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Hewwo? OwO

| Hey gurls! How's your day been today? Any plans for the week?

It's been at least 4 months since I've been on here, and just browsing through the forums, it's looking kinda...dead? I don't know for sure. Lacking on threads. Is there as much people on here as before? More? Less?

Hope y'all are doing well and have a wonderful week .3.

| No OwO. Fine of 300$

| >>351503 you just OwO'd

| >>607320 doesn't count, it's an exception regulated by clause 43notyourfuckingbusiness

| I wish I could have a nice week OP, it is hard to have a nice of anything when the life is so depressing tbh.

The board is fine, it is just that people like us are a small minority when it comes to spending time on internet boards. So it is understandable it is not active as mainstream websites are

>>351503 pay the fine now lmao

| >>607341 this is treason! It's outrageous!

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This thread is permanently archived