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here's a deal

| Dear mods,

As seen in the threads above. We have proven ourselves to be mature adults to not need captchan. If at any point you will put her back up, can I propose that Sunday is a day that there is no captcha?


| captchan was not put in place to deal with assholes. that's a job for the mods...

captchan was put in place because the existence of the site was in danger. and no mod should have to fight this kind of threat.

if captchan is commissioned again, i'm glad i'll still be able to post, and i'll still post.

i'm not a mod tho, so idk maybe i'm wrong

| >>619814
This is correct. I don't know why people think it was because of shit posting. It was because the site got fucking spammed to death with Russian and child porn, so the mods had to either do something to prevent that happening or shut down the site.

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These posts are correct.

| Without the Danger/u/ Moderation Team there would be no New Danger/u/
The mods toiled for the community
The mods of one heart saved Danger/u/
It pointed to the road of liberation for the g/u/rls
It led Danger/u/ towards the light.

| Praise the Osaka loli!

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SHHHT you'll make her blush ;_;

| Deal or No Deal?

| Seal!

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