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Pants with short pockets

| Got a couple jeans with short pockets. What's the point of these? They suck. At least half of my phone sticks out of my pocket and my wallet also sticks out a bit.

| Those short pockets are for condoms and small butt plugs.

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real shit?
thought they were just to piss the wearer off

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Are you talking about that small pocket that's in the bigger pocket?
Cause I'm talking about the "bigger" pockets. In these pants, it's only a couple inches deep. It's fucked.

| I hear it's even worse for women, my friends complained to me about how shallow those things are, which is why it's so common for them to just carry a bag around. Sad, really.

| >>607219 To be fair they'd still get a bag even if they had deep enough pockets.

| >>607238 yeah, one of my friends constantly carries a bag full of mostly worthless shit. Like a lot of medicine, I mean, A LOT of medicine. A damn walking pharmacy. And a lot of tissues in there as well. Sometimes I really wonder what is going through women's minds

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Prepare for armageddon

| all girl shorts. JUst wear em

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This thread is permanently archived