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I hate my job

| It's not for me. I went for it, cause I wanted to prove myself I'm not a retarded piece of shit, get some self-confidence. But it makes me feel more of the opposite. I feel like crying every day. Boss always yells at me. It barely pays.

Do I quit it? My parents want me to continue as they believe I won't find anything better. And it is really hard to argue. Best choice seems to be going for master's degree in a field I'll enjoy, but I don't have any preferences.

| >it barely pays
>parents think I wont find anything better

Christ are you sure you arent retarded?

| >boss always yell at me
>it bately pays
Hell yes, quit it. People like that are not worth your time.

But if you're nervous about it, maybe try looking for a job before you quit for real.

| You should definitely find another job before you quit, once you secure a new position quit in the most flashiest way (without getting arrested) so you can leave all that negativity at your old job.

Personally, witness my coworker rip a menu in two, knock over a tray of drinks before yelling at the boss "fuck you, I quit" and walked out after giving someone a high five lol

go hard or go home /g/url!!

| >>609742
If you don't end up in jail you failed.
Go hard or go home.

| Next time your boss yells at you, give them a sloppy rimjob they'll never forget. Can't yell at you if they're too busy moaning in pleasure.

| >>609710 I have a bit with going about thing at my own pace and severe lack of self-confidence, but I'm not actually retarded. This work is in a government structure and my parents never believed in me, that's just how they are.
>>609738 >>609742
>> Find another job before you quit.
Okay, I'll skip past the ethical reprecussions of such behaviour. But how? Almost every position requires you to take a job interview. I'm at work for 9-11 hours daily, I physically can't go anywhere.

| >>609756
No, that's disgusting.
I like the way you think, but I'm not sure, if I'm okay with going to jail.

| >>609853 Ask to do the interveiw on your day off you fucking idiot. if you can't figure out how to find a time to go for an interveiw just stay where you are, your parents probably aren't being dicks, they're right about you probably not getting anything better if thats the attitude you have in life.

| >>609853
>at work for 9-11
>it barely pays
Oh well damn, this is a wildly privileged take, but I don't know why you're still staying there then.

Try to get job interview on days off, yeah.

>I'll skip past the ethical reprecussions of such behaviour.
How on earth is looking for a better job unethical? You don't like your job, so you're looking for a better one, and you don't want to be homeless while you're looking for one. That's perfectly normal.

| >>609923
throwing a hissy fit is not generally a good idea. being professional is better.

| >>609855
Then find another job, don't make a mess at your old place, and move on.
No one except you can move yourself on. If you can make sense out of that.
Slapping the door as you go out is not disrespectful towards others. It's yourself that you disrespect when you do that.

| >>609973 There are many things about the place that deserve a good closing tirade. I wouldn't do anything destructive or throw fits.
You would be looking for a new job behind your employer's back. Your potential new employer might question if you, capable of such things, will have any loyalty to them. But, of course, you're right. One's gotta be looking out for oneself first.

My days off are on weekends, most enterprises don't do interviews on weekends, but I guess it's worth it to try.

| >>610008
What loyalty ?
You owe to yourself to secure something for the future.
There's no loyalty coming into that.
Also it'd be morally worse to do it in front of him than "behind their back"

| >>609752
that's not true. i'm at home and i am hard right now

| >>610140
I told you to go hard.
Not to get hard.
I thus reject the validity of your point.
(Though the pun is approved, no prob on this side)

| >>610008
>You would be looking for a new job behind your employer's back. Your potential new employer might question if you

Reading this makes it obvious that you haven't been at any job interviews ever.
It's so much easier to get hired if you already have a job.

To OP and anyone else: never quit your job before looking for a new one. Start applying while you're still working.

| >>610378
OP is retarded and believes corporations are his friend.

| >>610427
To be fair they can be his friends.

| If you couldn't take it anymore, try look for a new job before quitting the current job.
Getting a master degree isn't a bad choice either. It sure will more or less helps you in the future. The more qualifications you have, the better the chance is to get a better job.

| >>610378 What correlation is here? I haven't been at any job interviews while working yes. Before this job I was at a lot of interviews. I had a subject: "professional ethics" at the university and that's what I was taught. >>610427 How do corporations fit in any of my statements?

| >>610549
Christ are you sure you arent retarded?

| >>610439
ha. ha. like the good old im gonna start my own enterprise. be my angel invenstor. then they come crawling back with mountains of debt

| >>610549
You sound like a really great person and your moral compass is admirable. But you're way to naive for your own good. Corporations will replace you without a moments notice. You owe them nothing and they owe you nothing.

So look out for #1 and start applying for new jobs before you quit. If you already have a job during an interview you come off as stable and goal-oriented. They will almost always chose a working person over an unemployed one.

You owe it to yourself imo.

| >>610775
Wasn't talking as an investor.

Also "mountains" of debts are totally acceptable in practice. Except if you don't have a plan to pay them back.
Investors and banks should be the spring that sends your business to places it hasn't been yet. They're here to cover the costs at some point, and when you grow they expect profit, like the good capitalists that they are.

Can't really blame the system, as soon as you start a company, you're in it.

| On the topic of "looking for a job when you have one", if you want to be fair, take a day off to go to interviews.
If you want to be fair, respect what's written in your contract/labor laws. If you need to work for a certain period after you've given The Letter, then do it.

There are ways to play it fair.
Hell, you could even work harder if you want to feel like you make up for it !

The truth is, in a month, you're not gonna be with them, and you're gonna be working with others.

| >>610790 I can't take a day off, might be able to get a leave of absence for a few hours, if I'm lucky.

| >>611068
What's stopping you from taking a vacation or sick day?

| >>611068
Please let me know why.

| >>611075 For a vacation I have to have worked for at least 6 months and I haven't yet. For a sick day I have to present a document confirming sickness.

Anyways, I've made a mistake and boss sent me off to look for job in a different department on tuesday. Chief got me a place for the time being. I like it way more there as their boss doesn't yell. I don't feel stressed out every day. Not my dream job and it doesn't pay all that well, but if they'll have me, I might even stay.

| I'm taking a place of a guy on a holiday, so there won't really be any desks availible when he's back and I might get rejected I suppose.

| >>611167 I'm not sure this has actually come up... where do you work? What job do you actually do? What kind of mistake did you make? What is this other job you are placed in?

| >>611206 Why? What difference does it make? I'm not retarded if that's what you're getting at. Not clinically at the very least.

| >>611320 no, that's not what I'm getting at, but it would help to understand the context. Maybe you work at McDs and are totally justified in saying it sucks, or maybe it's something really good and you should be trying to find ways to keep the job instead of find new one...

| >>611335 Nah, it's civil service and it pays less than McDs and typically has more work hours. There are bonuses few times a year though. Haven't gotten any myself yet.

| >>611356 rough... the bureaucratic machine... need to find some little hole in the department wall to hide in and be invisible like a Chameleon. If nobody knows what you do, and you aren't causing any trouble, you could work there the rest of your life doing essentially nothing... if you're into that sort of thing.

| >>611419 There are people controlling what you do to some degree, so not really nothing and I'm not, but I'm not sure I have much choice at this point. I'm 24 yo, I don't really have enough money for more education and am not too fond of the one I've got. Besides, it seems I can't procure employment with it. Having zero self-confidence makes matters even worse. If only I realized how difficult it is to make yourself a place in the world, I would've played my cards differently.

| >>611595 I wasn't really suggesting you should stay in that job, just to say that the kind of person who does stay in that kind of job is one that can blend in and collect their paycheck without ever being interested in doing more.

What education do you have that you aren't fond of? Hindsight is 20/20, but that doesn't mean you can't use it. I have a Philosophy BA... ain't nobody hiring for that, but I play it off as education and logic. With a little XP it doesn't matter anyway.

| >>611664 If the money were good I'd be A-OK with a boring job about blending in. It's Economics.

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