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| I should get a dream diary tbh

>being part of a gang in a heavily corrupted dystopian city with a wife and a cute crush which soon got raped by a dog
>a old man who lives in a hill that goes all the way down for energy drinks, notices kids going to a creepy "anime con" that had nothing but black inside, same atsmophere as the dream above except its now more creepy
>failing to kill bullies and being laughed at after destroying an entire "music academy" with people inside, no death

| its actually programming school
why cant i link archived threads anymore
>i am sopmod from gfl stuck in command base forever because shikikan doesnt let me out
>i am shikikan who has to ascend into godhood by staring at cute thighs
>sao-like helmets are finally a thing and prefetcher hosts a sleepover, turns into orgy
>danger/u/, incident and dickgirls
>danganronpa x fortnite crossover, game never ended because storm never closed
>dystopian city entirely taken over by roblox corp

| danganronpa battle royale again, wake up with 5 students in my room, suddenly wake up in a ship with school and trains inside, class apparently starts, teacher(?) projects diives animation in class, forgets to censor nipples and everyone clapped, monokuma appears and says that we are in a battle royale, someone offers to grow twintails in my hair, fuckin ballin, get beaten out in weird train system for saying that i found the animation hot, get twintails stoled

wtf dangeru app

| accidentally refreshed and had to retype the same thing thrice.

>in a city where entertainment is the only thing you can do, party everywhere and no work to do, later shit gets creepy as one of the parts of the city goes dark, people starts disappearing, lights went off and off in every road and i was running on my way to the house in the beach being the only one with lights on only for me to disappear and the lights of the house go off
big va-11 hall-a collab vibes from this one

| >playing a game i used to play back in 2011
>hosting a server
>late family member joins in
>the sun in game goes down as we enjoy the last minutes
>they disappear as sun went down, no leave message and not in the player list
>only people online were me and some dude who was just chilling as i cry

hope you enjoyed reading the last two, hope to see some gurls sharing theirs as well

| last night I had a dream that I threw up a bundle of cables, the big kind that hangs from the telephone poles. I had to pull them out and felt them slither all the way up my throat. that was fun.

tomorrow I'll go through my dream journal and find some good ones.

| I've not had that many dreams in my entire life... maybe you should lay off the goat cheese before bed.

| >>606944 You could be a big dreamer and not be aware of it, a lot of dreams are forgotten if they are not interesting enough, perhaps try recalling something cool you did before, try doing something that you always wanted to do, maybe you will have as many interesting, weird and even dreams that will make you learn new things that you may want to share.

| >>607022 If you arnt aware you are a "big dreamer" are you so?
Reality is preception, just as we arnt aware of the specific synapses processes that happen and the subconscious as a whole is a mystery to us, you cant really be a big dreamer without expressing it im a manner that you or others can aknowledge.

| >>607038
i'm not sure this is true: you're probably a huge faggot but aren't even aware of it.

| >>607041 That's not what your mom said last night, welcome to reality baby!

| >>607050
oh shit!

| Lol, y'all need a time-out. I agree that I do dream, and do vaguely remember them sometimes, but they are never that crazy, usually just confusion and lots of nothing going on.

| and yet a fortnite dream
>epic games adds female ghouls into the game and i start to flirt them, impregnating one of them and being bitten, turning me into a ghoul as well.
>one of my cgi friends tells me they're making a movie about sucking dicks

| oh and danger/u/'s shutting down in 2020

| >>607419 was that a dream too, or you have some inside info...

| >>607562 part of the dream, whoops.
chaos got crazy in danger/u/, not to mention that /dickgirls/ was a board. Apparently I missed out a lot of things going on since I wasn't in the discord.

on another note, I remembered that my CGI friend also tweeted something about his dick sucking movie.
"Yo @Blender there's a lot of fire lizards raiding our studio and I just want to make a movie about sucking dicks for fucks sake!"

| >>607580 wait, you mean to tell me that /d/ wasn't a board for dickgirls?

| >>607588 We can have /dickgirls/?? Why don't we have that?>>607588 ohhh, right.

Haha fire lizards... maybe they wanted to get involved in the movie? I could get into that.

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