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the sfw section of pornhub is actually comfy

| quality content. like YouTube before the coorparation.

| Speaking of, this is my favourite video.

| Imma be honest, I've never opened a pornhub link once in my life, how ia the site like?

| >>607174 i checked it out for you gurl. It's a safe link, but you have to be ultra cool to watch it.

| Honestly, I would be completely aokay if people moved on from YouTube to PornHub. Better than getting copyright strikes and ad restrictions every fucking time.

| YouTube is dead after January 1st. So, I'd expect a HUGE increase of people uploading on Pornhub.

| There are a couple YTbers who are making the shift. Usually just the ones who play lewd games though.

| I was enjoying some sfw video then got spooked when I saw porn on the recommendations

and I thought

> wtf is this, pornhub?

| How do u navegate pornhub to see sfw videos? Are there any tag or category sfw??

| >>607277 yep sfw. but mostly when you get on one meme video it leads to the next one

>>607239 um davie504 my brother

| I remember watching JoJo Part 4 episodes on Pornhub

| >>607214
What's gonna happen on jan 1st?

| >>2527ad Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) will be enacted by the Youtube, look it up if you are curious about how much of a fuck up it is

| I accidentally found a video that looked like Half-Life VR in PornHub once. It had a weird number for a title.

| >>607342 Coppa ? more like c-OPPAI

but seriously bois nothings gonna happen even you try to make a difference, just give and move on. Youtube is no fun anymore. i mean that formats good. ye sorry, at least it is now.

| youtube is going to be a site for only boring adult stuff starting january 1st. indie animation will be a thing of the past

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This thread is permanently archived