Ask a question, answer another

| I admittingly wasn't around Danger/u/ for a few months until a few days ago. But when I came back, I noticed that a super popular thread ended in the meantime. So I thought I'd bring it back.

So as the title says, answer the question as you see fit from the last post you see. Also remember to leave a question - any kind - to ask for the person after you.

To start this off, what's on your mind?

| I was just thinking about how the internet could be influencing the minds of its users, like is it making people dumber or smartwr. Im thinking since it has such a broad variety of things to offer, its likely that dumber people will get dumber with it by looking at dumb things while smart people will get smarter with it by quenching their thirst for knowledge at a fast pace.

Do you trust any ufo sightings?

| We have some decades of accessible video recording technology, which ufo believers still conveniently don't use.

What's your drink of choice? I mean alcohol.

| >>621479 Rye and Coca Cola, a good dry apple cider, or Canadian Baby Duck if I'm in the mood.

Are there any good games you've been playing recently? If so, what?

| >>621518
Smash Ultimate, LoR:CoD and Pokémon Shield. Some Minecraft too.

What are some books you like/would like to read?

| >>621565
The Silmarillion by JRR tolkien.

What music are you listening to right now?

| Bone Machine by Tom Waits.

Where did you sleep last night?~

| In my bed...? It hasn't worked so well though, I've woken up with a swollen throat and sinus pain, and my fuckin back hurts again. I think I need a new mattress.

What is your favorite object you own?

| Not sure, probably my PC

What is your view of religion as a concept?

| I think it's really cool. I enjoy the metaphorical stuff and messages and stuff in the Bible, and I also find taking the stories there very literally can be very entertaining. There is a lot of cool stuff in religion too though, like the different gods and in Hinduism and the little differences between Judism, Islam and Christianity. Budism has some interesting stuff too. So, yeah. I'm not religious but religion is really cool.

What is your favourite anime series and movie?

| Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita and Byousoku 5 Centimeter.

Are you loved by someone?

| no? by family and friends if that counts c:
when was the prime time of your life?

| Oof idk. I think i havent reached a prime time yet. Like i feel life its a constant growd, also im still like 22 years old so... But once i studied with a well known artist in my country.
I dont have a really important question so
Ya'like jazz?

| Sometimes, if it's comfy and I'm in the mood. My favourite jazz artist right now would probably have to be Ryo Fukui. Just chillin', browsing Danger/u/, with his album Scenery playing in the background is uber comfy.


| >>621714
/u/, obviously. :)

What's on your mind?

| the fact that this is the third week in a row where ive been going to bed at 0200 despite having work at 0800 and having to leave an hour early to make it on time, leading to having to try and force myself to fix things as the week progresses.

How do you cook a white cream sauce without making it too doughy? Recipe books never give you a hard value because its "to preference" but mine is always too thiccc and is like eating partly cooked dough.

| I've never tried to make a white cream sauce but if I had to guess, cook it for less time or on lower heat or both, maybe it's like meal gravy where it you don't stir it constantly it gets fucked up, if it does become doughy maybe add some more liquid and give it a good stir

Advice for a constant low background anxiety I'm not sure the cause of
I just always feel on edge or tense but can't figure out why

| I've never tried to make a white cream sauce but if I had to guess, cook it for less time or on lower heat or both, maybe it's like meal gravy where it you don't stir it constantly it gets fucked up, if it does become doughy maybe add some more liquid and give it a good stir

Advice for a constant low background anxiety I'm not sure the cause of
I just always feel on edge or tense but can't figure out why

| >>621961
i'd say meditate. it can be guided or not. guided may anchor you instead of letting your thoughts go turbomad. take a shower early, get good earphones, and follow HemiSync or some of the other cheap shit you find on youtube. binaural beats help, look for descending delta if you want to drift off. i also suggest good music (reply back to me if you want some)

what is the most sophisticated album you've come across?

| I don't really look at albums honestly.

Considering it's 2020, are you interested at all in the Summer Olympics, or watching Tokyo's in particular?

| I don't normally watch the Summer Olympics, only the skiing and snowboarding sports. Maybe I'll check it out this year.
>>621973 No Now by Clarence Clarity is excellently produced

What sports do you play or follow? Are there any new ones you want to try?

| Does archery count? I used to do kyudo often, wasn't a great shot though. Don't have much time to start again but I would like to.

Are you capable of harboring grudges or long-lasting bitterness?

| >>622314
I barely manage to, in fact I usually outburst and cover the whole surroundings with it. I usually keep my mouth shut only when it's like money themed issues or other things.

Do you love sex?

| I love sex.

| >>622342 Admittingly I'm still a virgin. I do like porn though.

What are 3 major ways you as of right now would do to alter your life for the better?

| >>622439 pursue my own interests rather than college, keep the fuck away from crazy women and pursue a trade school.

What is your biggest regret in life?

| >>622495

not dating more in college.

well, actually, im not sure. i have had many regrets, but that is up there.

If you could change one thing in your past, presuming it didn't cause a paradox and you could actually benefit from it while remembering that you changed the past, would you, and what would you change?

| I wouldn't. I feel like everything that's happened until now is what makes me the person I am. I just want to live life how you live life and live with the consequences of everything I've done.

Do you have any pets? If not, is there an animal you would want as a pet?

| >>622504 I used to have a cat, but he passed away a few years ago. I might want a dog or another cat in the future. Or if I had the opportunity, a domesticated fox actually.

What's your biggest fear that's holding you back?

| >>622551
i don't know what i'm afraid of.
post should get more answers so don't take my reply as a seal-off okay lads?
what should i go get at the store?

| >>622663 fucking beer, dude.
Are you in love?

| Nope. And never was, and don't think will ever be.

Should I do it? Just y/n.

| We all have to learn to make decisions on our own.

Are there any good places to eat near where you live?

| Yeah, there are some good Chinese and Pizza places. I'd really like some good barbeque though.

On that note, what's your favorite type of food?

| >>623106
Nourishing one, IDK. I'm kinda having a shift in tastes rn, so sorry, I can't say more than that.

Why is it so fucking unbearable?

| >>623131 a shifting taste in food can be difficult, but very rewarding in the end. You get to experience a different kind of food in a way you couldn't previously. Best of luck g/u/rl!

Which of your projects or creative endeavors are you most proud of?

| >>623227 i once worked on a joke rpg maker pokemon fangame and got pretty far with it. Im only proud of it because its the most amount of dedication ive put to a project and itll be fun to play to look back on when im older. Otherwise its nothing special and kinda cringe.

Do you have a clear direction in life?

| No, not really. I kind of have pointers, you know? Things with paths that I want to follow, but it is all secondary stuff if you get me. Stuff to do in my spare time, not a job. I'm thinking I'm gonna dabble in creative stuff though, and see how that goes, since I'm very much fucking up my normal career path.

Do you have people you love? Both romantically and as friends or family?

| Nobody romantically. I have a few family members I love, but most of them just feel like people I know the more I think about it. To be honest, I'd be hard pressed to tell my parents I love them.

Do you think it is socially acceptable to have serious waifus, e.g. going on dates with your figurines? If you had to have one, who would you choose?

| >>623887 no it's not socially acceptable and imo it shouldn't be until we've got really good Androids. But if I had to choose a figurine to own it's a toss up between a Blanc (neptunia) and a Miku

If/when Androids get good enough would you fuck one

| >>623887 no it's not socially acceptable and imo it shouldn't be until we've got really good Androids. But if I had to choose a figurine to own it's a toss up between a Blanc (neptunia) and a Miku

If/when Androids get good enough would you fuck one

| Fuck yeah I would! I'm waiting for Dorothy.

Do you read a lot of manga? If so, what are some of your favourites?

| >>623902 I do quite alot and some of my favourites are Berserk, A-Channel, Attack on Titan, Useless Ponko, Flying Witch and more recently, Demon Slayer.

Would you become immortal if you could? The means by which you become immortal are your choice but it is only you who can be immortal.

| >>624180 to live forever would eventually grow boring because you would've seen every event, every war, every worldwidd debate etc.

It doesn't sound very fun, to say the least, so no.

Have you ever traveled somewhere special or memorable, if so, where?

| Probably my cabin in the woods. Might be a boring answer, but that place is very special for me. I've had both one of my worst and one of my most chill weeks there. It's just a really nice place away from everything else, where I've got nice childhood memories and where I can just take a break from everything and live slightly more primitively. I'm not there often, but I love that place. I absolutely love it.

Are you engaged in politics? Why or why not?

| I don't really talk about it much with my friends, but I do have several opinions that I mostly keep to myself and around a few family members. I grew up in a family that had drastically different political views than the area around us. Although I don't mind discussing and have friends who share different viewpoints from myself, I worry about being ostracized in the long run.

What's your morning routine?

| Breakfast walk the dog and study or see some TV
How was your first time having sex?

| you assume like there's anyone that had sex on /u/

favorite electronica musician?

| I don't know if Nine Inch Nails counts. If it doesn't, Aphex Twin.

Do you play an instrument ? If yes, which one(s) ? If not, is there an instrument that you like in particular ?

| I play the piano somewhat well. I've been learning to play the dwarf fortress theme for a while now.

What do you do when you're sick to pass the time until you get healthy?

| >>624422
bro i tuck myself in bed and watch dokus with some tea and biscuits

what country is the best?

| >>624438 Canada, eh? At least, from the ones I've been to (which is a fair few for sure), I still think Canada is the best. Keep in mind, I am fairly partial towards it though, haha.

Is there anything in particular you want to see happen in your life these next few years?

| >>624453 Get married, buy a house have a couple kids. Not looking good with the way things are going in this day and age though.

What childhood dreams do you have that you've either given Up on or moved past?

| >>624493
bein happy and having friends n shit
i used to be so depress and hopeful that i had/knew zero person but now i just kinda gave up and don't think it's gonna happen anymore.
i remember i used to be a lively kid

what's something you really believe in?

| I wholeheartedly believe that the biggest indicator of success is the effort you put into your end goal. You can't just expect to do barely anything and get what you want, but if you refuse to give up and tell your doubts to fuck off you'll be able to do pretty much anything you have the drive to keep doing.

So, do you think manga is literature?

| >>624567 I want to say yes, but also no. I find it hard to elaborate on that point, apart from whether there's a story behind it, and not just two retards fighting each other.

What do you like the most and why?

| >>624601 I'm heavily invested into video games, so I'll say that for hobby wise. Although if you mean just what you love most, I'm close with my immediate family. We drive each other nuts but I can't imagine life without them.

So what would you do for a Klondike bar?

| >>624609 drive to the gas station and pay 2.50$.

Who is best girl and why is it Jill?

| Jill is pretty much me. She's a bartender, she's a bit depressed, lonely and lost in her life. She's a nerd and passionate about what she does. I've never felt that touched and empathic for a video game character.

What drink from VA-11 HALL-A would you try ?

| I can't remember what it's called but the one that tastes like champagne served in a glass with a little bit of cola left.

What happened to dangeru while I was gone and why is it so much better now?

| >>625024 you want the Cobalt Velvet. How long ago were you here? Guess it's hard to see gradual change. Mods did disable capt-chan, so there's that. Definitely upped the quantity of threads.

If you were on death row, what would you want your last meal to be?

| I'd like them to be crepes like sweet ones the ones with Nutella banana and shit

Do you have any pets? If you don't, what's your favorite animal?

| I used to have a cat, but he passed away a few years ago. I always had a love of canines (I really like foxes) and horses mostly.

How far have you come?

| Farther than I expected, but I still have a very long way to go.

What is a thing or concept that fascinates you?

| I'm gaining an interest into researching the Mandela Effect.

You're on a deserted island, turns out for the rest of your life. You have provided all the essentials to survive along with you. With that is mind, what is the one thing you would take with you?

| A gun with one loaded bullet.

Is Pluto a planet?

| The people who choose if it is or ain't say it ain't, so I guess it's not.

Do you have a story you would like to tell? If so, please tell it.

| When I was a kid i lived on the island Guam. One night when I was in bed I felt like someone was watching me so I look to the end of the bed and I see what looked like a World War II Japanese officer. He had red eyes I was the so scared I couldn't even scream.

Do you believe in ghosts?

| No.

Do you?

| I don't know, probably yes...

You mean actual undead creatures, or like a concept of people living inside of you, like a model you have established of someone else, from fiction or reality kind of thing ?

| I don't know myself whether or not ghosts do exist. But I wouldn't be surprised considering all the scares I've had over the years.

Speaking of the undead, what's your goto thing to do in a zombie apocalypse?

| A zombie apocalypse. . .I would first attempt to locate my two best friends, and let them stay with my family at the large household. From this, we could get armed, and fortify the place with the many resources we have. Especially since we have a lot of water reserves.

While we're talking about the apocalypse; when do you believe will civilization crumble away, with goverments and infrastructure falling away?

| When humanity either wars itself into regression or when we take to the stars.
Do you like the ocean?

| i like the ocean like a gay socially stunted artist likes his nude girl models which is to say very aesthetically pleasing from the shore but absolutely terrifying when in contact or trying to learn about its wildlife and stuff, totally alienating even

is it bad to hear a song about freedom and constantly associate it with suicidal moods thus probably dishonouring it? (the song is Good Riddance by Darren Korb)

| I haven't heard the song, but, I'm not sure. "Dishonouring it" with you thoughts is a fucking dumb concept. Like, that's worrying way too much. Associating freedom with suicide probably isn't a good thing though, if you genuinely view those two things as one and the same. Death is not something better homie. It's a surefire way to loose your chance to have it better. A chance that always exists as long as you live.

What is your favourite software?

| I'm basic bish windows I guess lol

Have you ever fell hard for a fictional character? Like really thought that it's scary how much I like this character and wish they were real?

Because I'm socially withdrawn knave lol

| No.

| >>626536
Yeah, sometimes I think its pretty scary how hard I fell for someone that doesn't exist. There are still points in time where I'll use them as a motivational boost to try and help during hard times by either listening to their voice lines or replaying the game.

What is your favourite breakfast meal?

| >>626659 Pancakes, bacon, soft boiled eggs and oatmeal with honey. Pair with black coffee and melon, breakfast of champions.

If you could have one food or drink from a game or TV show, what would it be?

| I can't think of a good fictional recipe at the moment. But if it can be a real desert, I've been thinking about trying coffee jelly after bingeing Saiki K.

So, how would you go about changing the world?

| "I don't want to change the world, I just want to leave it colder"

In all seriousness most people won't ever get the chance to make a huge impact so I try and be friendly and help where I can in my little puddle

What media are you consuming, and what's your favorite type of media?

| "I don't want to change the world, I just want to leave it colder"

In all seriousness most people won't ever get the chance to make a huge impact so I try and be friendly and help where I can in my little puddle

What media are you consuming, and what's your favorite type of media?

| What I am currently consuming? Well, I currently enjoy listening to vaporwave kinda stuff, but I also enjoy some experimental and gaming music. In terms of viewing; just some gaming-related news and science stuff. As for series; I enjoy watching Megalo Boxing, Akagi and Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor every once in a while.

| >>626778 I also currently listen to gaming music, and I mostly play games and read books.

What's your best idea for a good prank?

| >>626948
A fake good news that hides one even better on the same subject. I'm not a huge fan of pranks.

Did you try VR and did you enjoy it? (context: feels it gets boring fast)

| I have a Quest, so I have played quite a bit. I really like it, but I don't play that often. SUPERHOT VR was an amazing experience, but Beatsaber and all the other games I have can get pretty boring. I'm really excited for Alyx rhou

| (sorry, clicked submit on accident)
for Alyx though. Definitely sideloading that when it comes out. I haven't checked if Boneworks can be sideloaded, but I want that too. Basically, VR is great when you play good creative games, and aside from that it's basically just arcade games and VR Chat.

To continue the theme of VR, do you believe something like SAOs nervegear is ever going to be created, and if so, what kind of impact do you think it would make, and would you use it?

| I definitely think it's possible and coming to the future soon. Especially when I read articles about tech allowing you to feel pain from VR games! I definitely would use it just so I can play into this weird fantasy of being Tsukasa from .hack and just float around in beautiful places talking to AIs to forget about the real world.
I imagine that the world would be significantly impacted by such a development

| ...in that if such technology could be used in entertainment purposes then maybe if can be applied in business or even military purposes? Like logging on to go to work instead of always leaving the house or complete training for a foreign mission, stuff like that lol

My question would be...how do you interpret dreams? Do you think of them as a reflection of the subconscious or maybe a link to another world or do you believe they are meaningless?

| >>627038
>Do you think of them as a reflection of the subconscious or maybe a link to another world or do you believe they are meaningless
all three.
when you're dreaming you're partially connecting to a tuned energy space. mostly it's just you and your subconscious/emotions/whatever, but your psychic defenses are weaker when you're asleep, thus resulting in recurring monsters in dreams, premonitions, etc etc
don't make me fucking hate the word psychic i'm trying to rehabilitate it

| >>627090
(post was too long) what is the most epic/surreal thing that happened to you?

| It might sound lame as fuck to you, but a LAN party I partially worked at. I've never really been to any events of any kind, ever, but I started working with a group last year that organises events and stuff, so I was part of the crew and got to be there for free and stuff. But, basically, those days felt so fucking surreal. Tons of people to hang out with and a surprisingly fancy VIP area for the crew and some of the scuffed shit me and my homies did. It was epic and surreal.

| (same post lenght problem)
Now, that probably doesn't sound exciting, but, idk. I'm mostly just either at school or alone in my room, so such a big social event with great people and stuff was very overwhelming, extremely fun and still doesn't really feel real.

What holidays do you celebrate, if any?

| I'm not too much of holiday person but the only one I care for is Halloween since I love dressing up and I love candy lol but maybe if I settled down I would celebrate Christmas if just for my kids

What did you do today considering it's Valentine's day? How do you view this holiday and do you think it has any real value?

| I did nothing, I mean, what did you expect from someone lurking here? I think it's fine, just another tradition and these things are valuable in a cultural sense. If only they weren't so bloody consumerist, the all-consuming market be damned.

Speaking of, what do you feel about this globalist economy we've got going on? Would you want your country to be more self-sufficient? Or that all should join into a global economic union, making us inseparable from each other?

| Self suffcient. While it's nice to have things from other places, it makes it easy for everything to crash if everyone is dependent on one another. I'd rather my country pick and choose who to trade with without our livelihood be compromised.

What's something that you tend to randomly think about?

| People close to me dying. As in scenarios of people I live and care about die, and what the impact of their death would be like and how it would make me feel, how they would die, that kind of stuff. It just randomly pops up in my head way more than it should.

Could you give a quick description of the person in your life that brings you the most happiness?

| I dont have a person in my life that gives me happiness I dont really connect with people but I dont know if I feel alone I dont really feel anything anymore its hard to explain

Do you feel satisfied with your life, are you who you want to be?

| Tbh no,for some reason I never thought I would reach age 26 something about dying at 21 like a half sister of mine always blocked out the thought of me seeing the future I guess. Now I'm just leech who plays games all day and when i feel like it i try and help out where I can. Having depression and chronic pain gets in the way of that tho.

Cliche I know but if you could meet anyone dead or living who would it be and what would your first meeting be like? What would you talk about?

| I really want to meet David Bowie and just say thanks to him for the music that changed me. Probably enough for me. You can drink beer with him, of course.

What is the peculiarity of all the things that have become popular? How?

| >>627461 Well for starters, the popular thing has to have a backing that puts it into the limelight somehow. It comes popular because other people spread the message of it.

Speaking of which, which meme do you think is next to be pulled into the mainstream?

| I hope it will be "I love sex.", because I love sex.

Do you think there is a purpose to know many trades nowadays ?
Like, be a specialist in 2 domains.

| I think the more the better! Having a high level skill can easily take you around the world with a little creativity. The only problem is the whole Jack of all trades, master of none thing. But if it's only two areas of speciality then you'll probably be good. Especially if they work well together!

What is you belief surrounding human nature? How did you form that belief and came to that conclusion?

| human nature... you can't just throw it into a category of "bad", "good", or even "inbetween". human nature is an underlying framework of ideas. take aliens, what would make them fundamentally different is the structure (biological, cultural, racial, social, historical, and some more) that they are built upon. it's very hard to influence this... "background".

| i used to watch lots of gore videos, cartel, murders, torture. when you put everything into context, it doesn't mean humans are predisposed to evil or valor. they're just human and all can go bad or good, most are grey and "typical".

| question can you explain this to me?

|I am a Japanese ex-Yakuza in exile somewhere in South-Eastern Asia. I retreated in the obscure regions of Bali, where i have been keeping low for some time. One day, i wake up early as the birds sing.]
dungeonAI: "I walk out of my house and into the garden. There is no one there. The sun shines brightly outside, but it has not yet risen here at all. It is still night in Japan, so it must be morning in Bali."

| what the hell does that mean? the Sun rises earlier in Japan than in Indonesia??? and how can it shine bright if it hasn't even risen yet?????

| >>8f8b4d I have no fucking idea man.

What's your current main goal that you are working towards?

| I am planning to get a bachelor's degree and then find a cold place to die in another country.

| How are you today?

| I'm feeling very good, infact. I've suffered from caffeine withdrawal yesterday and went to sleep at 6 pm and woke up at 6:40 am today, and I've gotten some amazing sleep.

How physically fit are you, and how fit do you intend to become within the current year?

| I'm not the most fit, but I'm surprisingly fit considering I eat a lot of snacks, fast food, I smoke, massive amounts of energy drinks, and I don't really do any physical activities. Like, I'm still very far from chubby and I have decent stamina. I want to start going to the gym though, so hopefully I'll do that and get a little more fit by the end of the year.

What's your favourite idle passtime?

| Overthinking, probably if not that then anything to indulge my fujoshi side lolol

If you were to give your current self stats from an rpg game, how would you rate yourself and what would be a specialty you'd lean toward?

(Ex: 10- Int, 12- Str, specialty-singing or studying ancient tomes, etc)

| Str 10
Dex 11
Con 14
Int 16
Wis 13
Cha 16
Specialty: Humour, logical thinking.

Not exactly accurate pointbuy, but you get the idea.

Do you enjoy roleplaying, and if so, how often do you do it?

| I don't really roleplay myself. The extent of that are the rpgs I like to play.

What's one amazing super talent that you would love to have? And to make this balanced, what drawbacks would it have?

| I would probably like to have the ability to move my body really well, like backflips and gymnastics and just be able to dance really well. I guess a drawback for me would be I would get horrible winded afterwards and have to rest for quite some time before doing so again.

What's your stance on God? Do you believe in such an existence or do you believe in many Gods/Goddess or nothing at all?

| I don't believe; while i don't think it's possible to disprove the supernatural or answer every question scientifically, i also don't have the raising or experiences, and certainly haven't encountered arguments, to make me take any faith on its own terms (though they can be valuable or harmful for their impacts on what people do or feel)

How many of your childhood memories do you think are real vs. envisioned based on what you heard about events later?

| I don't remember much. Only the bad stuff, and it sure was real.

Do you prefer to live with hope or succumb to despair?

| I wonder if anyone can claim to live either way strongly? I know for me there are many times I want to succumb to despair just stay in bed and either away but I think without even really realizing it I have hope even if it's for a far away tomorrow. It's just a little flame in my chest that won't allow me to fall off the edge. I'm not sure it that's a good thing or not since we never know if tomorrow brings better days ahead.

What's a piece of fiction that change your life?

| Haibane Renmei.

What's your favorite coffee drink?

| Milk + Coffee + Sweetened Condensed Milk = perfection.

What's the most depressing story (can be from a game, book, movie, show, etc) that you've experienced?

| Not sure if most, but Elfen Lied is pretty fucking depressing.

Where are you going in life?

ヽ(`・ω・´)ゝ Bursting through the space I have the opportunity to occupy, in the small time frame I'm given, cultivating randomness as I breathe the delicious polluted air around this wonderful little rock.

Question is, where are YOU going in life !

| I am brewing tasty coffee and making mornings bearable for people.

What are you doing?

| Sitting in the break room eating a kit kat

Do you think there is a purpose for our existence?

| Stuff like rope or knives have all sorts of purposes, depending on how you use them. So I'd say existing can have a purpose, but you have to decide it for yourself.

Do you still spend time just thinking? Maybe while going for a walk or in the shower or such?

| Oh I do mostly at work when there isn't any clients around.
What's your favourite app?

| Tachiyomi. The best manga app in my opinion. Piracy is bad, but I haven't found any legal alternatives with the same amount of features yet.

Do you think humanity will make it to the stars? Will we ever conquer our galaxy, or the laws of physics simply won't allow it?

| Scarcity economics, population growth, lack of planetary unity will probably prevent it. We might make it if we get our shit together and start making space infrastructure but we're probably too far away to build it before we all die.

Do you have something you live by? A quote, a book, a religion, etc?

| I don't really have any ideals, codex or anything similar I live by. I guess you could say that I believe in the good of people: that we can all get along on some level. I live to succeed in life, but I could happily be with people or help them if they ask me.

What 'goal' do you want to reach in life? [becoming a bartender living in a house with a family, or becoming a world traveler]

| Being able to earn enough to at least get by and be able to do creative work. I will probably never be able to live purely off creative stuff (making games, music, writing) but I want to someday have that as a profitable hobby. That's about it.

What is your favourite retro game?

| I'm not very keen on retro games, but if had to choose I would picked up "Adventure" on Atari 2600, because of the very first Easter egg.

Where a hedgehog goes every night?

| I'm not very keen on retro games, but if had to choose I would picked up "Adventure" on Atari 2600, because of the very first Easter egg.

Where a hedgehog goes every night?

| >>629077
To the Scrap Brain Zone.

What is that thing you looked up to during your childhood/early teens that you lost all esteem for?

| There are multiple answers to this. But Bill Nye is one of them.

The world is going to be hit by a giant meteor in 30 days. There will most likely be a mass extinction event errupting from this. How would you spend that time?

| If the world's infrastructure doesn't immediately shit down I'd like to visit a friend of mine who lives in the US. Then I'd probably spend most of my time chilling with friends and family. It would probably be quite melancholic, but I'd try to make our last days fun and worthwhile.

Do you often contemplate death?

| (*shut down)

| I wouldn't say very often but often enough. I'm just thankful therapy is working as it should for now, I guess lolool

What's your ultimate kink?

| Very young girls. Not preteens, but almost.

What's your penultimate kink?

| You g/u/rls.

What's your end goal? When you've grown up, worked your life, done what you need to do, what do you want your twilight hours to look like? Cabin on a mountain? Nice house somewhere warm? Traveling the globe? What do you want your end days to look like?

| I want to build a small house on a cliff by the ocean in Italy or France where I'd have a small farm with 2 horses and some chickens, a dog and some cats, and have flower/herb garden. A place that's close to the town where i can ride my bike into town and buy fresh baked bread while feeling the sea breeze. A little slice of paradise.

What would you say is your spirit animal?

| I'd like to say fox. But apparently I seem to get wolf according to a few quizes I just took. So I guess that's it.

On that note, if you had no chose to forsake your humanity and become another species, what animal would you choose to be?

| A komodo dragon
What's the last book you read ?

| "The Giza Power Plant : Technologies of Ancient Egypt"
I found it casually in a random garage sale near my house

The Author, (A former High tech machinist, programmer, operator of high-power industrial lasers and project engineer in aerospace manufacturing) exposes his theory in what the Giza pyramids served the purpose not to be tombs , but an advance earth resonator who was used as a power plant to generate energy.

your first waifu?

| Never had a waifu and don't see the point with people displaying theirs, even if it's ironically. It's just not very interesting.

What was the last meal you cooked for someone that got great reception?

| Two weeks ago I made lunch for my roommates and they said it was really good.

Who was your first love?

| Fictional? Probably Danny Fenton from Danny Phantom. Or Jake Long. Reality? Haven't found that yet.

Say you were interrogating someone. How would you squeeze out the information you're looking for?

| Just start beating them. Completely senseless. Don't ask for anything. Don't say anything. Just start beating the absolute hell out of them. They'll tell you everything they possibly can eventually.

What's your favorite thing to put in coffee or tea?

| I usually drink only tea, most likely green. But if I had to add sth there I would make masala chai, it's a kind of tea with milk and some Indian spices. It tastes great!

What is your next question?

| I usually drink only tea, most likely green. But if I had to add sth there I would make masala chai, it's a kind of tea with milk and some Indian spices. It tastes great!

What is your next question?

| The first question in this thread.

What's on your mind?

| Fucked up how a goblet is a cup and not a small goblin.

What's the best DND race and/or class?

| Statistically? I have no idea. My personal favourite has to be dragonborn though. Not those cunts with tails who everyone calls dragonborn but are actually half-dragon, but pure dragonborn. They're just cool, and my favourite PC I play is dragonborn, so, yeah.

Have you ever played D&D? If not, would you be interested in trying it?

| I haven't but good God I do want to. I've studied the lore for quite some time now and I know most classes pretty well but I can't apply that knowledge because I'm not too keen on playing with strangers and my friends have no real interest in D&D.

Might as well continue the trend, what's your favorite tabletop setting?

| Haven't played myself, but Planescape and Shadowrun definately've got my attention. Once they localize the latter I'll torture a couple of friends with it.

Speaking of which. Is it possible to run a good campaign having no prior expirience at tabletops?

| I feel like I can't for answering again after just two questions, but yes. I have done it. I just read up on it a bit and watched a few tutorial videos by Matt Mercer, and then just kinda went for it. Now we have two groups that play very regularly and are supported with a place to be and dice and stuff. It's fully possible. Go for it :)

What is a place you want to travel to, and why?

| (feel a cunt)

| (like a cunt)
(I hate everything)

| >>630374 I regret asking. Can't sleep now. Why? Why did you do this to me?

| >>630422 Thanks for input. My loyal subjects would've suffered either way, but it is nice to know that it's doable.

| >>eb9596 definitely canada. There's someone i want to see again.

If given the chance that the first thing in your mind would materialize at this very moment, what would appear?

| gun+bullet maybe

how to make friendos pleaze?

| Be nice and positive even if you don't always agree with people, and take the courage to initiate conversations. It's all about finding people you enjoy being around with, and making the same people enjoy your presence too.

When do you go to sleep?

| Usually around 11 pm. I used to stay up to about 3 am around once per week, but I've not had the desire in a while. Tonight, I think I'll go to bed earlier because I've a killer headache, though.

What time of day is your favorite?

| >>630471
i don't think you understand. there is nobody around
>It's all about finding people
yes how to do that

| >>630486
My favorite time of day is usually right at sun up. Generally when I can enjoy it though. Something just so beautiful about seeing the sun rise and the world slowly light up. Wish I could actually enjoy that time instead of having to join the rat race to work.

What would be your idea of a utopia?

| One where people actually can disagree with each other without resulting to insults or demonization. That and a fuckton of gamers everywhere.

Where'd you hide the body?

| The crack shack. You know where.

Do you feel like you have enough happiness in your life?

| I feel like i should be happy rn but i have the same emotion as a brick wall. I think i'm genuinely broken. Srry for dropping by this thread again.

If you can change one thing from your past, what would it be and why?

| That one time I accidentally hit my dad in the face with a golf club.

If you had the power to kill a person without anyone knowing of your involvement, would you do it? To whom? And why?

| I can't think of anyone I'd want to kill. Lame answer, sorry. If I had to choose someone to kill though... maybe I'd kill Russian spammer g/u/rl, to protect Danger/u/. I really don't hold enough grudges in order to want to kill anyone.

What's the best breakfast to wake up to?

| The best breakfast is obviously toast with scrambled eggs and a side of bacon.

What's one piece of knowledge that you would give to another person, but in turn lose that knowledge?

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