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Is this rude?

| So I work as a cashier. When there are no bills, I drop coins into the customers' hands. Not at a high height, close to their hands. Earlier today a lady said "That's not how you're suppose to give people coins." Is that true? Never crossed my mind that doing that is rude.

| Never encountered such issue when I was doing part time cashier jobs. I either dropped coins into their hands or just put the coins on the counter and let them collect the coins themselves. It probably better to just put coins and bills on the counter.

| I find it better for the cashier to put the coins into my hands, that way I can just slide them down my pockets immediately as opposed to having to carefully pinch the little shits off the counter one by one

| ^Yeah you are right and personally I prefer this method as well (as a customer). But some customers just prefer cashier to put the change on the counter so they can see if there're any money missing. I guess this is why op's customer was not happy about it.

| >>612379 yeah, but it's just a couple of coins anyway. I guess some people are just really conscious about the tiny things.

| Next time if customers opened their palms then put coins in their palms and bills on the counter. Otherwise just put everything on the counter. I think this should do just fine.

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This is probably ideal. Where I live all stuff with coins is done with machines that spit out your change into little bowls, but when we didn't have that I didn't mind people giving it to me directly. It made things go faster.

| Another alternative that I used when working register is to pack the coins with the bills. I never got any complaints from that method.

| Use the bill to slide the coins into their hands

Maybe the problem is that you hid the coins from the lady's eyes, so she couldn't see if the amount was correct or stuff like that ?
Doesn't seem rude to me tho.

| maybe she expect you to offer the coin and let her take it from your hand or the counter. i wouldn't know because i wouldn't make a fuss out of it.

| as a customer, don't you ever fucking dare touch my hands

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Cashiers who directly give money never touch your hands (in my experience). They seem to be very careful about that, which is why they drop the money into your hand from slightly above it.

| I wouldn't pay them any mind, OP. People like that always need something to complain about so they feel relevant in life, no matter how nitpicky or stupid it is. All that matters is that they get their change and that you do it in a polite but efficient way, which you seem to do. The fact that you're even worried about it shows you mean well, so don't let some boomer make you doubt yourself.

| >>612524 afraid of human contact after spending all your time in a cave? Seriously though, what's the problem with a slight touch?

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i don't care that you're too mentally restrained to comprehend that people that are not you exist in this world

| >>612536 wow, not just scared it seems, TERRIFIED even.

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you're projecting so hard it sounds like you're actually mentally restrained not even as a joke or anything

| >>612548 if you say so

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