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List of Worst Crimes Against Humanity

| replying to anyone with r/woooosh on youtube

| using "ok boomer" unironically

| breeding

| Headpats!?

| >>610186 ok boomer

| Comenting "first" in a video or post

| r/woooosh on youtube

| ketchup

| unironically using reddit terms IRL

| >>610186

| :roosip:

| Burg posting and not angry burg posting

| Unironically posting angry burg

| Reminding everyone that r/woooosh is written with 4 o.

| >>610220

its also cringey when people use internet acronyms in general in a non internet/texting context.

bonus points if they're trying to be taken seriously, e.g. saying "ohhh emmm gee" in response to a customer service issue. Lady, you don't sound smart, you sound like an airheaded idiot. Now pay up.

| >>610315 if I hear one more person say 'pogchamp' out loud I think I'll just explode

| >>610328
Twitch memes im general are the fucking worst
They're inside jokes except millions of people know them which doesn't make it interesting it just makes it annoying
It's like board culture without the subtlety and I hate it

| Lil Wayne

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This thread is permanently archived