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my father is going to break in a few years

| >my mother is angry
>doesn't eat the food my dad cooks because "she doesn't need anything he cooks"
>awkward because no one is talking
>my dad looks like he's about to cry
>my dad tries to ask a question to lighten the mood
>my mom burns him to the ground

| Wow it's fucked. I've been through this a couple of times already with my parents like this. They were really close to divorce once, but I am from the family of 3 children and my dad is so henpecked. I glad I haven't got to stay home now since I have to commute to Uni daily. So yeah, wish you the best, since home atmosphere is really important for your health. Try to avoid confrontations amap and always watch out if there's anything you can do to make it better for all. Good luck

| Sounds like your dad browse too much danger/u/

| >>607358 or not enough... tell him to get on here and explain the situation... we will gives the advise.

| I think you need to call the police.

| Same but with my sister. Just learned to not give a fuck when she's in her tantrum mode.

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This thread is permanently archived