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Are cigarettes good for quitting nicotine?

| I know the title sounds like a joke, but I'm being serious. Would cigarettes make quitting nicotine easier for me?

I have been vaping pretty fucking hard for the last half a year, but I threw away my vape in an attempt to stop, well, vaping. I tried to just vape less, but found out that if a have a vape available I'm unable to stop myself from using it constantly.

Thing is though, that withdrawals are really fucking hard on me, and cigarettes are something that I wouldn't be able

| to smoke at home and that get used up. When I have a vape I just refill it, but since cigs are more expensive and they can't be reused that could help me smoke more conservatively and make it easier to quit completely since the does I'll be consuming is a lot less than what I consumed with a vape.

Little extra info: I'm underage, the amount of nicotine I vaped daily was equivalent to around 12-25 cigarettes, my parents know that I'm addicted but they don't talk about it.

| *dose

| Not really. There are companies that sell gum with nicotine designed to wean people off nicotine. That would be a better solution.

| https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nicorette

| >>616114
Yeah, I know about that, but the problem is that when I have easy access to it and can use it at home I overindulge. I also feel like they'd feel a lot less satisfactory to use.

| Jesus Christ, I'm actually worried about what your parents were doing when you were blasting the equivalent of 12-25 cigs in vape, seems like some hardcore negligence, especially considering that you're underage.

| >>616120
They didn't know until the day I threw my vape away in an attempt to quit, so I wouldn't say they're negligent.

| >>616121 them not knowing you're addicted IS negligence, you're in their care until you reach adolescence and they failed at that task, I'd definitely consider that negligence

| >>616181
It's pretty easy to hide an addiction.
Otherwise his aprents would become helicopters.
I prefer helicopters to normal

| It's much worse
Just get nicotineless cartridges
Or less nicotine
Throw away your vape

| Lol
That’s cute

| >>616186 Unless he hides those cartridges up his ass like an inmate, I fail to understand how his parents wouldn't know how much he consumes. Don't they monitor his spendings or anything else that would indicate he's hiding something?

| >>616194
Why would they? I've always been a good kid and never done anything wrong. They trusted me a lot.

Nicotine less doesn't help when I'm craving nicotine like crazy. Less nicotine wasn't really possible for me, as the one I bought from didn't have anything lower than 18mg. I did throw away my vape, but it's fucking me up.

| >>616207 Damn. That's why I can't imagine actually being a parent. Take your eyes off a seemingly good kid for a second and all of a sudden he's addicted to nicotine, alcohol, heroin and hardcore gay sex. I guess I shouldn't be so judgmental towards your parents but still, this shit is crazy.

| >>616212
Well, only nicotine, but yeah. I feel bad for them. Like, they're already contemplating a divorce and shit and then I come and make everything harder because suddenly I get a hard nicotine addiction and basically drop out of school. They don't deserve that shit.

| >>616213 Christ, man. I wish you and your parents luck in dealing with all this crap. Must be unbearable for all of you, but just take it slow and hopefully everything will get better. I pray you'll make it through.

| >>616216
Thanks bro. I honestly think it's a lot harder for them than it is for me. I think it might be because of my mental stuff, but I don't feel a lot of emotions around stuff like that. I'm just kinda cold I guess. For me the only problem there is the withdrawals, but I know that they are affected by all of that, so, yeah. Thank you.

| No, it would make it worse. Way worse.

You're better off just graduating to nicotineless vape juice, or getting Nicorette branded gum.

| >>616270
Nicotineless does nothing though, and I don't have access to gum.

| Goddamnit. I'm like, low-key convulsing and shit. I really need to nicotine. Holy shit. If anyone on here who's addicted see this, don't try to quit unless you know you're ready. I thought I was. Jesus fuck me.

| >>616347


| >>616348
Thanks bro.

| I'll give you headpats once you quit.

| >>616463
That might be a while.

A homie gave me a cigarette today (I thought I had to buy, but he never asked for payment, so I'm not sure) and it was really nice. It made me feel a lot better. I can't remember the brand, but apparently it was the strongest kind you can buy in stores here, so the fact that it didn't affect me too much is kinda sad. I got a little sick since I'm used to much cleaner smoke, but, idk. I might not want to continue with this. I should buy a new vape.

| >>616109
No, cold turkey and some time with distractions is the only real solution.

| >>616846
I tried, and I broke after four days. I'm currently on cigs, trying to get my hands on a new vape. I'm fucking pathetic.

| >>616849
No. You aren't.

Failure is part of the path, but persistence is the key to the door.

One day you will have a moment of realization that you have made it through that door.

| >>616486
then keep on smoking and never quit i guess, what the fuck do you expect from us? the way out is fucking cold turkey or gradual lowering. you either suffer and get through it and never touch a ciggie again or keep on being an on-off bitch and still be addicted when you're 30 thinking "yeah one day i'll quit" and there are millions like that out there mate

i would say actively sabotage your attempts/ability to get your fix. pick up sports. or go mad in your room for a bit.

| >>616850
Yeah, I really hope so.

Calm down homie. I'm not expecting shit from you. I started just asking a genuine question and now I'm really just venting.

Suffering through it is not something I'm able to right now when I'm suffering every fucking day from a depressing lack of happiness and enjoyment, anxiety, scuffed thoughts and feelings that won't go away. It's not easy bro.

I'm not one of the people who say that I'll eventually quit. I probably won't be able to.

| >>616852 crude, but true to the core. You got into this, now suffer, bitch. A journey to the Everest isn't laid out in silk pillows.

| >>616855
I mean, yeah. I know. I have the same mentality. I got into it knowing how scuffed it is, I deserve to suffer the consequences. I just needed to vent about it, because even though it's my fault and my shit to deal with, it still fucking sucks. I also hope to prevent others from making the same mistake, but, I mean, hopefully ya'll aren't as fucking moronic as me.

| I'm with >>616852 in the idea that the trick is to be bipolar. Kinda like how some feel that guilty feeling after playing their didgereedoo? You might feel that after smoking. Now amplify that feeling, and do something rash, such as crushing and throwing your cigs out. Repeat until you have no money to buy cigs. :D

| >>616859
Problem is that that's basically what I did. I thought "Fuck it, imma quit." then I threw my vape off the bridge I was on and into the river. Thing with cigs though, is that the homies I have who smoke are very generous. Like, if one person has gotten their hands on a lot of tobacco, they're sharing it with the others. Every cig I have smoked I have received for free from a homie. Only thing I've done back is buy him wrapping paper because I look old enough.

| >>616854
>Suffering through it is not something I'm able to right now when I'm suffering every fucking day from a depressing lack of happiness and enjoyment
yup okay can relate
it's like you spent all your battery on managing to not break apart you got no energy left
>I probably won't be able to [quit]
fuck your attitude on this

| >scuffed
>mental issues
you remind me of zuckles. i like that cunt

| >>616866
Yeah, that's a pretty good metaphor. I have basically no energy at all, so I abuse nicotine and caffeine to get at least a little bit of energy and happiness, but that leaves me with only enough energy to half-heartedly deal with my other problems, and not nearly enough to quit my addictions.

What attitude should I have bro? Most people can't ever quit, and I'm a literal kid.

I didn't say didgeridoo but I love Zuckles. He's a real one and a little too relatable.

| >>616868 nah, I said didgeridoo.

| >>616868
the fact you try to squeeze happiness out of addictive substances sounds a fucking whole lot to heroin users, my dude. you're on that path rn. get off the fucking train.
these people also say they can't quit it. you're in a spiral, where is it going to put you in 5 years?

damn if only you lived close by, just imagine. i would turn you right the fuck around
people that end up screwed up overwhelmingly trace their misfortune back to their childhood

| >>616887
I mean, I am getting help, kind of. I have two threads up right now. It's this one, and the one about getting institutionalised. So hopefully that shit will get me on a better path. I'm not gonna fuck with something like heroin though. I have learned from this shit. I mean, I've already got addictions, and I have learned that I get very easily addicted to stuff, and I know how fucked up being addicted is, so I know that if I tried something like that I'd be dead as fuck.

| >>616888
ayy you got trips man
i just wish i was here to fix you

| >>616892
Not sure what that first part means, but thanks bro. I appreciate the compassion. You sound like a good person.

| > Addicted to vaping
> Takes on objectively worse addiction to quell the first
"No way I'll do that again!"

No one thinks they'll end up doing hard drugs when they start on this path. Hope it all works out for you OP.

| >>616896
Bro, nicotine is the same drug as nicotine. Sorry to have to break it to you. I know what you mean, but as I mentioned I am trying to get my hands on a new vape so I won't have to use cigs.
I'll stay away from hard drugs.
Thanks bro, I hope so too.

| >>616894
check out that >>616888
888 triples cheers mate
>mason toddy none
no fucking kidding mason is with us tonight

| >>616909
I read it in context of that, still didn't get it, but all hail Mason!

| If you really want to quit, don't rely on yourself. Sounds like you have some pretty close friends, so make a promise to them, instead of yourself, that you will quit or whittle down your addiction by a certain date. Write it down and ask them for help if you need, I doubt they will refuse if this means something to you.

That's what helped me in a similar situation at least.

| >>616955
I tried that though, but I wasn't able to keep my promise and the motivation I got from them wanting me to quit was far from enough. Whittle down is extremely difficult in my situation, because I can no longer just increase or decrease my dose, and even when I could, I couldn't really, because I'm underage, so I could only by whatever someone could steal from their parents, which for one person was incredibly low and one was really high. I was on the high dose.

| Okay, so, apparently I am bearded enough to buy tobacco over the counter. Damn.

| >>616888 tulpa.info

| Just man up and quit you fucking beta cuck.

| Duhhhh, is poison ivy good for getting a rash?

| You're gonna quit in one of two ways.
1. You die. A slave to nicotine.
2. You say
to yourself one day, you dispose of your cigs/vape in an environment-friendly way, and after this point only turn back to check how much pain you've been through.

^ basically this

| >>617200
I don't think you understand how this shit works. The pain doesn't come from doing it. The pain comes when you stop doing it, and it's unbearably intense and can last for more than half a year.

As I've said, if getting institutionalised and shit actually helps me and my mental health stops declining for once, then I can give it another shot or two, but for as long as I keep getting worse or am as fucked as I am now stopping just completely ruins me and shuts me down.

| If dying, still a slave to nicotine, means that I can hold my unstable mind and life a little better together before I die, wouldn't that be worth it?

| >>617205
I know you're in a bad spot.
If nicotine helps you, who the fuck am I to tell you to stop ?

Please just don't inhale stuff that's crappier than regular air.

Idk if it's possible to get your dose from medication... I'm not a medic.

(yes i know i'm a condescending asshole)

| >>617283
It is possible to get nicotine from gum, but I'm not sure if that's something I can buy or if it would be able to replace vaping/smoking. I have read that there have been a lot of cases where people haven't been able to replace smoking with nicotine gum because, well, chewing gum and vaping/smoking is pretty damn different. I could try though.

| That's like asking "should I quit drinking water by drinking bleach?" you're replacing a harmless thing with a harmful thing, lol, just start getting low/no nic

| >>618504
Since you haven't read the thread, I'll explain it again. I don't have my vape because I threw it away, and I don't have access to one. I might have to wait until August. Also, no nicotine doesn't helpt with quitting because, well, that's like cutting it completely. It's only for comfort for people who alternate between low and no.

| But why you quit?

| >>618771
Because nicotine addiction isn't fun and I wanted to quit, and that was a fucking mistake, so then I started wondering if cigs would make it easier. Now I know they don't.

| >>618773 yea, they don't. Cigs have huge psychological addiction, at least for me. Nicotine too, but I can't tell which is bigger.

You didn't realize addiction before you started? How long are you vaping?

I, personally, always looked on waping as erzatz smoking. I have a mod, but if ATM I have cigs and a liquid, i prefer cigs. But, recently, I started liking vaping as it is. Maybe, got tired of smoking, IDK. So, when I get money for drip, I will start vaping again, I guess.

| >>618800
I can confirm nicotine is the most addictive part, but it does seem like cigarettes have a bit more of a psychological effect than vaping, yeah.

I knew it was extremely addictive, I was just desperate for something to make me feel better.

I definitely prefer vaping, because I can do it whenever I want, it costs less, smoother smoke, you can regulate the nicotine amount and all that shit. You should definitely switch up.

| >>d0ad42
Op, if you are the guy from the other thread about being institutionalised then you have near constant access to doctors and mental health specialists.

If you are not and have access to a GP for free or cheap then go to them. It is likely that they will have much better instructions than anyone on this god forsaken website.

Best of luck

| >>618822 yea, I think I will.
So, how long were you vaping?

| >>618909
Yeah, I am, and I know. I really need to get better help with all the other shit first though. I tried to rush quitting nicotine and, well, that fucked me up, so, yeah. I'm gonna take things slow.

5-6 months.

| >>618950 not that long, concidering that's vape....
You remind me my friend, who said he's addicted to cigs after couple and started smoking, but plz no offence.

Hm, I started smoking 2.5 years ago, roughly. I think, I can live without nicotine, but my mind will fucking blow up. I'm too used to have breaks with cig in a hand.

Still, I wish you good luck. I have an acquainted... doc, i guess. He told me about his friend, who quit smoking and coped with psy addiction by

| snapping seeds. Maybe this will help you smh.

| My life is permeated with smoking, and, from quitters perspective, worst part is what i like it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

| >>618985
You're tripping bro. How the fuck is half a year not bad? I guess I didn't disclose the amount, because the amount of nicotine I consumed daily was equivalent to a pack of normal cigs. If you think that's easy to quit you need a reality check.

Well, yeah. I enjoy it too. I enjoy vaping, I enjoy smoking. It feels good, it's something to fidget with/do. It's just a nice distraction and mood brightener, but I know it's slowly killing me.

| >>619006 I don't think it's that easy to quit, but at the same time i don't think 5-6 months is enough to form a very strong addiction. That's my opinion. I tried to quit for a month after 4 or 5 months can't remember more correctly of smoking cigs. Not a huge problem.

It's more motivational problem for you at this point, than physical, i think. But I am just a random g/u/rl, you know yourself better.

| >>619019
I have absolutely no motivation left, that certainly is true. The only motivation I have is placed in other things. Nothing to spare.

| >>619006 so you need to decide, what is more important to you. Do you really need this. If answer is yes, face the expences.

Btw, nicotine as is is not that toxic. Cigs are far more dangerous. Burning tobacco with it's impurities do their thing. In vape it's just a glycerine, PG, flavorings and nicotine. But you already know all of this.
My point: cigs are killing you way faster and nicotine is not nearly THAT harmful as cigs. Vaping is relatively safe.

| But I don't want to impose you back in vaping.
Just find out how you really feel about it and make decisions.

And, on this note, im having a cig :) brb

| >>619022
Well, yeah, I know. That's why I want to get a vape again, it's just a lot harder for me to get vape than cigs. Cigs I can buy over the counter because I look old enough, and I also have a few friends who smoke. Vapes they don't really sell casually here, so, yeah.

| >>619026 yeah, I know. I started smoking when I was 17, so..
If it's not a sensitive data, how old are you and what country are you from ?
About geting institutionalized, tho, I am living in couple thousand kilometers apart from my closest friends for past six months. And that sucks. I feel like a stranger here. Recently I quit college and saving up money for a trip back, looking for a job. Still gonna live here for some time I guess.

| >>619028
I'm 16, live in Norway.

That sounds like absolute hell. My friends and the group I'm part of that arranges shit like D&D, Smash tourneys, LAN parties, conventions, that sort of shit, are the two things I care about, and that's all back home. I don't really wanna be her.

| *here

| Don't take an example from me, btw. I am a poet, or musician, idk. This path is very complicated, if you take this shit seriously. I do. I have people I can work with where. And even more than that. That's why this trip is vital for me.

You know, experiences like this is very useful and wholesome. Even if you suffer. You're going to be alright, I belive in you, pal.

| 16 is cool age, tbh. Capre diem. While you can. I'm 20 soon and... damn.

Btw, 1 hour is not that bad. I wish it was like that in my case. I live in Russia and it takes ~30 hours to get to my hometown by train.

| >>619033 >>619030

| Also, sounds like you have very cool friends. ;>

| >>619031 I have people I can work with there*

| >>619031
Thank you. I think I'll be alright, but yeah, it's hard. Also, funny you should mention that type of career path, because I'm very interested in getting into music, and I already do some game design, both physical and vidya, and want it as my profession.

I hour or less or more, doesn't matter. I can't leave whenever I want to. They choose when I can go back home and not, and they're not gonna let me until the weekend my second week, so, yeah. It fucking sucks.

| >>619040 that's cool! Turn that situation into your advantage. Research things you won't in other situation. Do some experiment with yourself and your life. If you can't do shit about this situation, that's an opportunity.

About path. In videogames... damn, even in music sometimes, you have some consistency: you can schedule something, at least. As a musician, you can at least play some elevator music and get money for it.
As a poet you just...

| I mean, what can you do, besides reading your poems? And here goes self-destructive circle of cigs, drugs, grief, pain writing, smell of burnt paper, euphoria, recording, pre-realise hell, relise moment, catharsis, and "they suck, I can write better". Consistency? Hell no. That's a damned path.

And, ffs, I see no point in living without it. If not this, I don't really care how to spend my life.

| I thought, for a pretty long time, what I am musician, but I was wrong. Musician is a man, who speaks with music language.
In my case, words always meant more for me, than music. Words dominated music, if you wish. I even entered an Music College just to confess to myself, that I am not a musician. And did it twice. In my hometown and here, due my familys relocation.

| I still want to make music. And I will. I can make it alone, it won't be that bad, even if too primitive. Minimalism is a thing. But I want to work with real musicians. That would be a true synergy.

That's one of the main reasons, why I am going back :)

| Sorry, I can talk about that for hours.

| >>619046
Yeah, I might. Might also just grind some Smash. I should definitely try to get something going though. I have almost everything I need to make games here, and while I don't have any skills at all with music production I can always write. Just writing in itself is fun.

It's alright. I'd honestly like to see you make an entire thread about this. Sounds pretty interesting.

That's the cycle artists live in, sadly.

| >>619088 yeah, that's a way to go through it. lol, and I got almost everything to make music here. I mean, my bass broke and laptop is too old, but I got a mic and a soundcard so...

Thanks a lot, but I, probably, won't. Hard to explain why. Maybe it's better to write, than to make threads about writing. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I can't say that's necessary sad, it's just life.

| Say, how long are you on danger/u/?

| >>619212
Fuck, that's hard to say. I don't really remember. I think around 3 years.

| >>619218
And I'm here for 3-4 days. Feels like I'm late for party :\

| >>619224
Ah, I see. You seem pretty natural for being a newfag, though I don't think I've ever seen anyone talk as mush as you do here. That's not a bad thing though. This place needs some life.

| >>619250 thanks! Maybe past.. experience with imageboards shows.

Yeah, that's what I'm talking about.
I started playing VA-11 Hall-A in December of 2017, but quickly dropped on day 2. I thought, it's too slow-paced and my English level was worse than now, so I needed to google more words, making it even slower. Also, at this point of my life shit was very close to hitting the fan, so I was busy by other things too. Since this moment, game was left to gather the dust on my HDD.

| And, in december of 2019, after almost exactly two years, irronically, I found it again. And, holly shit, it was facinating, touching and sort of lifechanging experience.
I came here from reddit, and I fucking love this beautiful place. It's so comfy and cozy here. At the same time I feel like I'm late and watching at the.. remains, maybe? Watching at dead AE and Miku's blog is saddening. I'm still glad I finished it now and not then, but...
What do you think about all this?

| >>619262
Yeah, it's an amazing game.

Think about what? The "death" of the board?

| >>619277
Not about death, but about past activity, in comparasion to now.

| >>619279
Oh, yeah. I mean, /lain/ is sadly very dead. I remember when that board was active. /v/ used to be more active I think, but overall it's better now than it has been the last months. Can't really remember well enough to compare it to when I first started visiting, I think it was a little more, but not too different to be honest. Like, the threads talking about this place dying or post quality being lower are laced. It's still the cozy and cancerous place it's always been.

| >>619287 Oh, okay, thanks.
And that's the amazing part.
Danger/u/ has VA-11 Hall-A vibes. of course it has you idiot
I don't mean literal obvious conection, lol.
It smh feels like Va-11 Hall-A.
Like, small and chilly hellhole place with several regulars.
And this vibes harmonize with everything else here perfectly.

| >>619300
Your use of smh seems misplaced.

Yeah, it's chill. Great place, great vibe.

| >>619322 can you correct me then, plz?

| I mean, can you explain why?

| Well, smh = shaking my head. I doubt that's what you were trying to say.

| >>533383
I always thought smh means somehow.
According to google, I'm not the only one, lol.
Thanks! Now i'll know.

| >>619334
It may have been used like that once, but I've never seen it. Right now at least it's associated with what I said.
Np. As a non-native speaker I often have problems with that kind of stuff too.

| When it comes to smoking I'm at four cigs a day right now. One strong and two weak. It's a lot less nicotine than when I vaped, but since it costs a lot, the weaker cigs taste kinda shit and the smoke is, well, smoke instead of vapour, that has helped me consume less.

| >>619344
I, pretty much, found a perfect cigs for me right now, and I tried a lot of stuf in my life. Cigarillos, self-roll cigs, kreteks...

You will need more, eventually. Even if now it feels like you're consuming less, you'll get used to it. Not necessarily quick, but certanly. And, again, nicotine is not a main poison here.
The only real way to quit, if you really-really want to do it is, as guys stated earlier, is to go cold turkey. That's it. There's no secret methods.

| >>619408
Yeah, I know.

| >>79b9a4
Ay, homie, if you want, we could get in contact outside of the board. Discord or something, if you'd be down for that.

| Oh, changed ID. I'm OP.

| >>619980 Yeah, sure!
Are you on board right now?

| >>620208

| Fuck. ID change again, but, yeah.

| >>620220
changed back, lol


| that's a fail

| >>620222
Oh, it did. Huh.

| >>620225
Well, spoiler tag wouldn't have changed much.

| >>620224

| Fuck me. Let's just kill this thread.

| >>533383 nice. All numbers ID, g/u/rl.

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