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How to learn to draw?

| I've been drawing some shitty anime stuff back in middle school, but never taken a pencil in my hands after that up until finishing uni. Now I want to get back into it, but I find myself stopping because I'm way more critical of what I draw now. How do I learn to stop that and how do I improve? Do I still need to draw realistic portraits and still lifes even if I want to eventually draw cartoonist stuff?

| >>607081 chinese cartoon stuff is just a replica of real life but buttered up anyway. so i recommend deawing normal things first and build your way up from there. anatomy is also very important. and as you may heard hundred of time>draw every day

| >>607081 it is better to learn the fundamental of drawing first before you break it and make your own cartoonist or style drawing. you can learn from youtube video or reading book about fundamental of drawing, there's available on the internet, and don't forget to level up your observational skill before you turn it to something simple like cartoon.

| >>607081 from what I learn as a fake professionalâ„¢ artist, unless you go to art school everyone learns differently. you can start by defining what is "drawing" exactly. yes really :v want to paint digitally? look up how to paint. wanna draw manga? perfect your inking technique. fundamentals i.e. anatomy, perspective, and the likes are important, but they are also motivation killer. I've seen successful artist who are still learning fundamentals like a patchwork of skills. Good luck

| People often say "learn fundamentals", without how to learn it. The best thing is the try to learn the entire shape of something you're drawing in 3D. Trancing some objects and making note of all the bands and curves, the specific details that go into that object can really help. Once you feel like you've learned that object enough by tracing, take the training wheels off and do it more freehand.

Just remember, tracework is training work, not finished and realized drawings.

| For anime gurls there is a good and comfy YouTube channel called MickeyMegaMega, look it up, he's got a lot of helpful videos. Only downside - his videos are good, but they are just that, a bunch of videos, not a structurized training course that gives you everything you need from basic to advanced stuff with tons of examples and excercises. Maybe someone can suggest to me something like that? Really like to draw with YouTube, it's somehow much more comfy than with a book.

| I can't draw so take this with a grain of salt

Draw often, look at your art critically but don't beat yourself up over it, then try and improve on just one thing you think you could do better at, you run a marathon one step at a time after all

Also try to enjoy it, if it becomes work you won't want to practice, that's a feeling I know all too well

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