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How 2 keep doing anything?

| My energy level is low and I don't know how to return it back to normal. At any time I feel the same tiredness and cannot continue working on something.

| Consider taking vitamins, especially B complexes and B12. Many people I know have had the same issue until they took the supplements

| Do the small stuff and work your way up incrementally to bigger tasks. To an incredibly demotivated sadsack like myself, sometimes the mundane shit of doing the dishes gives me more of a confidence boost than it should.

| >>616129
Ok, I'll try. Maybe it really will help me.

>Do the small stuff
For some reasons I need to do a lot of stuff and the time is pretty short. When I see how all of this pice of crap goes, I understand that I need quite bigger time to come to an end. Fuarking curced circle.

| Same. Shit's hard.

| Vitamin D3 1000 IU in the morning, 5-HTP 100mg (or 200mg, see if that works) in the evening. That's if you're just constantly low-energy even with the things that you want and like to do.
Otherwise pretty much >>616129 this, kinda. Start with something small, do it for 5-ish minutes. Set small goals, like write a single sentence or draw a single line. If it goes well, keep doing it. If not, take 5-10 minutes (but not more!) break and come back to the task for another 5 minutes.

| Referenced the wrong post, meant this one >>616132

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This thread is permanently archived