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Coffee makes me very sleepy.

| Can anyone explain to me why drinking 4 cups of coffee makes me sleepy.

| bc that's how your body reacts to coffee

| maybe you just very tired
Coffee make you tired faster
because you don't have enough energy to Launch it
or maybe you drink a fake coffee
( ̄д ̄;)

| You need to consider the amount of the caffeine you are consuming and how frequently you consume it, you probably developed caffeine tolerance because of the daily consumption

| Don't drink so much fucking caffeine, you retard.

| why is everyones ID a hue of green

| I love caffeine, but fuck caffeine.

| i just went through withdrawal bc i had to suddenly stop drinking that stuff and that was worse than i expected it to be.

but yeah, you probably are desensitized to its stimulant effects if youre up to 4 cups. also just so you know, it only takes some peeps 12 hours without caffiene before they start experiencing withdrawal symotoms.

| I want to stop drinking cups of coffee, but I work making cups of coffee, so I drink cups of coffee every day.

| Lotsa cups of coffee.

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Yeah, withdrawals are fucking dumb. I've had to quit energy drinks, like, three-four times, and it fucking sucks.

| Caffeine addiction is real. Look up the short doco they made on Dave Grohl. He was addicted as fuck to coffee, I think he ended up hospitalized. Funny short documentary but real shit.

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Yeah, shit's not a joke. As someone who's downed, like, 5 energy drinks and even more cups of coffee in one night, I'm lucky to not have been knocked out. It seems harmless bit shit really gets you hooked.

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This thread is permanently archived