Neckbeard Cheetos

| So here I am, waiting for my next class to start. All is Quiet. Then it happpens.
The most overweight, neckbearded edgelord I have ever seen plops his sweat soaked jeans down in a chair across from me in the study area, his chained wallet jingling as he reaches for a BIG bag of crunchy Cheetos. I look at the girl in front of me and she returns the same exasperated expression I have. Neckbeard ginger starts going to fucking town on those Cheetos. What can I do? He's so damn loud.

| Thank goodness boys don't exist on the internet.

| Can't you open your mouth? Communication is a thing as far as I know and he's not illiterate

| Ask for some Cheetos next time..

| >>626655
Does he have a metal band tshirt? Keep his mouth busy, ask him what LEDs he uses on his desktop machine.

| >>626704 couldn't open my mouth out of fear the vomit would pour out. I can't stand people like that. If you can afford to go to college you can afford to bathe your onion smelling Cheetos swilling ass.

| >>627214 bloody hell, then don't complain. Not like your whimpering on the internet is somehow going to make that guy into a Chad Screwalot.

| >>627221 fuck off limey

| >>627335 no u, wanker

| >>627346 bloody hell harry, he called me a wanker!

| https://i.4cdn.org/b/1581875878499.webm

| >>627579 yeah that looks about right

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