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(less) Mentally Fucked

| Hi! I wanted to come back to tell everyone who has supported me in these threads that you are amazing people and have helped me a lot! I got to therapy weekly and I'm almost done with getting diagnosed. Good thing is that I'm pretty sure it's confirmed to not be psychosis. Bad thing is that we're almost done and the only thing we've found is that I most likely have OCD, which is unrelated to all of the stuff that has been fucking me up.

| I now have a pretty good social group which helps a lot. Basically, I have some nerd friends, and some of them have some nerd friends, and then some nerds saw me and a friend play Magic th Gathering, and now we're basically a gang. So every day I now have at least one thing to look forward to which makes things a little easier.

| I'm still far from "cured" and I probably never will be, but my therapy is going to switch the focus from diagnosis over to how to counter whatever it is that is fucking me mentally. I now hang out more with my best friends and I have a bunch of new ones and play D&D and shit, so my life is basically perfect except for my mental stuff and my pretty bad addiction to both caffeine and nicotine, which I'm most likely also going to be working on later into therapy.

| So again, thank you all a lot for helping motivate me to go get help and giving me general advice! You've changed my lif to the better.

| Hey man, weren't there, but glad you're feeling feeling better despite whatever ailed you! Stay safe, King!

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Thanks chief!

| We did it g/u/rls!
(At least sort of)

Good to hear that things are going pretty well. I think being able to live with the mental fuck ups would be just as good a success as not having them. In case that you need more opinions and advice,
You already know where you can find us :)

This is exactly what kind internet strangers are for. Glad to be of service

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Well, no. Not having them would be a lot better. I feel pretty bad right now, and that's very common for me. That doesn't mean I'm incredibly grateful for all the great people who have helped me and that I'm slowly getting better at handling things. It's amazing!

I don't really know what opinions or advice to ask for, but if you have anything then by all means feel free to share, even if it's unrelated to my stuff. I'd love it if these threads could help other people too.

| >>607471 <3 just take it easy and focus on getting better. Life will come back to fuck with you eventually, it won't be so perfect always, but just take care of yourself and know when you need some help. Therapist is great, don't worry so much about the diagnosis, because it doesn't define you. It's nice to to nail it down, like "it's this", but it doesn't really matter. How you overcome it and work through it is however you want, whatever makes sense. It's all about you.

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Will come back to fuck with me? It already is. It's very far from perfect right now. It's just that I'm starting to handle it a little better. Yeah, I know diagnosis isn't the most important thing, but it still would have been nice. It would make finding things that help a little easier. Thank you for the kind words and advice though. I appreciate it.

| Hi

I wasn't participating much in you threads, but I've been watching them closely.

What I wanna do is thank you. I can take a second try to fix myself in a week only because of you and g/u/rls like you (here and irl). Didn't have the guts to enroll for a therapy last year. Just know that sharing your experience in this kind of problems can be quite inspiring. Good luck!

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Thank you! I didn't even think about that. I'm glad I could help!

| Glad to see you're doing better, OP.

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Thanks, and thank you for helping this cancerous yet amazing community stay alive!

| >>607663 I'm pretty sure it's more like "it just won't die" :P

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