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How often do you g/u/rls visit this app/site?

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| Comment: I try to at least once a day. I like this app and i want to help keep it alive

| daily.

| every couple hours if there are any interesting thread going on

| I lurk daily, but find no energy to join in on the conversation. Been wanting to contribute again by making another long ass thread, but never found the time to, while I try to figure out a way to revive boards I like. It's understandable that /lain/ gets little traffic, but now /a/ is also dying. Even /new/, like wtf.

~slims haled birth

| I used to browse here daily when first launch, but ever since I spent my time with something else kinda hard to remember to browse here

| 3

| Every day multiple times a day. Basically, every time I have down time or I'm bored I start by checking Discord, /u/ and Reddit in that order. I usually only check in on the followed threads and every couple days (every if the threads have been shit) I fill up on new threads that might go somewhere. I post a lot here too.

| I come here twice a day. I reply pretty often but never really create new threads. Maybe I should try making some?

| Used to visit many times a day, now usually once a day

| Depends, if it's a slow time at work i often check it a lot but don't usually otherwise. I do post pretty regularly

| I stop in everytime i take breaks its kinda tradition

| >>607223 yes do it in /d/. We all need more incestuous content

| I do visit a few times a day if it's a uni day.
On weekends, not so much.

| I usually visit a couple times a day. I reply sometimes and occasionally make new threads, when I have a good idea for one.

| >>607229
Hasn't some of the biggest threads there recently been incestuos? Do we really need more?

| I usually stop by a few times a day whenever I'm bored. Since the posts are short its something to do while waitinf to respawn in CSGO

| Been stopping by more and more lately. I like how niche these boards are, but now they're all getting *too* niche

| >>607251 the more the better

| >>607251 yeah, it says quite a lot about danger/u/ society. Lord only knows how things haven't turned into 4ch with such high concentration of additional chromosomes.

| >>607288
I mean, I'm not trying to talk shit. I don't really mind it. I just don't see why someone would be asking for more when we already have so much.

| >>607331 You may not, but I sure as shit am. Sex sells so I wouldn't be surprised if a month from now to keep the forums alive somehow it'll just turn into tribute galore. Incestuous tribute galore.

| >>607335
That sounds kinda sad.

| >>607355 which is why we must pull the evil out by the roots. It's either us or them.

| >>607361
Nah bro. Too much incest is better than no incest, it's just that I prefer there being a balance.

| >>607375 fostering degeneracy is bound to give a harvest of sin and degradation. When the time comes, I'll do what I must.

| daily

| >>607381
That's some biblical shit.

| >>607405 just as The Lord intended it to be.

| like at least 3 times a day
i have no social life kek

| Every time that I have to use public transport, so usually Monday to Thursday.
Just checking on some threads that i follow/ search for new interresting ones

| used to visit daily a year ago, then it kinda petered out until now

| I took a few months off and now I'm back g/u/rls.

| >>607689 glad to have you back g/u/rl! You came back at a good time. Summer g/u/rls are gone and comf levels are at an all time high!

| About once a day, sometimes more, sometimes less.

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