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Let's make a rainbow

| Post your ID and wait until everyone posts here, let's hope we get all the colors needed to build a rainbow.
Except black, there's no black in rainbow.

| Wha 'chu say, cracka?

| ok

| I've got pink covered! What's that you say? Pink isn't a par of the rainbow? Fine. I'll just take my >>c725f5 and leave.

| ding dong

| Green comes after blue.. right?

| Come on, Luigi don't be a dinophobe!

also captcha: dido oats meany

| purupurupururin

| >>609507 we're going around the color wheel the other way, we need magenta

| Noo thats gay

| >>360550 FUARRRK my id changed mid post

| a

| b

| c

| d

| We got red, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, all we need now is orange!

| E

| Fuck

| Е

| Gaaaay

| big pp small ding dong

| E

| f

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This thread is permanently archived