done?

| Picking a geocache that was hidden under a bridge. I had to walk a narrow edge for several minutes 30m above the ground. Scariest thing I've ever experienced.

What should I prepare for dinner tomorrow?

| Beef stew with mushrooms.

What is the best dish in existence?

| Hard choice, but I do have a fondness for chicken parmesan.

Funniest real full name you can think of?

| People are apparently naming kids after the Coronavirus/COVID19. (e.g. Corona Rose) Pretty funny for me cause it's the dumbest shit.

If you could revive once, what would you do to die and basically have a trial of experiencing death?

| I mean if I have the choice, I'll save that for when I have to make a heroic sacrifice or something. If I gotta die now, I guess I'd want to free fall off a tower or a mountain or a plane. Always wondered if it feels like flying.

Will you be willing to sacrifice yourself to save the lives of a million people you don't know?

| Totally.

What's one thing you realized that you took for granted before corona-chan appeares to the world?

| My job.

Do you think VR is the future?

| I think it will become more popular in the future but it's never going to become ubiquitous. In the end flat screens are good enough for everything VR does.

What are you dreading?

| >>641097
my locks

choose a supa powa. you will probably not get it bull it will be interesting to know.

| Mind reading without a doubt.

How do you stop yourself from getting depressed?

| Outta the window.

How many people are gonna die from the aliexpress flu?

| 150-200k

What is your favourite number?

| 0

What's the dumbest thing you've heard all day?

| My mom and my sister talking about the virus and discussing various political conspiracies over it (from opposite sides of the political spectrum).

Good video game recommendation?

| Underrail if you want to spend 100 hours killing psi beetles and getting high from eating barrel soup. Rimworld if colony management and organ harvesting is more of your thing. DUSK for some simple demon face-busting on a budget.

What Linux distro would you recommend for a masochist? I am not looking to fully switch bc windows is a tamed good boy on my pc, but I reckon that ripping my hair out over some obscure distro's documentation in lithuanian would be fun.

| Arch has always offered the perfect combination of obscure but useful docurentation and problems that crop up over time for me.

What is your favorite object that you own?

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