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i'm worried about what the future can do to me.

| i feel like it may just fucking kill me.

| i don't want to have to deal with existence

| i am tired.

maybe there is no way to heal this.

| and i'm worried about that. i'm having doubts about whether it matters or not.

| i want to live free from this swelling worry and i think it might be embedded into my life.

| and i want to get rid of that worry. i haven't found anything that matters

| Nintendosaurus Rex

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what does that rhyme with?

| >>610370 well, you are right about that one :P

I get what you mean though. I'm not suicidal, but what do I have to live for? I rewatched Cowboy Bebop the other week, and talked to my therapist about Faye's story, how she lost her memories and who she was, but when she finally found them, there was nothing but history. She still didn't have a meaning. My therapist said something about "deciding what I want"... it doesn't make sense, shouldn't I know? No, there is just the void.

| You have to want something. If you don't, you're a damaged gooods - that's how modern society works I think.

| As odd as the idea may seem, I think religion is still important for this exact reason. It gives a hope for the future that is difficult to find or make otherwise.

I'm not promoting 'blind faith' though, as that will make the problem worse. You need to be able to genuinely analyze it and have it still make sense. I was able to do that with the beliefs of Jehovah's Witnesses, so I recommend that, but find what makes sense to you and gives hope.

| >>610565 JehovWit? And here I thought it was just some cult.

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I believe spirituality is important for some people and very helpful for humanity as a whole, but Jehovahs Witnesses? Come the fuck on.

| >>610656 agreed. In some cases, it's better to separate your religious beliefs and religion organizations, even government-supported ones

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The future has a 100% kill rate.
You have 60-80 years to do something.

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This thread is permanently archived