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Thread for procastination

| If you're on danger/u/ because you're avoiding doing something, don't keep checking the same threads which you know no one has posted in! Post here instead!

| sorry, dude, I'm busy doing nothing

| I feel so attacked right now. Do you know how many times I've opened danger/u/ and just get disappointed that the threads I'm interested in don't get any replies?

| I wonder how many of us actually are here

| At least three. Unless the posts above me are all the same g/u/rl.

| All 5 replies here are just the same g/u/rl.

| I'm multiple personalities due to my divine nature

| haha well I can assure you I'm not apart of you... or am I? i don't feel so good

| >>610103
Ha! That's just what I would expect me to say.

| Are you guys me ?

| qwqweqewqwrtqwt

| Weird, I didn't remember posting all these replies

| We got one that can see! 0_0

| [Observation noises]

| where is new reply

| >>610224 aren't we all?

| We are one.

Or more idk.

| Too woke

| ive started getting anxiety at night when i get ready to sleep. my depression is flaring up hard and i cant stand this feeling of being alone. so i guess im just procrastinating from sleeping.

| >>610444
You aren't alone g/u/RL, all of us are with you in spirit!

| Can someone hit me in the head really, really hard so I stop moving

| >>610460
*heads pats u* uwu

| Procrastination and depression are on of the most terrible and mind destroyer combos of someone daily life... writing this while I am pretending to be busy so I don't have to work.

| >>610566
The worst is when you're ambitious despite your laziness
Like I really want to accomplish a lot, I just keep finding ways to delay those things

I guess eventually a person will either learn how to push through, or learn to drop their standards, but I'm not there yet

| yah

| I thought this was the thread for procreation. My disappointment cannot be explained with words.

| >>611912
We can procrastinate by procreating.

I hereby submit the idea : all procrastination must be procreation.

| >>612079
Not a bad idea.

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