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I'm relatively new to /u/

| It's late and I could use something to kill time, I'm relatively new to danger/u/ and I wanna read some threads on here that are a story worth reading like the g/u/rl in /d/ who tried to seduce her brother, or threads that are borderline legendary, like the one dude who fucked his mom and became one of the banners on /d/, drop some of this places culture on me and link some threads

| there is no culture here, just like america

| G/U/RL

| The best threads usually come from /d/, this being one of the best: https://boards.dangeru.us/d/thread/321305

| >>609961
Fuck you for linking such a great thread that got left on a cliff hanger

| >>610031
You're welcome.

| The Starship Perihelion threads were fun.

| >>287b43 link?

| >>610074 I'm trying to find them in the archive, but it seems as though either the archive was cleared or it's search function isn't working. Makes me sad, I really liked rereading those threads.

| >>610031 learn to fap at NTR

| >>610041 >>610074 >>610079

I'm glad someone remembers Starstation Perihelion and our plucky heroine, Cindy Willen!

It's right here: https://dangeru.us/search_results?search_text=perihelion&board_select=d


Previous threads are also linked within.

| >>610160 THANK YOU G/U/RL!!! My archive has been doing some really weird things lately. I can't search for threads or something? Idk, but mega thank you. I really outta back up all my favourite threads, just in case something bad happens to Danger/u/'s archive. Sometimes, when I'm sad, I go back and reread my favourite threads, such as the Starship one. You all have such a weird way of making me smile, so thank you g/u/rls.

| >>610211


You're welcome!

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This thread is permanently archived