Fat asian kid that plays magic the gathering

| I kinda miss there presence. They always had american ass first names like mike or george but always something like asian as a last name. Make fun of them is middle school, only to regret and miss not them being around anymore. They were chill

| Go to an lgs and you’ll likely find this Pokemon. Or you find someone who is basically this but hot as fuck. Lord knows I want to tap ***** like a maple tree

| They are on /pol/ now

| Bro, gotta love 'em. While I'm not Asian and not fat, I do play MtG, and I really wish I knew someone like that. I feel like chill fat Asian would be an actual challenge compared to the skinny to medium size Caucasians I usually play against. I would also just like to have a chat with someone like that. They probably have some good advice and life lessons and shit after having had to struggle their way out of depression from all the bullying.

| I wish i would have a friend like this. I love to play mtg but i know only one g/u/rl to play with and he always busy

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