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How to start my own company

| I like to think i'm driven, right? I think everyone does. But I have no idea how to start. please help me

| I love sex.

| Well you need to know what your going to do and I think you need a business license at some point, maybe freelance for a while?

| First step you need to have a business

| Go to school for it. I'm doing it right now and I doubt I'll ever start a proper business, but it's very helpful stuff to know if you're ever going to do it.

| starter funds
if you don't have any to cover ur debt in bad times that's not good

you can start saving or ask for an investor

| a good idea _ 4ps product that Is relevant

| >>605873
Starting a company is super easy!
You just have to fill out 200 forms and pay the incorporation fee.

| rly depends where you live.

can't offer advice

| Take a huge ass loan in a bank.

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This thread is permanently archived