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poncho's are comfy

| It's like wearing a blanket everywhere, I'd put it up there with kotatsus tbh

| Agreed, ponchos are op.

| I found it hard to move in those shits, always dangling everywhere. Not like you'd wear those indoors or in cold weather in any case, so I'll give them a 3/10, bonus point for having Raiden wear one of them for a shitty gag.

| They seem kinda nice.

| I used to wear a poncho, it was the best shit ever.

| Yes, they are

| >>616305 do you live in JP ? I don't think that I would get one in my area because it doesn't match the aestchetic but i sure as hell would like to try it

| i meant the kotatsu

i agree with poncho
i like the design

| >>616402
no I don't, also I tried futons but It was so firm it didn't feel as comf as the poncho. Maybe it was just past its expiration date or smth idk, my weeb self still enjoyed it tho

| Closest thing I’ve worn to a poncho are shawls or those plastic hoods they give you for going to maid of the mist. I don’t like or dislike ponchos, but I do lean towards a style that doesn’t account for them. One day I might try them more.

| Ponchos are great, but it's impossible to go outside in one and not get a lot of very weirded out/mocking looks.

| Serapé for life.

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This thread is permanently archived