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When will the quality here get better?

| Boomer reporting in to tell you zoomer kids that you don't know how to properly make threads. Peace out g/u/rls, I'll be back on the 7th to check in.

| I don't see any decrease in quality, just zanes.

| boomer here, we are operating at peak quality. this is the pinnacle of danger/u/

| danger/u/ was never good to begin with

| Once you reach the bottom of the barrel, there is only one way to go.

> E v E n F u R t H e R D o W n W a R d S !

| I love sex.

| It won't get better. There might be an influx of visitors after Nirvana gets released but I doubt the quality will improve.

The people visiting this board isn't interested in proper threads or quality discussion. They just want to post about peepee and poopo and other pathetic stuff you'd normally only see in psych wards and among the homeless.

| >>615270
hey chief i belong in a psych ward and i take offense to that

| >>615271
Sucks to be you then

| The board really used to be better. I found it not so long ago, about year and a half back, and I was just charmed how comfy it was. But now it's like complete shitposting dumpster. "I like sex", "I will kill sex", "Best things to cum on", "it is I, Zane", "buttjob", "worst day"... Feels like there are like five people in here, and three of them remains almost complete silent and the other two are just retarded morons who can't shut up and keeeps blabbering meaningless stuff.

| I think all went downhill since Spamer and captcha introduction. Coincidence? Who knows.

| >>615306 This board has always been shitposting. Before the Theg meme there was ZANE?! And sniper has been around for a long time. There were older memes that were just as shitpost-y as these new ones.

| >>615270
I only post here because Awoo looks super cozy

| >>615309 god, I hate the sniper shit. It's not funny anymore after the 2nd thread and somehow some gurls still making and replying yo these threads.

| >>615311 ya. I agree. The sniper threads ar-

| >>615309
Yeah but the sniper thing and stuff like it tend to have their own threads.

But whenever I try to start a proper thread or ask people what they've been working on for the last couple of months I only get peepee/babytalk and sex-related replies. That's what the regulars use this board for and it's not for me.

I find myself visiting this place less and less since it's no longer the place for me.

Yeah, this comfy phone app is the sole reason I'm still here.

| Danger/u/ has a much better signal:noise ratio right now than it has in a long time. Before this, we've had equal or greater shitposting plus the ridiculous trans wars and crap. Way back before captchan, there were "2 word story" and "Count to 250" and "kaomoji spam" and "ZANE!?" pretty much every day. Now on /u/ we have more quality OPs open than bad OPs and more long responses than I've ever seen. The real problem we have right now is lack of content in most of the boards.

| >>615306 Don't talk shit about buttjob, it's the greatest thing ever!

| >>615339 if you visit most other boards, you'll find some really great quality threads filled to the brim with g/u/rls helping and discussing with other g/u/rls.

| what's a good danger/u/ meme? also name three danger/u/ posters

| >>615391
I visit all boards except /d/ and I often used to post and make threads in /tech/ but it doesn't seem to be possible anymore. The only time I get to talk about stuff that interests me is when I'm giving tech support and that's actually not very fun.

| >>615416 /v/, /a/, and /tech/ all have some relatively decent threads going imo. Especially /v/ and /tech/.

| >>615423
Eh, /tech/ had 2 active threads when you made that post and one was tech support and the other wanted links to news sites. Now some brat made a third thread asking for help on how to make his mother miserable because he doesn't want to hear her talking on his phone.

And there's some angry autismo on /v/ that shits up all threads with random gibberish killing the discussions.

| >>615731 cont

This place is too juvenile for me. Small sites like these tend to have a higher maturity than popular sites but this isn't the case here. I'm uninstalling and I won't check back in. To the mods: thank you for a couple of wonderful and comfy years! I had a lot of fun.

| There would be occasional spikes of activity and then slower periods (complete with threads of 'danger/u/ is dying'). Maybe we'll be heading towards the slow where the cancer dies and then some quality slowly grows from the ashes.

Fr though I fucking loved the dansou thread but it won't come up in search reeeeeee let me bask in memories

| >>615357
So I have been considered as a spammer...

| Should I just abandon danger/u/? What's the catch to keep me around?

| >>615837 danger/u/ will hopefully age well like wine sir. All that's needs to happen is your patience .>>615806 i think it will happen so don't give up hope gurls

| >>615837 you don't abandon danger/u/. danger/u/ abandons you !!

| Quality will continue to drop until morale improves or users stop breathing.

| >>615309
ZANE?! was the best shit ever and you know it.

| >>616088 It had to retire, just like the Red Comet.

| >>616088 New ID, but tru dat.

| You have to post interesting and community-orientated threads, threads like, "how get gf" or "I like gaem do you like gaem" is like birthing mayflies. It takes effort as if you make it you gotta be willing to be the most social in it. Effort which is the nearest of minimum, if you posted just once in your own thread once or twice a day you'd get to the 250 reply in no time because big threads attract attention. Cyberpunk life is the best example of all of this, just do that.

| >>616148
Yeah, I've never understood the OPs that make a thread then don't interact in it. Whenever I make a thread I make sure to reply as much as possible, only ignoring the lowest effort baits. Many of my threads have blown up and also been mostly nice. I wish people would start making cosy threads. Like, even discussion threads like this can be nice, preferably with a better topic, but still. Threads with lots of interaction that are at least mildly interesting are the best.

| This thread is the exact same quality as the one in the game. I don't see an issue.

| Too many shitposters here. Not enough comfiness.

| Shitpost is life. What else are message boards for?

| I would say it's too many shitposters/lurkers, not enough genuine p0stan.

| I'm going to try to shitpost less. Forgive me g/u/rls.

| Vote with your replies and create what you wanna see.

| >>616150 ok mr. flexin' mc flexin'

I'll take a note of your ip the next time you post

| We need more threads is what we need. With more replies!

We need M0AR.

| >>616695
I don't think that's quite how IDs work and mine changes quite frequently, but sure.

| >>616746 that gurl said IP not ID.

| >>616755
Ah, got you.

Have fun reading pure cancer :)

| The biggest problem is that people don't want comfy threads anymore, they want to find o e thread reply and fuck off. That shit disheartens most OPs from trying r keeping it alive.

| I like sex.

| >>617042
Don't see a problem with that tho...

| wee o wee o wee o wee o wee o
White knights coming tru! !

| >>615003 you forgot to insult us millennials

| >>615003 you forgot to insult us millennials

| >>615393 Me, you, and my bot.

| >>615393 Me, you, and my bot.

| >>617830 no bots ree

| >>617830 no bots ree

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