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i broke again

| god it feels good to not give a flying shit about anyone.

| It's only temporary though

| meds i used to take don't really work that well anymore after about 6 month use.

don't see point in them.

frustrated, angry, would rather be alone for the rest of the week.

| tape fixes everything

| Take your time, but don't let yourself stay in a messy state for too long. You'll need to find the source of the problem to fix yourself in the long run, you'll need to keep yourself together for that

| >>607290 I'm kinda angry at mum tbh.
I can't really decide for a career.
I'm just too indecisive that if I was given different jobs I'd probably hate it.

| >>607324 what meds were you on? Approx age? Have you talked to another doctor? Therapist?

| I usually drink my worries away. Works better that meds.

| >>607412 was on sertraline, am 19, talked a bit to doctors and such, will talk more with them.

>>607414 sorry I just can't really understand nor personally tolerate alcohol that much, tried it a few times and fail to see the appeal.

| but i kinda just don't feel it doing its thing after like 9 months now

| doesnt really help either that i'm kinda pissed off at family tbh

| >>607422 here's the thing about anti-depressants... they are potentiators... they give you brain some wiggle room to not get stuck in bad thoughts, or not get so upset about something instead of having it trainwreck your day. They won't make you happy, and they don't fix your mind. Talk to a therapist, like once a week, assuming you can afford it. It is like working out... you need to train yourself to notice bad thoughts and what things eat at you. The sooner you start, the better

| Some drugs work for some people and others don't. The brain is still way too complex for us to figure out why. The goal of meds is to get you stable. Once you can go a few days, then a few weeks, without falling into a black hole, then you know they are doing what they are supposed to. The issues with your family and whatever else are much easier to work on when you have a clear mind.

| >>607566 yeah, I guess I wasn't thinking normally, I guess.

| like my mind today has just been buzzing.

blazed through some maths assignments but most things I do/think etc is just random otherwise it's just average

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This thread is permanently archived