would you g/u/rls still like me if I became emo?

| ...u probably wouldn't...

..whatever....just forget it.....

| Go cut your wrists bottom boy

| ..................................

| I went through an emo phase during the mid 2000s. I personally don't care what you do with your own life. It doesn't affect me in the least bit.

| emo g/u/rl :o

| No

| I’d like you more if you didn’t overuse ellipses like a nimrod.

| just forget it....

I'd still like you, g/u/rl.

| I've never liked you

| g/u/rl like epic alpha male with carnivore diet who battles bears bear-handed.
Read PUA, it's totally science and says emo is beta man, not cool

| Of course. A good friend of mine is pretty emo and love her nonetheless. It's your personality that counts g/u/rl, not your style.

| Emu is best mu

| in order to support you i would have to say no

| Just be the emo cockslap you were meant to be

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