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what are some big projects that you are doing right now?

| Or planning to do but don't have time?

I;d like to know all about your big ideas!

| I hate gypsies
Like they are not even human beings, wtf

| >>616217 that's not a project, that's just an insensitive opinion. Exterminating all gypsies - now that's a project!

| >>616218
Too much hassle. Besides, I've heard one guy tried already and now everybody hates nationalism for some reason.

| Im trying to get my art into a gallery but theres no results for the moment

| My goal is to have sex with OP. Everyone please support me wholeheartedly!

| >>616217
Same, except I also hate indians, not just gypsies. Man, what a harsh world we live in...

| Oh, right, the project. I'm trying to reverse-engineer zyclon B formula. I'm gonna need some help so if you're up please contact me at fbi.gov

| >>616244
Please reverse-engineer badass uniforms and sexy tanks.
Thank you in advance.

| I am thinking about making a couch co-op video game based on the Snow Crash pizza delivery scene. I will probably start on it next weekend, but there's no progress except reused code left.

| Learning moon.
What's funny is that I can easily remember and read kanji, but can't for the life of me remember words that are written in kana only, or simply read some things on the internets where people don't always convert to kanji. Listening comes hard, too.
also ファックニッゲルス

| Currently making a viking themed board/card game. Basically a physical dungeon crawler where the grid is made out of cards. The point of it is to explore the map, fight monsters, and when all the normal monsters have been defeated PvP activates and the last one standing wins. Hopefully it'll turn out alright.

| I have a webcomic that I update in my spare time, but I wouldn't call it a big project.

| Hosting a wiki for danger/u/ and a subsection for /cyb/.

Heavily delayed at the moment, though.

| I am preparing for my college entrance examination,
Only after passing the exam can I go to college,
At present I have about 150 days to go to the exam,
wish me luck

| >>616324


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