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We've moved to a new VPS provider!

| please let us know how's your experience, and if it's better than the previous one.

leave any criticism or hatred in this post

| it seems sex to me

| I will cum on the servers

| Now thats some good shit

| Site loads almost instantly which is nice.

| I will cum on the left side of the server

| >>610944 I will kill Virtual Private Sex.

| Remember to give the tip to your server.

| there's no meta thread so i'll have to ask here
please move a/613693 to /u/

| This website has not been blocked by the Chinese government
I love it
please keep running

| Now that captchan gone i realize this is pretty damn fast!

| >>616032 Winnie the Pooh

| >>619796 No! Stop! You will scare him!

| i liek mudkips

| dear staff, moddos, technies and associates

thank you for unbanning a certain type of three-letter IPs. last week when i tried posting and i saw it was banned i got real depressed and thought i was kicked out. i'm happy to see you let me back in!
i've been trying a lot to be a quality poster lately. not making stupid threads, no spam or flaming etc. i've even kept off the political bullshit that i usually shout online (which is new for me?)

anyways thanks and i hope spammers? die

| Maik radiu grate agan!

| this shit is like a wet pines

| cock and balls

| עומד לי הזניה

| >>459172 >>621369

| Oh? So it's not clo/u/dflare anymore? Nice!

| I think I pissed myself

| im too lazy to take 10 seconds to check myself, tell me who you switched to

| As long as there is no Captha I am in

| Yes this is mucg better

| This textboard definietly has some style. You did it well admin and the code is opensource which is really nice! You should do imageboard, it would be great success if you can do such amazing textboard.

| Loads very fast. Thank you!

| How old is this thread, anyway?

| I love sex

| it indeed seems quite cock, in all the good ways

| >>f976e3
How exciting!!

| >>616032
Whoops meant to reply to this ⬆️

| Thanks admin <3
Haven't been here since the dogs with lasers accident in cyberpunk life but it's soothing to know everything has been getting better. Danger/u/ has a certain charm to it.

| I feel like replying so much more now that the captchas are gone. Thanks!

| fucking awesome assholes bitches

| Huh?

| Captchas is no more

| how sex

| Criticism: This, and many other pinned threads, is outdated and useless.
When are they gonna get around to unpinning these?

| >>762737 just buy a danger/pass/ and hide the threads, g/u/rl.

| >>762737
This and the dangeru.me are the only outdated links, really.

| Winnie da pooh

| Feels great, now let's sex

| Rock hard

| i love sex

| my man gets $50 a month to run this site and still does so on a fucking raspberry pi

| I'm asexual but I love sex what does this mean

| >>885920
this means you are sexual

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This thread is permanently archived