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I have compulsive buying disorder

| I'm POOR. I have zero savings even though I have income. And it's really odd because I don't remember buying a lot of things until I checked my accounts. Apparently whenever I have money I always have the urge to spend them due to some repressed jealousy (people have nice things, why aren't I?) even though I know that I don't need those nice things. I always find a way to justify a purchase (What if I have a second phone, etc). How do I stop myself??

| Can't relate. I'm always terrified I won't have any money in reserve that I just never buy anything without debating it back and forth and then just not buying it anyway. I hardly ever treat myself to anything nice so I just stick with the same old creaky things I have even though I clearly need to replace them. I just don't give a damn what anyone else have, which is easier for me since I have very few friends.

Maybe we should trade place sometimes, op.

| I don't know how you get your money, but assuming you're a wage slave, you can set up an automated transfer of that money into long term savings. Just have it out of your account before you get a chance to spend it.

Only allow yourself access to as little of your income as you can which you HAVE to spend (Rent+Food+ A Little Bit Of Spending Money)

If you'll just keep using a credit card, cut your credit card

| It's a habit, you just need to start restricting yourself to a very small amount to spend on stuff you don't really need (5% of what you earn max).

Overtime the habit will form and you'll instead experience the very adult, very boring high of watching your money number slowly go up.

| Also not to text wall but those people with nice things are more likely than not doing the same thing as you - they also can't afford those nice things and are just buying them because they see others are

| >>608545 Can't say I couldn't relate. I'm pretty much like that during my college days. I guess I'm having some sort of "income shock" for the lack of better word, but it's been 2 years since I started working and I thought it's about time to get my shit together.

| >>608556 Depends on the person, but some of them seem to be having enough fun with their nice things. But now that you say it, I don't really have a way to confirm. Maybe you're onto something here.

| >>608559
Went through the same thing after I started making real money (not drug dealer money, cubicle money) instead of cashier money. It's really hard to pull yourself out of just spending what you can but it's rewarding because it's one way of exerting control of your life. Best of luck.

Oh there's certainly some rich people out there that can afford what you're seeing; but just as certainly people who can't.

| >>608545 I am pretty much like this gurl.

In addition: Only buy clothes once a year, buy a decent phone and use it for at least 4 years (no need for spare since I have no social life), never travel since I am a shut in, avoid multiplayer games/gacha games and buy pc games only at steam sales.

The only thing that I don't skimp are my PC stuff. I spent 1000$+ for my PC 3 years ago and compressed air cans every once in a while.

| Also, if you have problems with being jelous of what others have, maybe you should quit social media.

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I'm a NEET with no income so I can't relate. I'm a poorfag that only has stuff I've held onto for many years to enjoy and that's it. I haven't been able to buy myself something nice for about 3 or 4 years now.

| I would understand if you spend a lot on your hobby.

At least hesitate a lot before you buy (or don't buy). If you do, it will be buying, but not "compulsive buying".

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