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Cousin went and fucking disappeared.

| Doesn't respond to my phone calls
Or texts
Absolutely nothing

He sent a snap and that was it.

We said we can help him If he wants but it's up to him to let us know.

| He must've fallen out with his mum, I don't know why, but he's young and has autism, so we're really concerned about it.

| Time is 10:07pm, haven't heard from him

| Any calls go directly to voicemail

| Probably turned his phone off

| He's probably trying to hide his pee-sock or some other shit autists do. Give him some time and he'll come back like a house cat

| Kinda dumb, but you know where he lives? Just pay him a visit

| >>609911 yeah, he's in a different town that takes 1.5 hours to travel to.

I've still no idea where he is though since he hasn't responded to texts.

| He's safe now at least after not hearing anything for 24hrs

| Send him your nudes. That will get his attention.

| >>610068 are you trying to get me arrested you Mongolian?

| >>610219 oh, come on, they can't be that bad...

| So did your cousin reply you back? If not did you ask the police to help you?

| So your cousin went and fucking?

| >>610453 everything sorted itself out a few days ago, no need to get in touch w/ police

| >>610482
Glad to hear it went well and wasn't anything too serious

| Glad your cousin is okay!

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This thread is permanently archived