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How to get a job coding...

| I know some Python. Basically I've been programming machines for the last few years, but it's in Quality, and I can't take it anymore. This country is morally bankrupt when it comes to manufacturing. I really enjoy programming, but how do I get into a paying job with not a lot of experience? I know I am well capable of doing it, but I can't afford to drop everything and work for free in a startup or go back to school for something I can learn much faster just by doing it...

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| >>607313 East coast US

>>607314 I'll not argue that, but it's something I'm good at naturally and have always been interested in. That's why the problem. Can learn but how to get entry-level. What *is* entry-level?

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| ask people who know wtf they're talking about on /tech/ or 4chins' /g/ or some shit, not us dumbass g/u/rls

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| Learn some web stuff, pick up a stack. Web's not hard to learn and is generally always in demand, you can also work remotely and free lance so you don't have to drop everything instantly.

I recommend Traversy media on YouTube for easy learning. Gambatte.

| >>607579 thanks for the tips. I know web is big, but I'm not very interested in. Well, maybe I would be, but don't know it. Database is big too, and meh. Stack jargon I've heard, but don't know much. Will research.

I did a course on Machine Learning and AI... some very cool stuff there. I'm more into that kind of thing, mechanics and philosophy, what is possible to do with a computer. Not to say I would turn down other, I imagine web is easier to get entry level due to demand.

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This thread is permanently archived