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How do you guys socialize / connect with others?

| I came here after checking for a long time Twitter, the lists I have and the content is not as great as it used to be, but gave me a comfortable “danger/u/“ sensation. It kind of feels like society is settling in more toward the “appearance” of connecting, and actually connecting less. So I wondered what you guys think of this, and what apps, services, websites or ways you use to connect with others online beyond brief discussions.

| I mostly use Discord for that, but the fact that I only have one true friend I've gotten there even though I got Discord the month it released says a lot. Befriending people and having proper conversations is not that easy online.

| >>616134 somehow I don’t manage to socialize on discord as well as on Skype. Contacting people there and talking or trying to follow conversations is a bit more difficult. And everyone is becoming more and more cold toward attempts to get to know each other, at least that’s what I notice everywhere.

| None. I only socialize irl, people contact me either through xmpp or phone calls. Fuck social media and other datamining cancer.

| I use discord and snapchat a lot. I think a lot of people struggle to connect bc disconnecting nowadays is equally hard. For people that need to be alone, it's impossible to get away, so everyone is hesitant to attach themselves to anyone else

| What >>616168 said.
Speaking as someone who quit facebook and other garbage ~4 years ago. Social media pollutes your brain, there's nothing worthwhile on it, same for discord, you also pay with your data.
It's a bit hard making friends when you say you don't use bullshit services, you'll sometimes get strange looks from others, like you're some kinda creep. But if you don't give in to social pressure from literal zombies it actually feels great to be free from all of this.

| I don’t
And I recommend this

| >>616170This is an interesting point, I didn't consider it enough put in these words.
>>616173 I do get those looks, because I don't use Facebook, as if it were the holy grail of must-have.
Problem with me is that in real life I struggle with the language barrier and must-have-fun, instagram-reality, I-have-the-money-and-socialize-only-in-clubs mentality. I put them in these way because they do sound as obnoxious as how they're written. It's a struggle to find like-minded people.

| >>616130
Every time I tried to get into mainstream internet I felt so alienated I had to quit. It brings out the worst in me. I'm not sure if it's because I'm a bad person, but if I stay away I feel much better.
I wish I could be at peace and resign that things have changed in a way I disagree with and I'll never get what I want. Nobody agrees with my world view anyway and I only come across as an old grump, so might as well shut up and give up.

| The only way of connecting that I have with people is trolling and fucking with them, I know that I shouldnt do it but the entertainment they provide is far better than friending them.

| >>616286
I disagree. I do enjoy doing that myself. It can be extremely entertaining, but I've found that not being an asshole can get me more benefits and more joy overall, though it's still fun.

| >>616286
I gauge if I want to be in a community by how much attention is given to the shitposters.

| >>616290 >>e82c36 what kind of benefits? All I see nowadays is people being deceitful and hating each other, this is especially true if you are an average looking guy and even worse if you are ugly

| >>616295
Benefits like having people who actually like me and care about me, and who I enjoy the company of.

| >>616295
>be a reclusive fuck with no social skills
>"Why does everyone hate average and ugly looking guys, somciety, bottom text?"

| >>e82c36 are you an attractive individual?

>>c106f2 the reason that I became reclusive is because I am ugly, it is hard to develop social skills when majority of the people see you as a subhuman lmao

| >>616302 don't know what kind of snobby shithole you're living in, but overall people don't care about your appearance all that much if you're an interesting person to be with. That doesn't mean you can get away with looking like Donkey Kong with unwashed, lice infested facial hair, but as long as you know personal hygiene you're good to go.

| >>616302
I am not particularly attractive, no. I'm average at most.

Being viewed as subhuman is something I am too. Most people don't know it, but some of my friends and family are aware that I'm attracted to kids, so that's a pretty poor excuse. I have people who dislike me just because I'm weird because of my looks, how I dress, all the that shit, and I still have friends and a social life. It may sound cheesy but it's all about confidence and getting out there talking to cunts.

| CINTTIATFOTT. This string of letters means something which I will reveal later.

| >>616168 woah xmpp sounds like smth I wanted for a loong time

| So, what I'm wondering now, beyond this amiable place, is whether there are possibilities for me to find more akin souls somewhere else. It kind of feels disconnected, doesn't it? I don't mind danger/u/ and its g/u/rls, I mean the world, the apps, and so on. These types of boards are probably what the future entail, no real long-term interaction, anonymous need for talking to hide from corporations after naturally disconnecting from social interactions, and difficult of re-contact.

| Every time I try, I just end up hating everyone a bit more.

| I just try to fit myself into what my less outcast friends like

| There must be though a way, app, places, something that lets people reconnect again properly. Like VR is doing for people with social anxiety thanks to the experience itself and the way its delivered, but still different from that.

| >>616311
This protocol has been around since 1999, you obviously haven't looked hard enough.

| >>616504
I just gave up. It's a waste of time to dumpster dive just to find people who will disappoint you later instead of now. Everyone says the same stupid shit anyway, and if they're not anonymous they'll fake the entire script.
Everyone has the spine and integrity of a wet noodle. I hate every second I have to spend among people, text on anonymous boards is already far too much but sadly I am condemned to be a social animal.

| >>616317 this is probably the best text board i have lurked on, not sure of others but the ammount of people here are enough which makes me come back here. I would wish people talked a bit more though

| I try way too hard and probably come off as weird or awkward way more than I would if I were just myself. But nobody would probably understand me if I came off as myself thus not wanting to talk to me at all.

| Just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for answering my thread and all the times I kept repeating I wanted to find something new or a new app. I appreciate your time a lot.
I also wanted to say that I see a lot of patterns toward “it’s not worth it”, “I am myself, it is like this, I can’t change it”, “it’s because of who I am”, “nobody talks enough”.
Most of us are here thanks to Va-11 Ha-11, aren’t we? We listened to plights and mixed drinks changing lives. We’ll overcome.

| I think that finding good friends is about luck. I spent a lot of years with the same group of people, at first I just tried to like the same things as them but as time went by I began opening myself and looking for things I like, I shared a little bit of those things with them and I received shit. But overall I like hanging out with them to act like an idiot with them.

| I only use social media. I don't trust that anxiety inducing "eye contact" bullshit.

That's how you guys sound when someone asked what social media you use and you started complaining about datamining.

| >>616262
I don't really use almost any SM either. The only thing close to it I use is Discord; however with me not using Instagram or Snapchat, my classmates pretty much see me as alien.

| all my internet friends are suicidal or mentally ill (i am too). they dont treat me like trash and we are so shameless that we can talk to each other about deep personal problems no bully.

i dont really know how i accumulate these friendships. i just expose my vulnerabilities behind pseudonyms and people choose to get close to me. idk how that works but you can try it. it helps if you are a basketcase subhuman freak like me.

| I don’t know exactly what it is, but I feel like this: friendships are generally born from experiences together, from trust and actions. I feel like many in real life just do the usual bland kind of acts and experiences, or maybe I’m the one different from being a normie. Going to drink and saying jokes and drinking and dancing aren’t the kind of experiences I long for ever. When I bond with them I appreciate them and how they are, but I can’t help feeling lack of something more.

| >>617498


| The use of boards or social media contribute to an underlying internet addiction.

| >>617498
Normie or not, we all mostly do the same bland things. Life is repetitive and habit based. We all live in cycles, and breaking those are sometimes necessary to do things like making friends. Sometimes they can also contribute to making friends. Everything depends on your situation in life and the direction you want to go. I wish you the best of luck.


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