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Thoughts about today's memes?

| >ifunny started to make fun of reddit and so are some other platforms, pretty much gone viral
>boomer zoomer doomer wojaks are less relevant while coomer and consoomer has risen in popularity
>ok boomer
>joker memes are back
>cuck is relevant again except its in the format of "my wife's boyfriend"
>woman yelling at cat is so popular even boomers are using it
>renderforest memes are currently popular in reddit
>baby yoda
>nordic gamer meme popularized after pewdiepie made a vid

| I'd say the "Ok Boomer" is the worst. Sure, it is funny the first few times people use it to shut down misinformed/ignorant people; but now, it has become a replacement for the word "shut up" or "fuck off".

It also shuts down any possibility of healthy discussion. When people are misinformed/being ignorant, we should show them otherwise using arguments and evidences.

| Memes are best when we treat them as something that isn't discussed. They're just things that happen.

| >>609344 this guy gets it. You cannot control memes, cannot manufacture them, cannot shut them down.
As such, any discussion will ultimately come to a grinding halt, since it is impossible to influence them in any way. Memes are a part of nature, Jack, the DNA of the soul.

| Back in my days memes were better.
This is not a real memes, real memes is somethings likes doge and rage comics

| >>609354
>You cannot control memes, cannot manufacture them, cannot shut them down.
Unfortunately, this is false.
Memes have been controlled. Memes have been manufactured, and memes have been shut down.
In fact, the Boomer, Coomer, and other Wojak related memes are all manufactured, force through conscious effort on those who don't know any better. They are not natural, yet so few know this, and continue to be manipulated by them.

| I've been active in terms of memes for over 7 years now.
The rate at which memes are being reused/reposted has been increasing for a while now.
Even 6+ yo Twitter/Tumblr/Greentext Posts keep resurfacing at least every 6 months.
It's gotten to the point that I know 90% of memes that people send me simply because I've seen them at least 12 times in the last 3 years

In terms of meme trends;
They are being reused sometimes as well. Just not as often.

| What also annoys me is how long some memes stay. There's a lot of good short time memes, ie memes that are funny for a short while. But because of memes being shared to other sites like Instagram, iFunny or YouTube with a delay, those memes overstay their welcome for those that found them earlier on.

I need more fresh stuff. And proper good stuff at that

| >>609354

It feels like most memes today are in fact manufactured, just like how nothing is ever truly "viral" anymore, but are instead the product of marketing agencies and PR firms (there's even a company that's literally called "Virool?")

That said, like most things, when you try to force a meme (heh) it often comes across as shallow, just like how corporate advertising is almost always boring and forgettable.

| Ok boomer was funny up until some idiots started unironically using it in a serious setting: https://www.cnn.com/2019/11/06/asia/new-zealand-ok-boomer-trnd/index.html

Since it's the equivalent of "i don't actually have anything to say/don't want to respond, so i'll just be funny and hope that makes up for it." Apply that to politics, and suddenly you're making people question why you were elected in the first place. (Re: You probably shouldn't have been.)

| The only good memes in my opinion are the ones, that you can do something creative with, not something unfunny like "ok boomer" or "big chungus"

| Weeeell alrighty boys looks like we gotta shut down baby yoda, hes losing pepsi a sheitton of money. Ill just press this big red button and bingo. 5000 data points on every american voter, instantly used to brainwash and remove that sweet green buddy out of the hivemind. Another job well done brothers, now who wants to go slam some gut punch?

| Memes are just generally shit in my opinion. While there certainly are good ones and the source material is often pretty funny, all the cancerous bullshit and low-effort memes with no humour in them at all just ruins it.

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