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I'm convinced that the captcha for posting answers is a shitpost bot

| I just lose my shit every time I reply on a thread
That's about it

| "teary aerie podia"
Yep, sounds bout right

| prefetcher secretly sells captcha data to the military so that they can create the best shitposting ai

| eddy hock lewd

| webs kept jaunt... I could see it >>616568

| kevin lurk flush

| >flubs xingu burst
What kind of scuffed JRPG would that be that?

| >feed award item

| bingo hag waits
Ok, so that's a story and I wanna know what happens next

| >dodge fests pare

Dodge what now?

| Also >lorie sadie labs
Wonder what goes on there?

| >>616730
it's near >krone ante bay

| >mare flour inept
who was mare?

| >pubic stags lied
an immoral parasite

| Idk but anyone hungry for >rice plate belem

| >>616844
>also gnu odes

| >bosh sloop ore
Truely the most valuable ore.

| >lend pees piano
if pee had a piano, i don't think it would let anyone borrow it.

| >raged downy betty
!! captchan, you can't say that !!

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This thread is permanently archived