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My new bra arrived today

| It got here yesterday, it's dark blue and has little laces. The material is soft and nicely processed, overall comfortable af.

I wore it today without telling anyone and even went out for dinner with my family and no one noticed anything, but I felt kinda great with that, and the bra.
Overall I'm really happy about all of this.

(Only problem is I'm a guy, help)

| i dont see the problem, do whatever you want dude.

| You gay, nigga

| yeah do whatever you want, but most importantly be proud

| Bro, that's tight though. It's cute as fuck and I'd honestly like to try it myself, it sounds kind of nice. Like, a really comfy bra. It would have to be a really small size, but still. Could you send me a link to the bra you bought?

| Sometime I envy all of the female clothing designs. Compares to that the looks of male clothing are mostly rather boring.

| Just wear suspenders...

Maybe suspensers and chestplate, yeah!

| Fools, there are no guys on the internet open up your eyes to theis tomboy!

Fr though good for you, as long as whatever you do stems from healthy reasons there should be no shame in continuing doing so.

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This thread is permanently archived